Tasteless Berries

Our mulberries are totally tasteless this year.  Not sweet.  Not sour.  Nothing!!  And, there’s a bumper crop.  The birds won’t eat them.  The chickens won’t eat them.  The deer won’t eat them.  The rabbits won’t eat them.  The ground is covered in tasteless mulberries.

Even the chicken hospital is covered in mulberries.

I will be so glad when they’re gone!  And I hope next year, they’re sweet again.


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    Now THAT’S a real BUMMER!! I’m not trying to “rub it in” but our mulberries are absolutely delicious this year (and the huckleberries, too.). I don’t understand why the critters won’s eat them… squirrels have been running rampant in our tree.


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      Rub it in Kathy. Next thing I know you’re going to tell me you have a fig tree and will have ripe figs in a month or so. If so, I’m coming to see you!

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        Yep, and yep… actually we have 4 HUGE fig trees, but the coons, possums, and birds usually get most of them. But if you want to come get some, I will keep them chased off until you can make it here… This is the least the president of your fan club could do for you! 🙂


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    I wonder what happened. I’ve never heard of that before…I’ve heard of too sweet or too sour, but not totally tasteless….very unusual, that’s for sure!

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    Jo says

    Dear Judy,

    I’m curious, have your mulberries returned to being sweet since this post? I have a tree that has never had tasty berries in the 4 years it has fruited. One year it was so dry they all fell off, another year it was too wet and the others were neither way. The tree is now on the ‘chop’ list unless I can find an answer to making them tasty. Any help appreciated.

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      We’ve been gone for two years. We did have one year when they were sweet but I can’t remember if it was before or after I wrote that post.

      • Jo says

        Thanks Judy. I’ve been told that a high potassium fertiliser could do the trick so I’ll give that a go before condemning the tree to the chainsaw!