Quiltmaker’s Small Quilts Issue

Coming real soon to a quilt magazine display near you is Quiltmaker’s Small Quilts special issue.  I was invited to do a review of the magazine and offer a free issue to one lucky reader who leaves a comment!

Small quilts mean small blocks and if you’ve read my blog much at all, you know I don’t make small blocks!  I wasn’t sure what I would think about these quilts but after spending several days going over the designs in this issue, I would love to make every project in this issue.  There’s one that even has applique and I want to make that!  Yes, I’m going to do it!

The magazine includes 12 designs from designers we all love.  There are patterns for baby size quilts, wall quilts, table toppers, and some adorable pin cushions.  You can see more details about the issue on Quiltmaker’s site.

All of the quilts in this issue will be fantastic for using small pieces of fabric that are left in your stash.  Not enough to use in big quilts but pieces you love and don’t want to toss, I’m betting there’s a project in this issue that will work for you.

Would you love to win a copy of this special issue?  All you have to do is leave a comment telling us why you would like to make a small quilt.  Could be for a baby gift, a wall quilt, just to use up some small pieces.  The winner will be chosen by the random number generator about 10 p.m. tomorrow night (Tuesday, May 11).  The magazine will be sent directly to the winner from Quiltmaker.  Be sure you have a valid email address included with your comment.  It will not be shown on the blog but I will be able to see it.

So, quilters .. leave a comment here telling us why you would like to make a small quilt!


  1. 2


    I love small quilts! I’ve made several — and they are great for using my stash — also helps with the stash busting. I’ll be making more small quilts — for donation. I like doing it – and it helps keep those kids warm that need it!

  2. 4


    Like most people I have tons of scraps but that’s not the big issue with me – pun intended. I have recently bought a couple of books on small quilts because the ability to make a quilt quickly appeals to me. There are so many quilt patterns I want to try, but I don’t want or need more big quilts; well, not a lot of them anyway. I saw a basket in someone’s home in a magazine filled with small quilts. I thought what a feast for your eyes and what fun to “thumb through”! blessings, marlene

  3. 5


    Ooooohhhh! I love small pieces! I’m working on my second Dear Jane quilt and I’ve made several of Lori Smith’s little designs. Little is so portable and you can take hand piecing wherever you go! Little quilts with little pieces rock!

  4. 6


    If it makes JudyL want to do applique, then I’m definitely in!

    I have a ton of small chunks of batting to use up, and I don’t want to piece gobs to make a bigger chunk.

  5. 7


    I would love to add to my small collection (well, so far I have ONE!) of small quilts.

    Thanks for a chance to win…

  6. 8

    Chris says

    I want to make small quilts just to prove that I’m capable of finishing something!

  7. 10


    Hi Judy:

    I started making small quilts when I joined a couple of miniature quilt swaps several years ago.

    From that point I was hooked.

    Working on smaller projects lets me get faster gratification of getting something done; not to mention that the projects are very portable (especially since I like to hand piece & quilt).

    Thank you for the review. . . .if I don’t win I’ll have to keep my eye out for the issue.


  8. 11


    My small quilts are baby quilts! I think I need 3 so far this year and I’m behind. Also, I need to make a really small quilt for the guild auction next spring. I’m going to need inspiration for that, because I don’t do small.

  9. 12


    I’ve never made a small quilt. I think I would like to make one just for me to have in my sewing room to spread cheer even when my seams are not straight.

  10. 13

    Liz says

    I like small quilts since you can try different blocks, colors, fabric types, etc. and not have a lot of fabric & time involved in the project.

    Great way to practice machine quilting.

  11. 15

    Cindy L. says

    I’d love to win a copy of this magazine. I’m always looking for new ideas for wall hangings and baby quilts!

    Thanks for hostessing!

  12. 16

    Cindy B says

    I like to have a few small lap quilts made to give to DH’s co workers for get better soon or special occasion for them, like the birth of a new grandchild.

  13. 17

    Linda (petey) says

    My precious granddaughter (2) needs a small quilt for her babydoll. She is such a good little mother already! It will be fun to search the magazine for the perfect pattern. Thanks.

  14. 18

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    I have made several small quilts and I love being able to use my scraps of fabric and smaller pieces of leftover batting. I am always in need of ideas and inspirations and this magazine would give that to me.

  15. 19


    I need to send a baby gift for a new baby boy. I was thinking about a little quilt. I’d sure appreciate the ideas in this issue. Thanks Judy!

  16. 22

    Linda says


  17. 23


    Our West Michigan Quilt Guild has a “Small Quilt Auction” as part of the Guild Show, which is October. The profits are one of the ways we support “The Tie That Binds”, our work with the regional hospital neonatal unit.
    So I would be able to use the magazine to make a quilt for the Small Quilt Auction.

  18. 24

    Jane says

    I have a lot of scraps and would love to make a small quilt for my great niece. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!! I hope I win!!

