Vince Make a Quilt?

Saturday morning Vince got the big idea that we would clean out the garage.  That is not a one day job! And, it’s a job I want no part of!  I don’t want to help . . I don’t even want to be in town when Vince does it.  But, being the nice wife that I am,  I helped for a while . . maybe 2 hours.  My way of thinking is . . if you pick up something and can’t figure out what it is or what it goes with, toss it!  Vince’s way of thinking is . . save it forever because some day you may be looking for it but in the unlikely event that happens, we can never find it.  We remember that we saw it and we saved it and we look for days and then we go buy a new one anyway because we couldn’t find the old one.  I’d much rather say “Oh heck!  We saw it but we threw it out so let’s go buy a new one!” and not waste days looking for something we’ll never find.

As soon as Vince realized I was tossing things, he began going through the trash and that was the end of my helping with the garage.

I came in and started sewing and after a while, he came downstairs with a card of fabric samples he had found in the garage.  Samples he loves!

Enlarge the picture!  He wants a quilt out of just those fabrics .. nothing else!  NO!  Those are pretty fabrics but (1) they’re not my favorite and (2) they need something else with them .. not just a quilt out of those fabrics.  So, Vince said “Fine!  I’ll make my first very quilt out of these fabrics . . on my very own sewing machine!”  And I’m thinking . . make darned sure you set your sewing room up in the pole barn because I am not sharing my sewing space!  🙂


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    Glenda in Florida says

    Just a bit of advice to the first time quilter–those fabrics are directional, and will be harder to work with, if you are bothered by things not being lined up just right–ROFLOL!

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    Doesn’t his smile just melt your heart Judy!
    I think you’re right to keep strict division of labour – Judy quilts : Vince cleans out the garage… I am also in possession of a hoarder husband – I could so relate to what you were saying. The problem is that you can’t clear anything up if they refuse to part with anything… it just becomes a slightly tidier pile of junk you don’t need…. I resort to the black garbage sack when my husband is away – and you know, up till now he never even realized…can’t be too drastic though…
    best wishes,

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      Phyllis says

      i had that fabric in green years ago. It is doutful that he will ever find it now. Also, it was some of that really stiff stuff that came from a BIG Box store.

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    Hahahaha, what did I tell you! Actually I think you two would have a ball putting your heads together and quilting! I’m all for hubby/wife shared hobbies!

    That is a priceless picture of Vince, I’d frame it!

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    Amy says

    I’m suprised that you don’t like those (based on colors) because they are tonal…

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    Cynthia says

    I was afraid this was going to happen after reading the post about going to MQS. Good luck. And look on the bright side, if he takes up quilting maybe you’ll get your dream home- with one more addition- Vince’s quilting studio.


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    Julianne says

    Tell him that his quilting studio must be in the garage..He has to clean out the garage to get to make his quilt.

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    Load EQ7 on his computer with only those fabrics and tell him to have at it. Make all the quilts he wants out of just those fabrics, in the garage. 😉
    I think that picture is so cute, I might print it and frame it for myself!!

    Thanks for starting my day off with a smile.

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      Are you kidding? I can only have 2 computers activated and I use 4 different computers. I’m not about to give him one of my activations! 🙂 He can buy his own EQ!! Poor Vince!

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    Michelle says

    that would be a very very bright quilt, but I could see it being kinda neat if you used contrasting colors. Just think of it as a quilt made of solids instead of patterns.

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    Becky R says

    Now how in the world could you turn down a sweet face like that! Searching for that fabric would keep him busy for a good while because as others have said, it probably is not out there now.

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    pdudgeon says

    i’m guessing that it was the greens and browns that he loved the most, along with that clamshell pattern.

    so tell him to pull about 6 greens, tans, browns, and a black from your stash, and cut and sew them into strips. if he manipulates them bargello fashion (which is easy to do) he can get the same look. then quilt the top with an overall clamshell pattern and he should love it!

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    Judy, Don’t let him have your sewing space. I’ve heard that if you give a man an inch he thinks he’s a ruler.

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    Cindy P says

    I texted you yesterday from here in Rogers and no thanks on the sushi recommendation, btw. Thanks for thinking of me though . I don’t need sushi, I have a Krispy Kreme across the street.

    Yesterday I sat with Denielle (sp) from Harrisonville and she said you were going to give a program and workshop up there in October. I warned her of how mean you were and how you would just drive them unmercifully at the workshop. No talking allowed and no laughing especially! She took notes and promised she would warn the group.

    She had to go home last night (maybe because she had to sit next to me at the workshop!), but I also met Mary Jo from Iowa and she loves you too. She said to say hi.

