Ready for Mr. Rabbit

Sunday afternoon Vince had out the chicken wire and electrical ties.  What that man can’t do with those two things plus a little PVC pipe!  🙂

He’s so happy to do all his chores.  He told me my name should’ve been “I Want!” instead of Judy because I’m always wanting something.  I told him that I’m betting a whole lot of people think I’m a good wife and he said “More people think I’m a good husband!”  And I said . . you’re probably right!  🙂

I can see why that rabbit was so determined to get into my garden! Look at that lettuce!  Can you see the radishes under there too?  We’re eating so much lettuce and radishes . . and we can’t keep up.

One more little section to add.

And unless the rabbit can climb a 6′ fence, I believe the kitchen garden is officially rabbit proof!

Thank you Vince!  🙂


  1. 1

    Dawn says

    what a guy! GO VINCE! LOL
    take that you wrascally wrabbit!

    your garden looks lovely. we are just starting to plant up north here. Can’t wait for a nice fresh tomato from the garden.mmmmmmmmm

    Dawn in MA

  2. 3


    I think it would have to be a very odd (OR extremely huge) rabbit who could now get into that garden!!! Yay for Vince!!!

  3. 4


    You know Judy, as a little side income stream, you should have some green “Vincent Fan” tshirts made up and sell them here… LOL

  4. 5


    I want a t-shirt!!! CJ, that’s funny!

    What a sneaky way to get stuff done Judy. Are you telling him he needs to do it so you can take his picture for the blog? 😉

    Your garden looks lovely. I want warm weather so I can plant my garden, do you think Vince can make happen that for me???

  5. 6


    You are right – he must be putting that Engineering degree to work!! Wrangler Man is jealous that you already have produce to eat – we just got ours planted!

  6. 8

    Gale says

    What a guy! Judy says I want and he jumps to do it. And not only that, he has a smile on his cute face! He’s a keeper, Judy. Heck, if I were you I’d even make him a quilt out of those ugly fabric samples he found.

  7. 9


    I want a Vince t-shirt too!! He sure is a keeper – I’m glad that the two of you found each other! And Chad is a lucky young man to have parents like you!

  8. 12


    Maybe the two of you should have green shirts made alike and label yourself “The Green Team”, lol. You are very fortunate to have Vince and he is very fortunate to have you! As for Chad, Do you think he realizes how very lucky he is to have the two of you as parents?