Always Someone Dropping By

It’s a wonder my chickens can find time to lay eggs.  They’re always having company.  They get daily visits from the bunnies and the squirrels but here are a few visitors they also receive from time to time.

Look at the chickens looking at the turtles.  They don’t have a clue what to think about them.

Good things my girls aren’t superstitious . . a black cat!  The stray cats don’t ever bother the chickens.  I’m surprised but happy about that.  They couldn’t get to them but they could scare them.  The cats seem to ignore the chickens.

Of course, these guys are around almost all day almost every day.  The chickens watch them but the deer never pay any attention to the chickens.

My chickens are lucky to have so many friends drop by, don’t you think?


  1. 2

    Dawn says

    You know the logo California makes happy cows? well Judy makes happy chickens. LOL

    My dad’s chickens are taking a vacation from laying. grrrrr…..
    nice to see the animals “playing nice with each other”.

    Dawn in MA

  2. 3


    You have the most spoiled chickens. It’s like they’re living at the Hilton, friends visiting and room service.. All they need now is valet parking and they got it made.

  3. 4

    Deb says

    Maybe they are celebs in the animal world, and everyone wants a piece of them…! (Hopefully not literally…)

  4. 5


    You certainly get a nice variety of wildlife, Judy. I hope those bunnies have been staying out of your kitchen garden since Vince wired up the deck and stairway. We just get raccoons, possum, and squirrels in our back yard, but Ozzie tried desperately to keep them all at bay. One of the squirrels makes a game of taunting him so he barks up a storm. I’ll bet my neighbors just love me!!

  5. 6

    patti says

    while they’re looking at the turtles, they’re probably (especially matilda) trying to figure out how to lay on them so they hatch!
    BIG eggs!

  6. 7

    myrna sossner says

    All this talk of agriculture … I sprinkled a few lettuce seeds in a window box and after waiting a week or so, three little green seedlings poked their way up. Every day I go out and check to see if there is anything big enough to pick.
    I should be so lucky! I now have one tiny leaf. The rest have totally disappeared! Here in urban West Palm Beach, FL I KNOW there are NO bunnies … My best suspect is the squirrels I see running up and down the light poles, and scampering along the electric wires. And to think I used to garden in NYC as a Green Guerilla!

  7. 8

    Cathy Stoddard says

    Your girls are so popular Judy! Aren’t you glad you raised them up to such a wonderful social status?