  19. 25


    I’ve certainly missed Miniature Quilts since they went out of business some years ago.
    I would love to make mini/small quilts because I live in a small in-law apt and don’t have much display space, but small quilts can be hung on hangers on entertainment center doors, on door hooks and on limited wall space.
    How great it would be to have a new mini/small quilt magazine once again.

  20. 26


    I have a beautiful 16-month-old granddaughter who may sometime play with dolls (if she isn’t outdoors hiking!)–and a hand-painted cradle that will need a small quilt to cover the dolls!

  21. 27

    Pam says

    I love to make small quilts. It’s something about the challenge of getting the little pieces to fit together.

  22. 28


    What fun! I like small quilts because I don’t like throwing away scraps. I like them at least 1.5″ in width, but with small quilts, I bet I could keep a few of my favorite fabrics in slightly smaller sizes.

  23. 31

    judy says

    I have always made large bed quilts, but they take such a long time. This is my year of the small quilt and this magazine looks like it has some wonderful patterns to try.

    Always a fan of Quiltmaker!!

    Judy Snider

  24. 32


    I NEED that magazine! I am soon to start making charity quilts for our local women’s shelter. These quilts will be given to the children that are staying there, and some new patterns would really be nice!!


  25. 33


    ooough – their last “special issue” was with the 100 blocks… and I got lucky and won a copy – of course that’s b/c all 100 designers had one for the giving and I entered at least 90 of them 😉

    I have made 3 mini quilts and have really enjoyed them. They make great table toppers for the seasons… and when not in use look nice decorating the walls of my guest bedroom/sewing room.

    Can’t wait to see which project you take on first Judy 😉 applique did you say? really? 😛

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  26. 36

    marta says

    Estoy recien experimentando con colchas pequeñitas, en realidad no tengo experiencia en ello y me dan mucho trabajo, seguramente podré aprender técnicas de trabajo mejores y mas rapidas.

  27. 37

    Janice says

    With very little time to quilt, small quilts let me finish a project and enjoy it sooner. I have an adopted granddaughter from Haiti that came home in January and another grandbaby on the way so I must get started on some baby quilts!

  28. 38

    CindyC says

    I love to make small (miniature) quilts. I have several in my quilting studio. I get to enjoy several “whole” quilts all at one time as they are hung on the wall. I started quilting by making 3″ blocks for a swap with a group of friends.

  29. 39

    DebrafromMD says

    I love making small quilts. I’m able to use up all the bits and scraps from my larger projects plus I love the challenge of working in miniature.

  30. 40


    I’ve always wanted to make a table runner….I usually make large quilts but they take a long time. A small quilt should be quick right?

  31. 41

    Sharlene says

    I have the perfect little wall space for a small quilt.
    Can’t wait for the magazine and to see what Judy makes form the magazine.

  32. 42

    Pat B says

    I would like it for the challenge of making something that is outside of my usual comfort zone in quilt making.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. 43

    Susan in Kingston ON says

    I am always looking for small quilt patterns to make quilts to be donated to my guild’s community quilts program. They become baby, kid’s snuggle, nursing home wheelchair, cancer shawls, and whatever other use of quilts needed in our community! It is also a great use of leftover fabric, mine as well as some donated by our members.

  34. 44

    Nichole says

    I’m always on the look out for ways to use up those smaller scraps. This would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. 45


    I have been wanting to make window coverings that match for my Guest room. My friend gave me some wood shelves with rods to hold wall quilts and I think there might be a pattern in there I could use. Pick me Judy! I really need another project. hahaha

  36. 46


    No question – I need to get rid of a BIG bunch of scraps. No matter how many I use, there are always more. *S*

    I’d love to have this zine……..

  37. 47

    CathiHarry says

    Small quilts are so fun to make. My 4 year old granddaughter is the recipient of the ones I make…she uses them for her “babies”.

  38. 48

    Katie says

    I would love to win a copy of this magazine! I make dolly quilts for a charity and the patterns and inspiration this magazine contains would be priceless. The quilt guild my mom belongs to has partnered with this local charity to have a “Dolls and Quilts” drive every year. They ask guild members and friends to purchase a doll and make a quilt to go with it to donate to be used for Christmas gifts for little girls of families in need. I use my quilt scraps to make these every year and this year I’m trying to make one a month. So far so good!

    Thanks, Judy, for the chance to win and info about the magazine (which I may have to buy if I don’t win).

  39. 49


    I love to try out new patterns and colour combinations in small quilts. Sometimes the bright colours I love are too overpowering on a large scale, but appropriate as a baby quilt. Thanks for the chance!

  40. 50

    Kathie L says

    I’d like to make a small quilt as a change of pace. I just finished up 3 bed quilts for grandchildren who are graduating from high school. A small project would inspire me to start something new. Kathie L in Allentown

  41. 51


    I enjoy working on smaller quilts. I can get them done faster and practice my FMQ. Plus I have way more scraps than anyone could use. I’d love to see this issue.

