Stash Report – May 9, 2010

Another good week.  Nothing added and a good bit used.

Used this Week:  18.75 yards
Used year to Date: 270.75 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 148 yards
Net Used for 2010: 122.75 yards

Here’s what I worked on this week:

How did you do this week?  Please share a link to a specific post and not to your main blog.  Thanks!


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    Another week of Stash Reporting begins. The accountability to myself has made me so much aware of fabric added. I visited two quilts shops this last week and nothing came home with me. I wish I could rid myself of all the stash and start over!!! The stash is going down slowly, but when I start the next quilt it will go down – but not as fast as Judy uses her stash. ;( Maybe I’ll catch her next week!!

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    another good week is right! if only i could stop pushing buttons online… it’s just too easy… and then the fabric starts showing up!

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    After 19 weeks I still have no clue how you pull it off: 18.75 yards a week. Amazing! I guess I need your mystery quilt for some serious stash usage. Happy mother’s day to you!

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    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. Not much busting going on in Lewisburg but nothing added this week. Nothing finished either unfortunely.

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    Keep up the great work. Once I start putting backs on some of these UFO’s. I have some numbers to show 🙂

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    Happy Mother’s Day. I hope your son appreciates you. And man do you use a lot of fabric! Where do you find the time, with all that gardening you do? And cooking and canning and…….

  7. 11

    Darlene S says

    Oops. I slid off the wagon as far as NOT buying fabric, again!
    I do well until I hear about a quilt shop closing and they are having a big sale — 55% off everything in the shop! How does a quilter stay at home under these circumstances, just answer me that! Well I didn’t.
    My stash report:
    Used this Week: .25 yards
    Used year to Date: 47.75 yards
    Added this Week: 17.75 yards
    Added Year to Date: 36.25 yards

    My numbers are going the wrong direction. But I did restrain myself at the sale. They are closing at the end of the month, so I still have time to go back again!! 🙂 🙂 Dar

  8. 12


    A bad week for me I’m afraid. My guild had its auction and sale and the fabric (and deals) were too good to pass up!