Purple & Gold Quilt

My niece and her family are huge LSU fans.  Also, purple and gold are the colors for the elementary, middle and high schools where her kids go so they need purple and gold quilts.  This morning I was playing around with blocks in EQ and came up with this design.  All are the same basic design but pieces are colored differently.  Which one do you like best?

The only thing different from this one and the first one is that some of the pieces of the outer blocks are colored a darker lavender instead of the lighter lavender.

The outer blocks have more dark purple and more of the background is lavender instead of white.  In the first two designs, I see the medium lavender cross-crossing through the quilt as the main design.  In this final drawing, I see some transparency that will develop if I use the right purples.

Which one gets your vote? And, any thoughts as to a name?

And, don’t forget Saturday is the last day to order EQ for the special prices.  For those who have ordered, be watching for an email early next week.  I’m going to offer to send you files of the designs I make throughout the next year.  You will be able to opt out if you don’t want my designs but if you do, I’ll send them to you and answer questions for you about how I did whatever I did with the design.


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    I like #2 for a couple of reasons: one is I like how the darker purple wraps around the outer corners of the quilt (the blocks area, before the borders); second, I like diagonal secondary designs. Name? I don’t suppose you’d consider “Go, Vikings!!!”, as purple and gold is a popular combination in Minnesota as well!

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    I like #3 the best. All are nice, but I like the way the blocks are highlighted. As I look at #3 it looks like a scrabble board or a family tree due to the transitions of the blocks. Maybe Transitions would be a good name?

  3. 3


    I like the first one you posted the best. I catches my eye. As for a name, no clue. Although “The Purple People Eater” makes me giggle. :o)

  4. 5

    Annette says

    I like #2. As for the name, I think you should tie in LSU somehow…what is the mascots name?

  5. 6


    I like it with the darker purples, so I guess that’s #1. Not sure on a name either, but if it’s in honor of LSU then maybe the school mascot/name/fight song/etc should have something to do with it.

  6. 7

    CindyC says

    I like #1 the best. Then next favorite is #2. The patches are colored to where there is more interest in #1.

  7. 8


    my favorite is number 3…I like the strong dark purple effects. I just like the higher contrast and what it does to the design.

  8. 9

    Leslie Myers says

    I seem to be alone in loving the #2 quilt. I really like the way there is a floating fore ground and a definite background. What ever you do will be lovely of course.

  9. 10

    Pam says

    Definitely #1. I like the way border number 1 plays with the setting. There is more visual interest and it looks more like a design that you would stitch.

  10. 12


    I like #1 best. Name…well…since I’m a LA girl, too, how about “Loving Louisiana”???? LSU is in LA and so are their other schools, right? Even if not, LSU/purple & gold…it says Loving Louisiana all over it 😉 That’s my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it.

  11. 13

    Marilyn Smith says

    #3. Love the contrast..How bout “Eye of the Tiger” or “Tiger’s Eye”. That will be a great quilt. If you need to make a few of them, why not one of each!

  12. 14

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    I like #2. And, for a name, what about something like “Let’s Geaux”? 🙂

  13. 15

    A. Carol says

    I like all three. When I looked at 1 and 2, I see “hugs and kisses” because of the secondary pattern of x’s and o’s. No. 3 has an entirely different look which is relaxing to look at.

  14. 16


    IMHO #3 speaks to me. Love the way the darker border frames the quilt and then your borders finish it off nicely.
    Since purple is a very “Royal” color and also has a passionate
    presence, how about something obout her majesty’s court, the royal passsages, regal grid, court yard passions, etc… Love it Judy.


  15. 17

    Linda (petey) says

    My favorite is #2 with the soft lavendar diagonals and the contrasting straight lines. You make them all look pretty!

  16. 18

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I think I like #2 – hard to choose. I like the “wrap” at the borders. For a name – Moutarde Violette or Stoneground

  17. 21

    Mary Jo says

    I like # 2 the best. As for a name…I’m not at all good of coming up with names!

  18. 22


    I prefer #1 as a quilt. I like what’s going on in the design in #3 too. No clue for a name. My university colours were purple and gold. We were the Wilfrid Laurier Goldenhawks.

  19. 23

    Sarah says

    I like the last one best and it reminds me of a tic-tac-toe board. I would love to make it but in different colors. I am not a fan of purple for the background in quilts but, of course, I am not a football fan.

  20. 28

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Sorry Judy…I like EACH one! Since it is your niece and her kids, that speaks more than one quilt. Make one of each design so they will each have a ‘different’ quilt! I suck at picking names of quilts so no suggestions. They do remind me of a glorious sunset.