  42. 52


    I love making small quilts because of the quick turnaround and because that is the size I can tackle for hand quilting.

  43. 53

    Jo Anne says

    I like making small quilts because they are more manageable if many ways: time, size, cost. They also make great gifts.

  44. 54


    I’m looking for ideas for pet quilts. What a great find ~ a whole magazine with great ideas! It will help make good use of my stash and give me a small canvas to practice some good quilting designs… that is I need lots of practice to get to the ‘good’ stage 🙂

    Debbie in WA

  45. 55


    Been making quite a few baby quilts – that time of life when the next generation is busy having babies! This magazine looks wonderful. Also good opportunity to try a pattern I wouldn’t do in a large quilt but possible in a small quilt.

  46. 56

    Quiltinggranna says

    I have made a few and they are fun, fast and usually easy. I would like to make a doll quilt for a new granddaughter due to arrive this summer.

  47. 58

    Annette says

    I just finished my first small quilt top and am hungry for more! I also live in limited space so smaller is better for display and storage reasons. If I do not win I will definately be seeking out this magazine!

  48. 59

    Martha says

    I started quilting small quilts & miniatures long ago. Would love a copy of this new magazine. I think the little quilts are coming back… time saver, money saver, another way to use up my stash.

  49. 60

    Deb G says

    I would like to make a small quilt to prove to myself that I can do it! I’ve made table runners, but never a mini quilt with small blocks.

  50. 61

    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    I’ve been wanting to try small quilts. I’ve made queen size, king size, full, twin, and baby. This mag could be just what I’ve been looking for!

  51. 62

    Linda says

    I’m not much for small quilts either. But, I’ve been known to use a pattern for a small quilt as inspiration for a large quilt. I’m still holding on to a copy of a quilt miniatures magazine because there are a couple quilts in there I’d like to make in a larger size.

  52. 63


    Since I live in an RV 6 months out of the year, small quilts are just perfect to make. I did venture out and did a big one, twin size, but just too hard to quilt since my table is small.

  53. 64

    Lynn W. says

    An online forum I participate in has an ongoing doll quilt swap. What fun it’d be to use patterns from this magazine for those quilts. Good inspiration for other things, too. And see, it inspired you as well!

  54. 65


    ohwow…I just finished a small quilt for a doll that was given to me…the squares finished at 1″. I am now eager to do more with small pieces. This would be perfect to have! Thank you for the opportunity.

  55. 66


    I love small quilt _pieces_ because I can’t bear to throw out any scraps. And Quiltmaker is my favorite quilting magazine 🙂

  56. 67


    I have become drawn to small quilts. Mostly because my house does not have large wall space for quilts to be displayed, and mostly because they are easier to make up successfully! I’d love to have a copy of this magazine. Miniature quilts magazines are no more, so it would be fun to make contemporary quilts in a smaller scale! Thanks for entering me 🙂

  57. 68

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I do a lot of baby size quilts and table toppers. I have scraps…..what a great opportunity to ‘marry’ the two!

  58. 69

    Karen S says

    There are 4 babies in my family expected before Christmas, so I am always looking for baby quilt ideas!

  59. 70

    Debbi B says

    It’s nice to make a small quilt for a table top, or wall hanging. The gratification of finishing a project sooner, compared to a large quilt, is also nice.

  60. 73

    Dana Gaffney says

    I love making small quilts, they should use up lots of left over fabric, but I seem to have to buy more just for these quilts. Small quilts are so cute and make up fast.

  61. 76

    Lisa says

    I would love to make a quilt for my fourth child. I am due in September, and maybe, just maybe, it would end up being their lovey 🙂

  62. 77

    Margery Jansonius says

    Judy, I read your blog faithfully but don’t often comment. Your my hero for quilting and the thought of making small quilts gives me incentive to use my stash and get some completed. Thank you for the opportunity at this give-away.

  63. 78

    Shirley says

    i have a three year old grand daughter that loves her baby doll and I would love to make her some small quilts for it. Pick me please!!

  64. 80


    Hi Judy! Aside from being able to use up stash, I like to have a baby quilt top made and at the ready for when I find out a friend is expecting. I had a blue and yellow top sitting and waiting for a couple of years and was able to finish it up quickly for a shower gift. After that I told myself I would always have one ready, but never ended up making another one. I bet this magazine would get me inspired to make another one!

  65. 81

    Kathy in FL says

    I still have my doll cradle from when was a little girl (and I’m 50-something now), and I keep looking for just the right small quilt to make to go with that cradle. One of these days, I know I’ll find it, and it might be in this magazine!

  66. 82

    Mary C in KC says

    I love making small quilts. I have every issue of Miniature Quilts and am glad to see another small quilt magazine. I hope they continue.

