Using Fabric Scraps in the Garden

Through the past few months, I’ve been saving the little strips I trim off edges of fabric to get a straight edge.  A bag is hanging over a door handle and I just toss all the strips in there.

They’re bright and cheerful because I use bright and cheerful fabric!

When the tomatoes need tying up, I just grab the bag, go out to the garden and tie them up with a pretty strip of fabric.

Once the tomatoes are tied up, a stop by the chicken coop to pick up eggs so now my little bag of scraps doubled as an egg basket! 🙂


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    I’ve used scraps of yarn to tie up the plants, but never thought of those trimmings from fabric. Great idea!

  2. 3

    Chris says

    Some of the birds in our area like to take the color slivers of fabric for their nests. I will lay a few out in the yard and watch them take off with them. Chris

    • 3.1

      Jane says

      Letting the birds have the fabric for their nest sounds like a good idea but it isn’t because it makes them easy prey. Their nest are easy to see because of the fabric. I am an animal lover so please don’t leave out fabric or yarn for birds. Thanks

  3. 4


    In southern Minnesota, our pitiful little tomatoes plants are out but they need little quilts to cover them and keep them warm! (Our birds like our dog’s shed fur – makes those nests warm and cozy)

  4. 5

    kathie L says

    I do the same thing with my fabric strips. My husband loves the addition of color to the garden.

  5. 6

    Amy says

    1. We used panty hose – the nylon has give for the growing plants.
    2. We also dumped egg shells into the garden – no idea why…

    • 6.1

      Cindy From California says

      Egg shells provide calcium to the the tomato plants, which helps to prevent “blossom end rot”. I put the crushed shells of a couple of eggs in the hole before planting my tomatoes.

  6. 7

    Sherry says

    I’ve been using fabric scraps and selvages to tie up my tomato plants for years but the first time I just used whatever I had and my daughter was so disappointed because most of the fabric ties were red and every time she looked out the window she saw red on the plants and she kept thinking she could go pick ripe tomatoes so now I use everything but red. I save my scraps all year for this project.