A Mystery Note

For the mystery quilt that will be beginning in June, just a little preliminary info here:

There are flying geese and there are half square triangles.  There aren’t tons of half square triangles, like some quilts I’ve done, but there are enough that if you don’t like half square triangles, this may not be the quilt for you. You’ve been warned!  🙂

For those not familiar with the method in which I make half square triangles, I cut them 1″ larger than the finished size (vs. the method of cutting 7/8″ larger which is recommended by many) and then trim them to the perfect size.  I find it easier to see the 1″ line than the 7/8″ line on the ruler and, I don’t have to worry about distorting them while pressing because I press before trimming.

For the flying geese, we’re going to be using Patti Anderson’s No Waste Method.  I’ve been using this method for a while now and I like it a lot.  Also, I’ve used this method in my classes lately and almost everyone prefers it.  I recommend that you practice a few flying geese using this method to determine if you’re going to like this method.

When I give the cutting instructions, I will make a note as to which pieces will be used for flying geese or half square triangles and if you don’t want to use my method, you will know right off the bat to wait and see what size the units will be and then cut your pieces to fit your preferred method.

My top is made and I love it!  I hope you will too.  It’s so hard not to show you but if I showed you . . it wouldn’t be a mystery, would it?  🙂


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    Well…dang…RIGHT…if you showed us, it wouldn’t be a mystery, but I”m still wanting to see it. LOL

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    One question on the flying geese. How do you iron them? Seems like the seams are always bulky unless I iron them open, which I don’t do often.

    Any suggestions?

    Can’t wait to work on it!

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    I just checked out Patti Anderson’s No Waste Method and it looks really easy. I do hate to waste fabric when making flying gees in the traditional method. Well, I don’t waste it but put it in the scrap bin to be used as….. whatever. I have too many triangle pieces in there to count so I gave them away.

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    pdudgeon says

    i just double checked the fabric i pulled for the mystery and i think it will work out well for making the HST’s and flying geese. I have another method that i use for making no-waste flying geese, and HST’s, so i’ll probably use mine.
    as long as i know the finished outside measurements (including seam allowances) I’ll be just fine.

    looking forward to this!

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    Kathy Chiocca says

    Yay, love those flying geese now since I too discovered Patti’s method.
    Now to pick out some fab fabric….

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    For those who like the idea of the no-waste Flying Geese but aren’t ready yet to (sorry…) Fly without a net, I recommend the Lazy Girl Designs Flying Geese ruler. You make four matching Flying Geese units at once, just as you do with the no-waste method, but you use the same ruler to cut the needed squares.

    Take a look at the ruler and a helpful short video at http://www.lazygirldesigns.com/products/item/Flying_Geese_Ruler/269/c48

    No financial connection to this product, etc. I’ve just recommended it to Flying Geese fearful quilters, and many of them liked it a lot. Others found different ways of making Geese without sewing bias seams.

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      That’s the exact same method as used by Patti Anderson without the expense of the ruler. The only thing the ruler does for you is tell you what size squares you need but for the mystery, I will tell you what size squares to use so unless you’re just wanting the ruler, you don’t need it for this project.

      • Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

        Exactly. There’s just a weird thing with some quilters + Flying Geese: even if you tell them (for instance) that the big square needs to be 7.25″ and the little squares need to be 3.875″–traditional measurements–they’re still too nervous to just cut the silly things out. The Flying Geese ruler gives them some kind of mental safety factor (?) so that they’re more comfortable cutting out the very same squares.

        Just trying to encourage the Flying-Geese-challenged among us! Depending on how bad my hands are at any given time (fine control gets away from me due to chronic pain + a couple of dead nerves), I’ve been known to draw paper piecing for my geese, esp. if I’m going to need multiples connected to one another.

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    Help… I seemed to have missed the announcment of this mystery quilt, can you point me in the right direction.. when does it start? what fabrics are people using? etc..

    Happy Room Diana

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      Just did another search and found the information I need, so will pull fabrics when I get back from todays quilt meeting.. can’t wait.
      Happy Room Diana