    I hope Mary Jo will sit by me today because we had a really good time.

    They asked me if you would ever go to a workshop like this one and I just laughed and laughed.

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    Jane says

    LOL oh Judy!!! a) I can relate to his hoarding….I’m trying to clean out my basement and well, I am trying to get into the mindset “if you haven’t used it or thought about it in a year get rid of it!”. b) not sure about his desire to make his own quilt….might be a good thing or a very, very bad thing! lol And c) gotta love the green t-shirt!!!!!!

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    If Vince is anything like my DH he will start the quilt. . . .ask you a million questions. . . . and then, when the quilt is half finished, forget about it.

    As for the garage, I can relate to that as well!! We suffered a basement flood over a year ago which required that we clear everything out & have the clean-up/restoration company come in.

    My thought was to clear out the “junk” while everything was outside in the PODS unit. . . but that didn’t happen.

    Now I’ve gone through my side of the basement so that we can get through to the gas meter easier. I wanted to get started on his side but he won’t let me. . . because he wants to make sure that I don’t throw anything out that is “special”.

    Great picture of Vince, though. . . . but don’t say we didn’t warn you!!! he he he he

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    I had to laugh but then I got a bit nervous as I suspect my husband intends to learn EQ7 when it gets here….and after that, I might have a quilting hubby, too. YIKES!!! Do keep us posted if Vince proceeds with this idea of his….LOL

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    Awww But he looks so sweet and innocent!!! lololololol

    My Hubby wont dare touch anything sewing related (Thank God!!) He is too hyper for one thing and would not have the first clue on where to start. If he ever did want to start quilting, I’m with you on the whole going out to the pole barn thing even if I had to refinance my house to build him one I would lololol.

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    I let my husband help me hand quilt because he really wanted to quilt. That one was going to be for a quilt show. I went shopping and when I came home he informed me that he accidently cut a sizeable hole in the top of the quilt while clipping a thread! The quilt is finished but will never see a quilt show! So if Vince wants to quilt tell him to get his own space, by all means, even if does look really cute holding those sample cards!

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    Ida says

    Do you read the Kansas City Star’s Mrs. Bobbins? 🙂 Her husband has started quilting.

    My DH did it, too! One weekend while I was away for a ‘girls weekend’ he designed and sewed his own quilt. He used an old (simple) machine that I had — he had to oil it, etc. in order to begin, but that appealed to the ‘manly’ side.

    He did his quilt designing and figuring yardages on paper.

    I’ll have to share a pic of his quilt. [It’s based on a quilt that I fell in love with in Golden, CO after a visit to the RMQM.]


  19. 20


    Awwwwwwwwwww…look at that smile!!

    I can picture you and Vince side by side at your sewing machines just sewing away.

  20. 21


    I am happy to say that I know my hubby will NEVER threaten to make his own quilt, LOL. That innocent look on Vince’s face, how could you resist not making him a quilt though? hehe 🙂 Maybe tell him you can make it IF you can throw some solids in there too……….

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      Sandy says

      Hilarious, Judy! I can just see Vince quilting in the pole barn. I wouldn’t want to share my space (or sewing machine or tools….or fabric!) either, lol. I sure hope if he follows thru in making a quilt you will post it for us to see.

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    I’m pretty sure I bought a pack of fabrics like those at JoAnn’s. I am using them to make a Bento Box quilt – a simple pattern that might be simple enough for Vince (and me). It’s not too hard to find companion fabrics to go with them. Good luck, Vince!

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    Awwwwwwwwwww…look at that smile!!

    I can picture you and Vince side by side at your sewing machines just sewing away.

  23. 25

    Connie says

    Once he starts quilting Judy, life will not be the same. My DH started quilting with a passion and now that rascal is better, and far more proflic than I am! I went to a quilt store last week and picked up some fabric for a project I was working on and he wanted to know if I bought him anything…laughing. It really isn’t that bad, but will be a lot better when I buy him his very own pins so he quits running off with mine.

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    Cathy Stoddard says

    Gotta love a man that wants to sew – anything! My dear hubby – wouldn’t take a million for him – is still trying to figure how to install a bandsaw blade on the Gammill – LOL!!! He is not opposed to helping me in any way – has taken down & moved the longarm multiple times and does it with the utmost care – partly because he loves me & partly because he knows how much it would cost to replace it………. He treats the quilt shops like they are a lingerie shop or the dreaded “feminine products” aisle in the grocery store.
    Just think – maybe you and Vince will the next quilting darlings with your own TV show and magazine!!!