When School Is Out . .

Chad moves back home with all his stuff!  He came home today with a car full.  And Jessie came too with car full of Chad’s stuff.

He had all kinds of things and he completely filled up the downstairs garage but the one thing that got moved into the house that I wish wasn’t here is this:

An aquarium!  With fish!  Jessie was so proud of herself.  She got here about 2 p.m. and she brought the fish, the aquarium and a car full of Chad’s stuff.  She cleaned out the aquarium, scrubbed it real good, put in it whatever needs to be in it, went and bought new gravel and some decorations and had it all set up with the fish back in it when Chad got home from work tonight.

Here she was earlier in the evening when she had it cleaned but hadn’t added new gravel or decorations.  Chad wasn’t home yet and seh couldn’t wait to get it all fixed for him to see it.

When he did get home, he was real pleased with it and kept saying how nice it looks and that made Jessie so happy!  I would have whipped his behind if he’d said anything not nice about it.  I like that girl!  🙂


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    Dawn says

    it is nice to have someone like Jessie around. She sounds like a great gal.
    maybe we will hear of more quilting lessons with Chad being home.
    Be glad he just brought fish home. My son wanted to bring a snake. I said no way ……it was live at home or with the snake elsewhere.
    he chose home.

  2. 3


    Yes…she seems like a very nice gal…..and I expect you will be seeing a lot of her this summer. Is her home near to your town? And I do agree that fish are better than a lot of other options!!!

  3. 6

    shirley says

    fish are cool but i can’t believe you have it on your kitchen counter. do you eat sushi? hahahahahahahahaaha

  4. 7

    Carol says

    Oh, how cute. Fish are definitely way better than snakes, lizards, scorpions, etc. You wouldn’t want those on your counter now would you? Yuck!

  5. 8


    I think it is wonderful! Jessi seems like such a sweetie – it is wonderful to sit back and watch our young people. Seems to me that both Chad and Jessi work hard and excel. I am glad they are happy – and you and Vince seem pleased because they are happy together. No one could ask for more!!!!

  6. 9

    Elaine says

    Judy, those two look like they are “meant to be” I sure hope so, because I want you to have a DIL someday that I won’t need to go push down (or beat up her mother) HAHA!!

  7. 10

    Brenda B. says

    I understand your pain – My basement still has piles from when Anthony moved back home last year. He’ll be home Thursday, can’t wait to see him, but I dread more stuff. Jessie and Chad are a cute couple.

  8. 11


    Carrie can no longer move home. I spent a lot of money to give her to Andrew, he can’t give her back! LOL.

    glen: but granddog Hugeaux can come here anytime!

  9. 13

    ruth anne says

    Okay, they means Chad and Jessie!! The fish are special too, as they kind of bring life into a home. It is always fun watching them. I have tried but I always kill them.

  10. 14


    Why don’t you like the fish tank?? Fish are so calming. Especially in the middle of the night when one can’t sleep. And yes, be glad it’s just fish 😉

    It’s so great that you like Jessie!