While most college students are studying hard for finals, my son is making duck decoys.

He set up a workbench in his dorm room this semester.  I’m anxious to see his grades!  🙂

My boy does love everything related to duck hunting.


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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    Any guy who is interesting in hunting and fishing is usually a good guy! It looks like you have a great son!

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      @Kelly Ann, it sounds to me like he’s majoring in women and hunting, not necessarily in that order, with a minor in fishing. @Judy?

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      His major is political science. His minor is English with an emphasis on writing (or something like that). He had originally intended to go to law school but now that he’s getting closer to graduating, I think he’d like to get a job vs. continue in school but we’ll see. He may be leaning towards some type of journalism . . he would love to make a living being a fishing/hunting guide! 🙁

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    I was thinking of Chad when I was in PA on a little vacation this week (in Amish country) and saw turkey calls on sale there! 🙂 I know he is into ducks, but I figured he’d probably like turkey calls too…just for the heck of it!

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    Makes me wonder where he gets that passion from. Hmmm, Mom?
    I bet his grades are pretty good. I always think of Chad when I see the Cabela ads. 😉

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    Hey at least he’s IN college! And he’s crafting, you’ve got to love that! Actually Chad seems quite enterprising, I don’t think you have a thing to worry about. But most importantly, the kid is obviously enjoying his life. What more could a mom ask for? 🙂