An All Day Shopping Trip

It wasn’t bad!  I wouldn’t want to do it again any time soon but it really wasn’t bad.  We left home before 9 yesterday and drove to Kansas City to attend the Machine Quilters’ Showcase.  Our first stop was Target.  We didn’t need much but it’s kinda hard to go to a city and not make a stop at Target.   Next stop was The Thai Place for lunch and it was so good!  Our appetizers . . spring rolls and fried calamari.

There were a couple more stops and then we made it to MQS.  It’s always fun when blog readers stop me and introduce themselves.  The funniest thing is that Vince was the star . . probably 10 ladies we didn’t even know stopped him out of the clear blue and asked him “where’s your green shirt?”  At first he was kinda shocked when someone would say something but after a while, he was loving it!  In fact, he was with me at the last two guilds where I spoke and so many of the ladies talked to him, mostly about his green shirts.  Now he’s wanting to get more green shirts and travel with me all the time.  Funny guy!

I ran into several friends that I run into at MQS every year.  My friend, Betty, from The Village Mercantile, was vending there so I got to visit with her.  I don’t get to see her for months and then I see her at twice in just a few weeks.

I’ve never seen so many quilting machines . . big ones, medium ones, little ones and in between ones.  There were quite a few machines I’d never even heard of!  Since I’m not in the market for a machine, I didn’t even stop and talk to the machine dealers . . except for APQS because I like those folks a lot.

What did I buy at MQS?  Hardly anything!  While in Paducah, I had talked to the older gentleman who sells Featherweights and he told me he was going to be at MQS and would bring me the foot for my 301 that I need so I got that, a few light bulbs for the 301’s since one just burned out yesterday, some bobbins, and several such things for the 301’s.

I did get two pantos but I don’t even remember what I got.

We spent more time visiting with Betty and her husband, Steve, than we did shopping or looking at the quilts.  From there we went to Whole Foods . . where I could spend forever!   Fantastic cheese, whole grains and interesting beans and nuts, wild flower honey, milk from a local dairy in a glass jug.  I wish we were a bit closer to Whole Foods but  . . we’re not and we’ll just enjoy visiting one when we can.


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    Mary Beth says

    Judy, I’m so sorry I missed seeing you. Rod and I were having dinner with Kay & Michael from Circle Lord and Linda Mae Diny & John. When Rod got home from work I was pushing and pushing to get him out the door. He wanted to just sit and chill for a minute and it was like pulling teeth to get him out the door. GRRR!! I was so hoping we would get over there to see you all.

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    Sounds like it was a nice day. FUNNY about Vince now thinking he might want to travel with you!!! LOL (Well…one good thing would be…you’d have someone else to drive over the bridges!)

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    That’s hilarious about Vince and his green shirts… LOL
    Lunch looks wonderful!
    So… you know I gotta ask… did you try it? 🙂

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    Liz says

    Hoped you missed all the rain that was going through the midwest yesterday!

    They just announced building a Whole Foods store in OKC – it will be interesting to go there since I have heard about it, but never been to one.

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    Angie says

    I was sure you would say Vince found more green shirts on sale at Target! :o) That is funny about people at the show talking to Vince about his shirts! LOL! Glad you both had a good time together at the show. I was sure Vince would be inspecting all the machines at the show. That’s what my Bill does the entire time we are at a quilt show. He loves the mechanical stuff! I just leave him there at the long arm booth while I tour the show. —Great looking lunch!

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    It’s kind of funny that the women talked to your husband about his green shirts. It shows you that people actually ‘read’ your blog. Another good thing about your husband wanting to go to the shows with you is he could carry all your purchases or stop your from buying with “what do you need that for?” kind of remarks. Not that you bought all that much. Such restraint!

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    My friend and I just got back from MQS. A LIME GREEN bag caught our eye and I thought about you. I also took a look at your Weekend Quilts book. Lot’s of cut patterns. Now it’s on my list to order from you when my bonus comes in.

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    I always visit Whole Foods when I go to MQS too. Another must stop is Penzeys Spices – it’s a wonderful store for someone that likes to cook!