  67. 83

    Sarah Stevens says

    I probably have close to 400 (I need to count again) 3″ nine-patch blocks. I will have one awesome Irish Chain eventually. I just use the little 1.5″ squares to use as my leader-ender pieces. It is great for using up small scraps. I have my eye on a project using little half-square triangles next. I’d love to have the issue for more ideas! Sarah

  68. 84


    Judy, I’d love to win this prize! I have more fabric than I can ever use, and perhaps this way I could use some of the smaller scraps that I’ve been hoarding.

  69. 85

    Judy says

    I love small quilts–I just located the two doll quilts that my grandmother made me and those have inspired me to make doll quilts for my granddaughters! One is already a teenager, but I told her that she could give it to her little girl some day from Great Grandma!!

  70. 86


    I am totally addicted to making small quilts and prefer them…they take less time and result in a quicker finish in my crazy busy life. I also cannot throw out any piece of fabric greater than 1″ so I have A TON of scraps to use! I NEED this magazine!

  71. 87


    Who wouldn’t want to make a smaill quilt. So much fun to make as they take shorter time to get to your goal. And so many uses for them as well, from table topper, baby quilts, wall hangings and so much more. Certainly a project that you could finish in a day and great use of the stash!

  72. 88


    I love to make small quilts because they are quick to make AND they can use up those little bits of fabric I can’t bear to toss, they are bound to make something pretty…so into a small quilt they should go 🙂

  73. 90

    Linda Henzler says

    I have never made a small quilt, unless I can count a table topper that I made for Christmas on my kitchen table. I have never had the courage to try, I am afraid that it is just to hard , all those little pieces!
    Linda Kay

  74. 91


    I’m trying to re-decorate my kitchen (working on getting new cabinets, too) and I’d love to have a lively small quilt to put up there. There isn’t much wall space in the place so anything I make will _have_ to be small. Maybe even a valence on the single window.

    🙂 Linda

  75. 92

    Robin says

    I have lots of little scraps that are looking for a project to put themselves in and I could sure use some small projects to practice my freehand and/or machine quilting on! 🙂

  76. 93


    I love small quilts. I do a lot of small paper pieceing projects. I have a tub of just scraps for these small projects.
    PICK ME!

  77. 95


    I need to make a small wall quilt…promised someone I would attempt to decorate the stark, institutional white bathroom I painted, lol…I have a beautiful handmade shower curtain up but that’s it.

  78. 96

    Freda Henderson says

    I have made a couple small quilts but it has been a long time and I would like to make a few more.

  79. 97

    Linda says

    I rarely make small quilts, however we have a couple of baby’s coming in the next few months at our church…and I’m guessing the Moms will be expecting quilts!!

  80. 98

    Judi says

    I don’t usually enter these but I love minature quilts, I was so sorry to see the magazine go away about 5 years ago. I would use up alot of my scraps making small quilts. You are so generous to give one away. Where might we be able to purchase one when they come out?

  81. 99

    Diane says

    I have tons of little pieces “scraps” not long enough for my string basket and too big for the crumbs unless I cut them down…so they are in another drawer-breeding I do believe 🙂
    The right pattern could easily woo me into another project. How much time could a little quilt take…(don’t answer that!)

  82. 100

    Kathy C. says

    I love working in miniature and little quilts intrigue me. My mental health project is to make 5 inch sister’s choice blocks (about as small as I will work). I always have one or two laid out so I can use them as leaders/enders or if i just need something fairly quick to finish and make me feel like I have accomplished SOMETHING! 🙂

  83. 101

    Ida says

    I already have my copy in my hot little hands. The quilt in the upper right (brown/cream HST) is similar to a quilt that I have as the background on my desktop computer at work — so, I simply HAD to purchase the magazine.

    I’ve been doing some large block assembly that ends up with some spare HST pieces (lovingly called “Goose poop” for the parts left over from a ‘flying goose block’), so I do see one of these little quilts in my not too distant future.


  84. 102


    I definitely have LOTS of small pieces of fabric around left over from a wide variety of projects. This magazine looks very interested and would love to have my name in the hat. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. 103


    I love to do hand piecing and these projects look like they would work very easily hand pieced.

  86. 104

    Pam says

    Need another baby quilt. I’m always looking for good donation quilts that I can FMQ.

  87. 105

    Jackie Hicks says

    I love to use small quilts as wall hanging and for other seasonal groupings. It’s also a good way to use of scrapes and bonus units from larger quilts.

  88. 106

    Deb says

    I have never made a small quilt…would love to try one! Having made numerous full, queen and a king size quilt, I am ready for a new adventure!!! I would love to try hand quilting so this might just be the ticket for me. Pick me, Pick me…


  89. 107

    Cheri B. says

    I also love to seasonally decorate with small quilts! I have hangers in my office and a nook in the kitchen that will accomodate a small quilt and a wall hanging. My first small quilt was a log cabin set in a barn raising layout.

