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    Good morning from Michigan! Not sure how I managed to be first up today, but it just happened. I really like your Tiger trails and we’ll see if I can hang in for at least 1 day with your QoV quilt along… Thanks for hosting design wall Monday!

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    I’ve got some charity quilts I’m working on on ‘my design floor’ this week! Trying to get them done before school gets out in 4 days!

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    Diane says

    Hey Judy. the quilt on your wall is looking great. I need a few, no a lot, more hours in the day too.

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    I chose a UFO that was a Quilt show challenge that needs some help from my BLOG visitors this week. My Design walls are over flowing so I had to hang this one over the door with shirt hangers. The 3-D flowers are the Challenge fabric. I hope to join the quilt a long this week-end too. I know I have some R,W & B that needs to leave my stash… How can I resist having a quilt quilted by Judy L for a good cause??

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    Looking good, Judy! I wish I could participate in the Memorial day, but as you say there is not enought time. But I’ll make a couple of blocks for our Soldiers Angels to be in the spirit of the event.

    My design wall got added to the stash report in error. Can you go in a remove that one?


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    Judy – I love the colors of this quilt, Your productivity amazes and inspires me to get things done. Thanks for the proverbial kick in the pants – LOL. My design wall is pretty full and I have some issues to deal with but my plan is to get this together by the end of the week —

    carol fun

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    Hi Judy,
    I could certainly do with some more hours in my day too – so if you find the secret, please share! You achieve so much though I’m sure you must already know! Tiger Trails is looking good – which border have you decided on?
    Best wishes from over the pond and a little further….

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    Nothing at the moment but we did have our very first chick hatch this weekend. An adorable Polish chick with the cutest pom pom on its head!

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    I love your Tiger Tails quilt, and am on my way over to get Part 1 of the instructions. I need to go check out my stash and see what I have that will work. Mine will be more “stashy” so we will see what happens next.

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    I got my blocks all done so I just need to assemble them Tuesday. Should be easy for me because I’m not planning how to add another kitchen to my house:)