Mystery Fabrics

Later today I will post the cutting instructions for the soon to begin mystery project.

You will need:

  • Background (4-1/2 yards)
  • Medium Accent (1-1/2 yards)
  • Dark Accent (2 yards)
  • Variety of colored fabrics

These amounts do not include yardage for backing and binding.

Tips to help you choose your fabrics:

1.  The medium and dark accent fabrics should have enough contrast that you can easily see the differences in the two fabrics.  These are the fabrics I used.  It’s a dark blue and a medium blue.

These two browns are closer but would also work:

The main thing when choosing fabrics: Make sure that when you lay your colored fabrics next to your background, medium and dark accent fabrics, there is no blending!  If you’re using a large floral or any large print, be sure your background and your medium accent fabrics show up against all areas of your print.

Here are the fabrics I used, except for the purple and lime at the top and bottom of the blue vertical strip.

The small squares are my “colored” fabrics.  The blue vertical strip is my medium accent.  The medium accent will be touching the colored fabrics.  I did not use the purple fabric (square at the top of the vertical strip) because after I got them all cut, it seemed much darker than did my other colored fabrics.  I did not use the lime  (square at the bottom of the vertical strip) because it blended too much with my background strip.

Jackie had asked about using Christmas prints.  My suggestion . . and remember that I only use tone on tones so my brain doesn’t think clearly when it comes to prints . . is:

Use maybe a Christmas print for the colored fabrics.  As long as your medium and dark accent fabrics show up clearly against all fabrics, you could use a green for your dark accent and a red for your  medium accent.

Your medium and dark accent fabrics do not have to be the same color family (i.e., dark blue and medium blue).  You could use black for your dark accent and gold for your medium accent — just so the two of them show up well against each other and both of them show up clearly against your colored fabrics.

If this doesn’t make sense, please ask questions in comments because others probably have the same questions you have.


  1. 3

    Liz says

    Are we cutting sqaures and, if so, how large are they going to be? I have stacks of squares somewhere that might be good for the color portion, but it would help to know the size.

  2. 4

    Mary says

    Thank you for doing this, Judy. Two questions,

    1) I have looked for the finished size, I need to head to LQS to buy a the dark accent and was going to get backing too (they have a SALE:) )

    2) If a fat quarter makes three blocks, would a dozen fat quarters or so work?

    Thank you in advance for the answers.

  3. 5

    pdudgeon says

    similar question to #2 above.
    can i have one accent fabric or do i need two different fabrics ?

    • 5.1


      You can have one. I originally intended to have just one but didn’t have enough of any one fabric.