Stash Report – May 30, 2010

In order to keep up with the Memorial Day Challenge, I knew it would be a tough week.  What I didn’t know when I started was that Vince was going to take off work half a day Thursday and all day Friday . . or that he would want me to go to Joplin on Thursday or that he would want to go to Kansas City on Friday.  So, for those of you rushing to stay caught up with this project, or to get your tops finished by June 6, I know how you feel!  I don’t like feeling rushed and I felt very rushed.  My goal was to stay one day ahead of the instructions so I could make sure there were no major errors in the pattern.  I did get caught up and my top is finished, as of 10 p.m. Saturday night.

It was worth all the hustle and bustle to get it finished.  The patriotic version is even better than the purple and gold version!  Here’s what I chose for the backing:

Nothing patriotic jumped out of the stash and said “pick me”.  I saw several patriotic prints trying to hide behind other prints but I have a real hard time using fabrics that I love for backings.  I shouldn’t but I do.  The old cars will be a good backing for a man quilt.  I have enough of this fabric left to make a pillowcase or two.

What was used in this project is all I used this week:

Used this Week:  13 yards
Used year to Date: 298.50 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 148 yards
Net Used for 2010: 150.50 yards

Here’s the breakdown of what I worked on:

Please share with us how you did this week.  Thanks!


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    Great quilt! Someday I will be able to make these quilts when you post instructions day by day – it’s so nice of you!

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    I’ve just started your Memorial Day challenge although I’ve been printing out the directions each day. I had to finish another quilt by Sat., but now I’m going to try my best to finish this one by June 6th!

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    Love your MDQ! And the backing fabric is almost too cool for a backing – but you’re right: it makes for a great man quilt! Still finishing up my MDQ – your instructions were great, but apparently I can’t count any longer and constantly were a few pieces short…
    Just got a question about sending a backing: do you have a special way of sewing your backing together or would you rather have 2 fabric pieces (which size?) sent to you?
    Thanks again – it was (and still is) a great pattern and I loved following it – even though under pressure!

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      Barb, I answered this in an email to you. You don’t have to send a backing unless you just want to do so.

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    I am so happy you did this challenge. I have been meaning to make a QOV all year and this is my first one. This pattern is very cool and a great quilt for a wounded soldier! I will quilt my own and send it to Alicia. Thanks for this push! Happy Memorial Day!

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    Great Quilt, Great Cause. I never tire of your quilts Judy…just wish I could make them all. The quilt I made from the GSQA Class, “Peaches and Dream”, will be on its way to LSU in the Fall with my niece Maria.

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      I hope in some way it lets them know they’re loved, appreciated and admired by those of us who sit at home knowing we’re being protected by those way braver than me!

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    The quilt is fantastic and the directions concise. I only wish I was able to make one in time but alas life keeps taking me away from my sewing room. Besides I am turtle slow.

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    I knew I wouldn’t have time for a whole quilt this weekend (yours is beautiful, Judy) so I made a two block quilt unit for a future Soldier’s Angels quilt our guild will be putting together. You can see it at my blog.

    Love the backing, Judy – a good choice.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Your MDQ really turned out nice. I hope you keep the instructions on your side bar for a while. I do want to make one for our local QOV this year. As mentioned, my graduation gift quilt is almost finished. It’s on the frame.
    Here is my stash report. I’m headed in the right direction, finally. Dar
    Bought this Week: 2 yards
    Used this Week: 12.54 yards
    YTD Added: 41 yards
    YTD Used – 60.29 yards
    Net for 2010 – 19.29 yds

    Net Used for 2010: 150.50 yards

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    Darlene S says

    Oops. I had copied your results and didn’t get it all erased. Sorry. I Wish the last NET used was MY results !!

  10. 17


    I love this RWB version too. I plan on getting my RWB rail fence quilted when I get home and it will heqd to Alycia eventually too.

  11. 18


    Judy, I’m with you as far as anything with Cherries is great! I Love it too. Lost our internet and just got it back. Wanted to do the QOV with you but since the computer connection has been down and so much else going on here, It’ll have wait until another time, who knows, perhaps the timing will be better too.
    The fabric for Vince’s quilt looks great, you must have helped with the selections. Stay well.