  90. 108

    Dorothy B says

    I really need ways to use up my scraps. Sometimes at night when I can’t use the cutting table (because it will wake up half the household if I turn on that light) I sit down with the pile of scraps and don’t know what to do!

  91. 109

    Debbie Harmon says

    I love doing small quilts. I have been making quilts for Downy lately, a total of eleven so far. I have a large stash of small pieces just looking for new quilt patterns!

  92. 110


  93. 111


    Oh, Judy. I love making small quilts. I guess because they are easier for me to quilt on my regular sewing machine. Would love to win this magazine.

  94. 112


    Wall hangers, pillows and table runners are quilts you can join and quilt with no problems. Less fabric and you can try different thecnics. Two nieces are pregnant and I need some inspiration to make Baby quults for their babies.

  95. 113


    I like small quilts for several reasons….I can actually quilt them myself (either on my regular sewing machine or by hand)…..they can always find a space to be shown in my limited area here……they are more likely to be completed and less likely to become UFO’s…….I can use fabrics from my stash for most of my small quilts, it seems. So…I would love to win this magazine. (I see I have a lot of competition with LOTS of comments here today, though!!!)

  96. 115

    Jan says

    I love making small quilts. I was inpired to start quilting because of a small doll quilt my Grandma made for me when I was two years old.

    I just finished making five small quilts to donate to a local group that will give them to homebound seniors as Christmas gifts.

  97. 116

    Bonita Pearson says

    I love to make small projects. I live on a boat, so they fit well in my lifestyle.


  98. 117


    After a year and a half of construction, my husband and I recently moved into our dream home. Nothing is hanging on the walls yet, and I would love to find a small quilt I feel I could make for that purpose. I’ve always been a large quilt maker like you Judy, but now I need to think small!

  99. 118

    Michele Gailey says

    I’d love to see the patterns for the small quilts. I always save the little leftovers from my big quilts, with the intent to make some little mini-versions to remind me of the large quilts that I usually give away. Have I ever made a little quilt? No ! It’s time for action. Thank you

  100. 119

    Darlene B says

    I am completing a queen size quilt with over 130 different fabrics in it. So….I have lots of scraps available and really want to make some smaller quilts for gifts, home decor, etc. that I can get done before Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  101. 120


    Oooo, what a fun little award!
    I enjoy small quilts, mostly in the form of baby quilts. I have donated many to Quilts4Kids; quilts this size are quick to finish up!
    How great for Quiltmaker to allow this offer!

  102. 121


    Darn, there’s over 100 comments. How am I ever going to win this. I want to make Baby Aurora’s Abby doll a quilt using small bits of leftover fabrics. Pick me Pick me please.

  103. 122


    I know of 20+ women close to me who are having or who have already had a baby this year. I need fresh ideas for baby quilts!

  104. 123


    I get such joy out of making small quilts, mostly due to the fact I can hand quilt them…large quilts I have to send out. There is just a special joy about a tiny quilt for me!

  105. 124


    I would like to make a small quilt for a Quilt Guild auction. I have plenty of scraps and what is better than donating a quilt for a good cause? 🙂

  106. 125

    Dorothy S says

    Since I save half square triangles that I cut from larger projects, I have fallen for small quilts and am fasinated by miniatures, besides I can quilt those!

    Would love to win the magazine!!


  107. 126


    Might as well toss my hat in the ring!! My DD has a charity through which she makes quilts for premature babies…it is called TinyQuilts, BigLove…so this magazine would be perfect!!

  108. 127

    Lina says

    I love small quilts. I am disabled and not able to complete regular quilts in a timely manner, so small quilts allow me the satisfaction of being able to be creative and to see the completion of my projects.

  109. 128

    bert says

    I really like making smaller items, especially table toppers, etc. Since they are small, I can quilt them myself and get a lot of satisfaction knowing I did it all myself.

  110. 130


    How cool! I am on a mission to make small quilts so I can practice/improve my machine quilting skills. It is much easier to learn on smaller projects.

  111. 131

    Debbie says

    I am just finishing up my second twin sized quilt in a week and still have one more to go. I just want to make something small. I believe that will be my next choice after I get through all these larger pieces.

  112. 132

    Kathy B in TN says

    I like small quilts because they finish up faster for me and I can move on to something else. Thanks Judy for the review and if I’m not lucky enough to win, I’ll look for the issue.

  113. 133


    I make tons of small quilts, for various reasons – to use up orphan blocks, to use up scraps, to practice my machine quilting, etc. So I’d love to win this magazine!

  114. 134


    I love special issue magazines so I will be looking for this one on the shelves if I don’t win.

  115. 135

    Alberta in N GA says

    I would also love to win this magazine as I love anything Quiltmaker does and if I don’t win, I will definitely buy it on the newstands.Thanks.


