Donate to Great Strides

Perri, an Oklahoma quilt blogger, has a darling granddaughter with Cystic Fibrosis.  For the past two years I’ve donated a quilt to be raffled.  This is the quilt I donated this year.

Vicki Bellino also donated a quilt.  Both can be seen on the website where donations can be made.  The drawing will be held May 25 so please, if you can spare a few dollars, this is such a worthy cause and you could win a beautiful quilt.

Check it all out here and feel free to add a post to your blog.  As of now, these quilts have only raised $570 and they should be bringing in way more than that.  Thanks for your help!


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    I’ve made my donation, but I’ll mention it again on my blog. Such a worthy cause. Thanks for your quilt donation, Judy. The quilt is gorgeous!

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    Hi JUdy
    I’ve made a small donation, I guess if everyone made a “small” donation it would all add up… such a worthy cause, plus I would just love to own one of your quilts!
    Happy Room Diana

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    Dana (Katy's mom) says

    Wow Judy! Thank you for posting! It will take awhile for the dollar total on the website to update, but there are 6 donations so far this morning from your readers. I’m telling you – there are some promising medications in the pipeline. There is every reason to hope we can control this disease some day soon. Hugs!

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    Dana (Katy's mom) says

    p.s. I’ve seen the quilt “in real life” and it really is beautiful!

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    Donna in KS says

    One of our sons walks in the name of a 17 yr old friend who has CF and we always contribute. These quilts are beautiful and I do need a chance to have an original Judy-made, not just Judy-designed… I will contribute a little more. Guild today, so will take care of it tomorrow; today’s a long, full day.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    My best friend and quilting buddy has CF. I will definitely pass this along.