The Temptation Was Too Great

When we built the fence around our two garden areas, we put metal chicken wire about 3′ up and then went with the plastic mesh wire for a total of about 6′ around the kitchen garden and about 10′ around the big garden.  The metal chicken wire is to keep the rabbits out.  They will chew right through the plastic fencing.  The deer don’t chew . . they just jump.

Last weekend we were eating in the breakfast room and I looked out on the deck and there was a rabbit!  He’d gone up 5 steps and was on the deck trying to figure out how to bypass the fence around the kitchen garden.  He could have crawled between the spindles and jumped down about 3 feet down into the garden but he then he could not have gotten out of the fence.  I really thought he was going to jump so I went out and shooed him off.  He was in no hurry to leave either.  Lettuce, basil, parsley . . yummmm!

Yesterday I went out to get parsley and guess who had jumped down into the garden from the deck and couldn’t get out.

Maybe I’ll just hide behind one of these wimpy plants and she won’t see me!

I must get out of this fence!  Surely I can chew through this wire fence!

How on earth did I get in here?  I want OUT!

I figured he got himself in . . he could get himself out but after a few pictures, I opened the gate and let him out.  Vince thinks he’ll remember the trauma and not come back.  I think he isn’t that smart and will be back real soon.


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    ida says

    It might not be pretty, but perhaps adding some chickenwire to the outside of the deck railing (where the bunny jumped from) might be prudent.

  2. 4


    Waskalie Wabbits!!! They sure are pretty but ohhh so pesky! We use them for exercise for the dogs. They never catch them but they sure run after them!!! 🙂

  3. 8

    Denise says

    I’m betting he’ll be back and instead of just waiting for you to open the gate to let him out, he’ll be wanting you to open it to let him in too! LOL

    • 8.1


      Great story! My yard is fenced, but the bunnies know exactly where to slip under the fence. You’ll have to let us know if he returns.

  4. 12


    I agree that you’ll need to put chicken wire on the part of the deck railing where good old Peter Rabbit figured out how to jump down into the garden. VERY hard to “outfox” these critters!

  5. 14


    Poor baby in rabbit jail…just what did he do to deserve this, LOL!! He needs out of your lovely garden for sure!!

  6. 15


    I think you should just leave him there, and try and catch a few more, and have rabbit stew for dinner!

  7. 17

    ruth anne says

    It is truly Peter Rabbit’s grandson, of so many times!!! Sure reminds me of that story. He probably lost his jacket somewhere else.