  116. 136


    Small quilts mean: you are done fast! Sometimes you just need a successful finish – and of course using all these little scraps helps, too! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  117. 138

    Sarah says

    I would love to have it! I don’t make small quilts because I am intimidated by the small pieces. I usually just give my scraps to one of the ladies at my local quilt shop for her small quilts. But how cool would it be to use every last little scrap of some of the fabrics I love instead of giving them away! AND I can get over the fear of small quilts….

  118. 139


    I looked for this in Barnes & Noble Friday, guess I was too early. I am much more likely to finish a small quilt so that is the appeal for me.

  119. 140


    I’ve been working for six months on a paper-pieced queen size quilt…I’d like to finish something smaller in a shorter time frame!

  120. 141

    Sally Belshe says

    I must be the scrap “queen” as I have plastic tubs full. This might be a way to use some of them. It will be fun to see the patterns.

  121. 142


    I love doing small quilts because you can get them done so much quicker! LOL – I also would like some ideas to dress up the kitchen table and coffee table in the living room.

    Sounds like fun!

  122. 143

    Christy Lou says

    Sewing is my therapy at night. My husband is deployed on his 2nd year-long tour to Iraq and I like to have things to work on after my two toddlers and one sweet 4mo. old baby girl go to sleep at night. However, I am new to quilting (use my Grandma’s Singer featherweight machine…maybe from the 40’s or 50’s) and if these quilts are too advanced for a beginner please pick someone else. I have only made 2 patchwork quilts so far. I do not want to take a magazine issue that would be more beneficial for someone else! 🙂 Thanks for you sharing your talents.

  123. 144


    I would love this magazine cause I just love small quilts. I have several nooks and crannies in my house that could use a small quilt and I need to make a couple for our guild’s small quilt auction at our semiannual quilt show.

  124. 145

    Lydia says

    I love this! I tend to do large projects myself (usually a “throw” that most would call a twin is about the smallest thing I make), but have been making some small quilts lately. I collect teddy bears, and would like to make some quilts for them. It’s a great way to try out a design without the same investment of fabric as there would be in a larger version, and it’s a lot easier to handle those small pieces at the point of assembling the top and adding borders — they’re still small enough to not be cumbersome! It’s also a fun way to use some scraps, and be able to use some of the odd bits that would otherwise be sitting around (since I can’t throw them away 😉

    I’d love to win this magazine issue.

  125. 146


    I would love to get a copy of this magazine. Since I live in an “Adirondack Cottage” my home is not too large and sometimes seems rather small when I’m attempting to make my larger quilts. SO, I do tend to make many smaller items and love to put in the details, thats the fun part! Please enter me in your giveaway. It would be fun to participate in this. Thanks.


  126. 147

    Kathleen says

    I have TONS of scraps and would love to use some in small quilts that would highlite favorite fabrics and not be so scrappy. (I’m very interested in scrappy quilts too!) I try to sew clothes and a quilt for at least one doll for charity gifts at Christmas and this would be perfect!

  127. 148

    Laura says

    I’m not enamored with small anything, but I love Quiltmaker so this issue should be awesome! And who knows, maybe I’d end up in love with small quilts!

  128. 149

    Carol says

    I have so many small pieces of stash I would like to use in a small quilt – I never seem to use them and would like to be able to use them up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always seem to make queen size quilts – have too many of them — I need to get “outside the box”………………..

  129. 150


    Now that I have an empty nest, I recently moved into my son’s old room. A dedicated quilting space at last! I am so happy to have a place I can make a mess and close the door! But now I have four very bare walls! I think a small quilt or two would brighten up my new room.

  130. 151

    Liz says

    Hello Judy!

    Are you hiding in the basement storm shelter? Central/most of OK has been hit and it is still going to be a wild night. It looks like your area of MO, as well as most of KS, is also getting some of these storms…. take care!


    (ps – this is my second comment on this thread, so feel free to delete it)

  131. 152

    Cindy LeCamus says

    Just found out a neice is pregnant, and I am in the process of going to doctor visits to become a surrogate for my youngest sister, who cannot have a baby. I have been slowly making baby quilts, have lots of stash and would love to have new ideas for baby quilts. congratulations to whomever wins…..Thanks for all you do, Judy. Cindy

  132. 153

    Susan says

    I like the variety that small quilts offer. Whether it’s a wallhanging or a table runner, I like to do these projects in between my big quilts. If I won the magazine, I would probably pick out a design for a new table runner for my newly remodeled kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway Judy and Quiltmaker!

  133. 154


    I would make a baby quilt for one of the 5 babies I know of coming this year. Who knows maybe make more than one. I would also make some table toppers. I have started really getting into them and enjoy making them. I know the chances are slim but I will try to win.

