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    I really like the green background of this quilt. I seem to have a preference for ‘non-traditional’ background colours. Looking forward to all of the borders to come!

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    Summer is upon us, let the quilting begin. Maybe if I feel the need to have something new on my design wall each Monday I will be prompted to get more done…..

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    I had to wake up early this morning to try out the sashings with my Block of the Month blocks. Marti Michell’s templates made it so easy to get the sashing stars all cut out in one evening. now to get it sewn. Tell me if you like the changes in the setting squares. I may need a nap later after getting up. Judy, now I’m losing sleep to get my posting done on Monday. I dreamed all night about how I was putting this on the wall. The muslin doesn’t stick as well so I’ll need to sew very soon or it will all fall down like Humpty Dumpty. I considered just sewing the sashings and showing them. But had to see it all through the cameras eye… I hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s Day.

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    Judy, the quilt looks great! Wanted to let you know I checked the internet for the missing TTNP background fabric just before I planned to send the fabric scan to you and it was my lucky day! I found a site with some and it should be here this week so I’ll have TTNP progress soon. Thanks for the offer to put the fabric on your blog as I’m sure that would have worked πŸ™‚

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    Ronna says

    Hi Judy:

    I stumbled onto your blog…not sure how…but I am very glad I did. You have some great stuff here. I have EQ6 and have tinkered with it a little. But not enough to figure it out really. Now that its upgrading I’m setting a goal for myself to learn it or leave it. I’m looking forward to the mystery!


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    denise says

    Love it. Those white boxes would be a great place to show off machine embroidery.

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    Diane says

    Thanks for hosting this DWMonday, it really helps organize my week-can’t believe it’s week 19 already!
    I like your background fabric in your posted quilt too.

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    pdudgeon says

    i like the main blocks, but would definitely substitute something else (like reversed color main blocks–blue for red, red for blue) for the conectors.

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    Susan in Kingston ON says

    I am trying to get my quilt top finished, but have lots of interruptions – spring cleaning, Mothers’ Day, annual check-up, eye exam, sleeping…….

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    I stumbled onto your blog also like another admirer, and am so glad I did. You have such beautiful quilts.

    At last I had time to participate in Design Wall Monday – I hope to submit again soon.

    This latest quilt is outstanding – I love the brightness of your quilts.

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    Your design wall monday project is awesome! Love it! 😎

    Thanks for the links to all the other design walls…

    Happy stitchings!