Design Wall Monday – May 31, 2010

I took the purple and yellow blocks down to finish the Memorial Day Challenge but have now put the purple and yellow blocks back up so my wall picture from last week is the same as this week.  I hope by the end of today, this top is finished.

What’s on your design wall?


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    I really like this quilt design, Judy. It came out looking so nice in the red, white and blues. I think it would look good in any colour combination. Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Memorial Day to my American neighbours!

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    Susan Torrens says

    This pattern looks great in all colour combinations! Thanks for sharing.

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    Happy Memorial Day! Today is kind of a tribute to my Mother and Father. Mom loved Red roses and Dad grew them for her. Go see my 3 blocks that I’ve made with Jackie Robinson’s Red Roses fabric line and vote for your favorite.

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    Thanks for hosting these Design Wall Mondays. It forces me to finish projects instead of letting them go into UFO status.

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    After having looked at blue-red-wite for the last week, it is refreshing to see your purple – yellow variation on your design wall! Love the pattern!
    I am getting there, slowly, but I should get the my MDQ out to you on Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s the plan – and the pressure is on again. Thanks for another design wall Monday & thanks for the MDQ. I was thinking to hopefully make it a new tradtion in my house from now on to get a QoV done around Memorial Day! This is my very first QoV, so we’ll see. Hope you’ll leave the pattern on your website – for next year!

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    I’m working on a pineapple blossom for my daughters co-worker. She wanted my Morning splash quilt– NOT- that one is for me. My daughter is stationed in Maine at the moment, so asked if I would make a purple-ish quilt for her co-worker. The friend offered to pay, I have never charged a military friend yet!!!

    Judy, thank you for all your hard work on keeping us is “line” with all of our stash and whats on the design wall projects.

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    Loving everyone’s creativity! Judy-The Memorial Day pattern is wonderful. I had too much going on the make it, but I will keep it in mind! Thanks all for the great eye candy!

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    Denise says

    Oops sorry Judy – posted stashbusting report on the design wall link – not a blasted thing on my design wall today. I’m going to have to get going on something.

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    Did the same thing – put up a quilt that was once on the design wall. A little further along now. A chance to win some scraps when you look at my wall – LOL this is if you want scraps. Mind they multiply before you know it.

    Have a great week,