  134. 155

    Darlene S says

    I like doing small projects because I GET THEM DONE! I have lots of bins of very small pieces left over from my other quilts and would love some new ideas for using them. I even keep the triangles cut off from my binding strips to one day make something with them. I would love to receive a copy of this Quiltmaker magazine. Thanks for helping to review it. Dar

  135. 156


    Sure, I’d love to win a free issue! I seem to make larger quilts for others, and smaller projects for myself, so these appeal to me a lot. Plus, scrappy is my favorite style and there are plenty of those around here 🙂

  136. 157

    ruth anne says

    I would like to make a small quilt because I could try something new and not use a lot of fabric!!! So I would not hesitate so much as I will go back and forth and say, I will use up all my ___________ fill in the blank!! I am so stingy sometimes with my fabric!!

  137. 158

    Patsy Andries says

    I would like to make small quilts so I could get them finished faster.
    I have too many large quilt tops not quilted.

  138. 159

    ewellette says

    Making small quilts are great to use up the smaller pieces of fabric, and also to have for decorations around the house. Please include me.

  139. 160


    I am needing to make a baby quilt to send to my sister-in-law who is stationed in Italy with her Hubby! I really miss them and I want to make sure that I make her something special because I wont be able to be there for the birth or the baby-shower! I need some help with my inspiration and I love quilting magazines. They always seem to help inspire me!

  140. 161

    Sherry says

    I love making small quilts because I’m on a tight budget and don’t have to buy as much fabric and batting. I also like using my smaller scraps to make them scrappy. And they take up less room and less time to complete than larger quilts. I can also do the quilting on my smaller home machine. I love small quilts!

  141. 162

    Marie says

    Making a small quilt for someone would be a great way for me to learn how to use the smallest pieces. I see other people’s work and am amazed how they can use such tiny pieces and it all looks so fantastic.

  142. 163

    Billie says

    I would really just like the challenge, but would probably do it as a baby quilt.


  143. 164

    brenda says

    I can’t wait till this issue comes out. I love making small quilts just because they are so cute no special reason.

  144. 166

    Sharon says

    I would make a lap size quilt for a veteran at the Roseburg VA Hospital, since that is where most of the quilts I make go. The designs are all nice, and most of them could be adopted to making a larger quilt by making the blocks in a larger size.

  145. 167


    I would make a small quilt for a one of my grandchildren. I have just started quilting and I want to make each of them a small quilt.

  146. 168

    Quinta da Quilter says

    I love big quilts but I have a problem finishing them. Small quilts somehow just get finished! Thanks for letting me play!

  147. 169

    Eileen C says

    I like making small quilts to sprinkle all over the house for each season or holiday!

  148. 170

    Donna in Maine says

    I just love small quilts and miniatures…..such fast satisfaction in finishing a project! I currently have two small wallhangings going that need to graduate from my ufo pile!!
    Thanks, Judy!

  149. 171

    Phyllis says

    I make small quilts each year for the each of the Guilds I belong. Then, they are sold through various methods. The money all goes to a local charity. This will be a new resource of inspiration.

  150. 172

    Rita Hester says

    I plan a small quilt to be inspiration for our kitchen redo. I’d love to win a Small Quilts by Quiltmaker. Thanks for the chance!

  151. 173

    Janet P. says

    I have a wall space that just needs a small quilt! I like working with the smaller size. Thanks for the chance for the magazine!

  152. 174


    Anything Quiltmaker Magazine does is great. That is my only quilting magazine so a small quilt magazine from them has to be an inspiration also. Please put my name in the hat.

  153. 175

    Beth P. says

    I have some small pieces of University of Alabama fabric left from a quilt made for my daughter and would love to make a wall hanging or something with the scraps.

  154. 176


    I love to make the small stuff due to the fact it is instant gratification. I live in Florida and not much use for the big quilts anymore and of course storage. I am into making purses, table runners/toppers or small wall hangings.

  155. 177


    i have recently discovered small quilts and i am now hooked on making them. my current style is Amish and my goal is to use up my shoebox full of solid scraps. the great thing about small quilts is I can make several patterns and get them all done in the same time it takes to make one large quilt. besides, i already have quite a few bed-size quilts. making small quilts allows me to try out new patterns or repeat favorite patterns in different colorways. I’m addicted!

  156. 178

    Amy says

    If it is small I have half a chance of finishing it. (Especially with a toddler underfoot.)

  157. 179

    Jane says

    I love it!!! I remember Miniature Quilts (I think that’s what it was called….I think I have all of my old magazines too)….this reminds me of that magazine! I enjoy making small quilts…to use on tables, hang on the wall, etc. Quick (mostly) and something I can easily quilt myself!

  158. 181

    Jean Hunter says

    I love to find small quilt patterns because of have seven grandchildren under 7 years old. They all like to have different quilts so I am always looking for interesting quilt designs that look good in small sizes.

  159. 182


    The magazine cover looks great! Very appealing. I have a lot of windows in my house and very little wall space. I would like to make some small quilts to fit into those wall spaces. The magazine looks like it would have some good ideas. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy! Valerie

  160. 183

    Carol Sc says

    I have enough scraps to make every quilt in this magazine —and I like every one I see on the cover! Will be sure to purchase it, but would be nice to win it!