  21. 30


    I like #2 best. What about something like, “Tiger Trails”, or “Trail of the Tiger” for a name? Of course, that may not work with the mascot of the local schools. Then maybe “Passionate about Purple and Gold”.


  22. 31

    Gale says

    #2 is my favorite. This is silly but the name that comes to my mind is “Juice”.

  23. 32


    I love the third quilt design. As for a name, sorry, nothing is coming to me.

    Oh wait, how about Purple Boxes? Or maybe LSU Crawl (since there seems to be a path with the narrow straight pieces)?

    Have a wonderful day,


  24. 33


    I like the first one. The gold pops more with the white and it looks more… complete? with the lavender border.

    What is the LSU mascot? I would make the name something incorporating the mascot name.

  25. 34


    like the last one the best. As a Vikings fan, I have to say THE PURPLE PEOPLE EATER !! Probably wouldn’t fit for whom you’re giving it to.

  26. 36


    I like #1 but can be happy with all of the views. Purple and gold works for UW fans here in Washington. “Purple Corners” fits all of them for a title.

    Thanks for all your sharing ~ quilty, chickens, etc 🙂

  27. 38

    Glenda in Florida says

    #2 I like the way the corners look much better in #2 than in #1. And, #3 looks too plain–need those bias square triangles in there to liven it up.

  28. 40

    Norma says

    Before I look at any other comments, my vote is for #1. It just strikes my fancy more, I guess. Love, love this quilt. Of course living in Baton Rouge I love anything purple and gold. How about “I dream in purple and gold” for a title.

  29. 41

    Becky I says

    I like #3. How about the name “Royal Magesty” or “Regal Magesty”. Purple is the color of royalty and it just seems to fit

  30. 43


    I like #2 best. Naming a quilt is hard as you well know. So I will not even try although I do like the idea of including LSU or Tigers in the name.

  31. 45


    My vote goes to # 2 . I like the cross-crossing through the quilt and the outer blocks with more dark purple . I’m not good to pick a name, but here it goes: Golden purple.

  32. 49

    Genia says

    I like the first quilt–gives me a bit of a floaty feeling. How about a tribute to Mardi Gras and call it Purple Gras.

  33. 50

    Cindy LeCamus says

    #1–the best, however, I like the darker purple in #3
    I like the lighter lavender in #1, kinda gives the eye a place to rest..Yeah, definitely #1. How about “golden tigers”,or “tiger path”, or “tiger trails” or “tiger heaven”. I like the tiger, huh? Beautiful pattern,,

  34. 52

    Karen says

    I like number 3 the best. I would love to make this quilt since I bleed purple and gold. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!

  35. 57


    I like #1 the best – 3 is dark and in 2 the corner detail does not seem as striking to me.

    I grew up in a purple and gold college town – our mascot was the Saxons and this made me think of Saxon Stars – but not good for LSU fans.

  36. 58

    Susan says

    I like #2. I like the darker purple at the corners. Also….THANKS for offering to send us more EQ files. I for one would love to get them.

  37. 60


    I like the second one best. The third is to “blocky” and the firsts frame is sort of broken up. Howabout Lilac in the Sun?

  38. 62

    Kris S says

    I love no. 2 the best. How about Tiger Crossing for the criss cross pattern and the LSU Tigers.

  39. 63


    I prefer number 3. Since the mascot is Mike the Bengal Tiger, and purple is the color of royalty, how about “Royal Roar.” I do like Kris S’s suggestion of “Tiger Crossing.” I wish I had thought of it first.

  40. 64

    Amy says

    Number 2 – but I am happy with all of them because the “X” shaped blocks are in the corners…
    Purple Pride – I like alliteration & that works for all 4 schools.

    For me, 3 loses some movement & 2 seems more “finished” design wise than 1.

  41. 67

    Dorothy S says

    I like number 1, but do like the transparency if you have the right fabrics, that is something I have trouble with.


  42. 68


    #1 or #2…. the third is yuck to me after seeing the first two…

    as for a name – what came to me instantly was “Stand Up & Cheer!” That’s the first line of our old school song… and our colors were purple & gold 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  43. 70

    Darlene S says

    I like #2 and #3. No. 2 if recipient is high energy and you use the name Tiger Crossing or something similar. Or #3 if the recipient is a more quiet, contemplative, conservative type. For me personally I would probably go with #2 because of the bolder purples and rich golds. I like BRIGHT more than subdued. Dar