  161. 184

    Glenda in Florida says

    I love to make small quilts and other small quilted items so that I get the satisfaction of finishing something. Some of my larger quilt projects can drag out for years, but the smaller things can usually be finished pretty quickly.

  162. 185

    Judy C in NC says

  163. 186

    Gale says

    I’d love to win this magazine, Judy! I’ve never made a mini quilt and would love to add them to my repetoire.

  164. 187

    Jeri says

    I would love to learn to make these smaller quilts! I have lots of scraps!!

  165. 188

    Norma says

    I love to make small quilts. Have a new grandson coming in August, I’ll bet there are several choices for a baby boy in that issue!

  166. 189

    Susan says

    My Dad is celebrating his 91st birthday this month. He doesn’t want or need anything big, but a small quilt would be just perfect!
    Susan in sunny NC

  167. 190

    karla whittington says

    love the cover of the mag hope the inside is as interesting as the outside.

  168. 191

    shari heath says


  169. 192

    Amy Roth says

    A copy of this would be just in time to find a miniature quilt to do for our guild’s show this year!
    Amy R in IL

  170. 193

    Nancy E says

    I love making small quilts so I would love to win. What great designers! I buy their patterns and books.

  171. 194


    I’m sure there will be a baby quilt in there that I’d like to make. I have kids in ‘the producing’ stage of life; so I’m always looking for a great baby quilt.

  172. 195

    Linda says

    When I started to quilt, I made a lot of little quilts for gifts. Then I got into bed quilts. Now that I’m a Grammie, I have made a few crib quilts and doll quilts. I probably should start making the small wall quilts again to use up my small scraps and to give as gifts.

  173. 196


    I love making different small quilts to cover my hope chest that my grandfather made. Small quilts cover the top but you can still see the wood sides and they also give the cats have something to sit on.

  174. 197


    If it’s got baby quilts, would love to win it.

    Small blocks are good for the challenge.

    Hope I win,

  175. 198

    Char says

    Small quilts are not overwhelming. They are the ultimate in quilting satisfaction. This magazine looks very interesting, I’d love a copy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  176. 199

    Mary F says

    I love making small quilts because you can make more and they get finished!! Plus I am hoping for grandbabies in the future…

  177. 200

    Mary Kastner says

    You can see progress quicker. Make more quilts. Display them most anywhere. Little quilts are the best but big quilts aren’t so bad either.


  178. 202


    I need to win it…still looking for an idea for a baby quilt for my daughter that was just born! Poor thing….good thing summer is coming, I don’t feel quite so guilty then! ha

  179. 203

    GeeGee says

    I would love to win this magazine. I am so addicted to small quilts, I want to make them all. I love making doll quilts for my grand children and for the annual church bazaar. Thanks for the chance to win.

  180. 204


    Surprisingly I have found that I enjoy making small quilts. My Mother-in-law is in a specialty care facility and each month I make a different small quilt to hang on her door. When I first give her a new one she knows that it is different and that it came from me, but within minutes she can’t remember. But I do…

  181. 205

    Debbie says

    I enjoy making small quilts because I don’t have a long arm or other quilting machine. And small quilts I can do all myself… don’t have the budget for large pieces of my favorite fabric… so small quilts just suit me for all reasons….

  182. 206

    Lee says

    There is something so neat about making a pattern work in such a small scale. I’ve been inspired by the work of other miniature quilt makers and they quilt up so quickly once the piecing is done! not that the piecing goes that quickly – lol!

  183. 207


    I would love to make small quilts just for the sake of using up my scraps! Fabric cost a lot of money so I like to use up as much as possible

  184. 208

    Judy A Gifford says

    I would love to make a small quilt because they would be something that anyone would be able to display, no matter the size of living space they have, and would make wonderful gifts for just because, or that someone that could use a little cheering.

  185. 209


    I really like to make small quilts. You can try out a different technique that your not really sure that you’ll like. Take hexagons for example or even a cathedral window. It’s a perfect way to use up those small fabric scraps also.

  186. 210


    I love those little pieces and using up scraps 🙂 Also small quilts make great little Thinking of You gifts.

  187. 212

    Jackie Warren says

    Small quilts can be exhibited easily showly the entire quilt plus you can change from one to another quickly. And sometimes if the design is one you are familiar with you can make it faster……

  188. 213

    Cathy says

    Any of the reasons that you suggested are good reasons for making small quilts. Also the challenge of working in a small scale is so interesting. Color reacts differently. And a smaller piece of a fabulous fabric can be featured dramatically in a smaller piece.

  189. 215


    Did I miss the cut or sneak in under the wire?
    I’d love to make something little but detailed to cover the ‘beige’ of our cubes at work.

  190. 216

    Peggy says

    I would like to win the magazine as I like to hand piece and hand quilt. They are small enough to handle. Enjoy your articles always.