Memorial Day Quilting

My big plans for the day — get the purple/yellow top sewn together; get the Memorial Day Challenge quilted and bound.

Vince’s big plans for the day — go to Pittsburg, KS, eat at the Chinese restaurant I don’t like; go to Big Lots while I wait in the car because I refuse to go in there; go to Dillon’s because it’s a real grocery store; go to Home Depot just to send me over the edge . . in case all the other stops didn’t do it!  🙂

I’m beginning to fear the retirement years!

At first I said no!  I don’t want to go anywhere.  I don’t like the Chinese restaurant.  I don’t like going to Big Lots.  I don’t need anything from the grocery store.  We spent 2 hours in Home Depot in Joplin on Thursday!  But then that little voice that always gets me in trouble said .. Be nice and go with him!  He works so hard and you can play any day! That little voice needs to learn to say no too!

So, I stopped quilting and went to the Chinese restaurant, where the people sitting at the next booth had a DOG under their table.  They pretended it was a service dog but neither of them seemed to need any help getting around.  The dog stayed under the table while they both made numerous trips to the feeding trough.  I guess the dog under the table was no worse that the guy sitting across from me last time we were there.  I won’t go into details about his one tooth and the way he chewed with his mouth open!

At Big Lots, I sat in the car . . even though it was 120º outside (or so it seemed).

At Dillons, I did find a few things I could use.  Gnocchi for one thing . . can’t get that here and I have that on the menu for this week.

I’ve figured out the way to get Vince to stop taking me places is to spend $$ every time we go somewhere.  So, today while at Home Depot, I dragged him to look at new carpet for the living room and then went to the kitchen area to show him that maybe I’d rather have granite than formica on the new counter top.  Seriously, I will not have granite but if every time he wants to go to Home Depot, he thinks it might cost him $$, he’ll stop taking me there.

The purple and yellow top was never touched.  The Memorial Day Challenge top was quilted but the binding didn’t get done.

Tomorrow . . Tuesday . . Vince goes back to work.  I will sew all day!


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    Ahhhh……the things we do for love. I think your strategy to be left at home is very clever. Please let us know if it works.

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    David and I just read your post Judy and we want to hear about the guy last time with only one tooth! Did you happen to get a pic?

    about that service dog – I recently saw a movie where a lawyer had one – in the movie “My Sister’s Keeper” which is very very good… and the dog was with him everywhere he was to seance when a seizure was coming on and bark and warn him… maybe the couple had a similar problem?

    Like you – I’m looking forward to tomorrow = David goes back to work and we can play 🙂 Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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      Oh, I guess it could have been something like that. The dog was so old, he barely got around but the people were in that same boat too. No, I am not telling the story about the guy with one tooth! And, no, I did not get a picture.

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    Michelle B says

    I am hard of hearing and people do not notice that I can’t hear well until they talk to me. I also had a service dog for 12 years. He was my hearing dog and he alerts me to some sounds. So maybe one of them was deaf or it could have been a seizure alert dog. It is also required that the dog wear some kind of vest to let the public know not to pet the dog and that it is working. Did the dog have any vest on? If not then they are prolly pretending its a service dog.

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      No vest! He had just a regular leash and it was all dirty and worn out looking. He could have been a service dog for some reason I didn’t know . . none of my business really, but he just looked like a very old and dirty pet.

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    Sharon says

    No comment on all those other things – only on your choice of counter tops. When you say “formica”, I presume you mean laminate. Instead of limiting your choice to granite or laminate, why not look at something in between? There are several companies making solid surface counter tops now – similar to Corian – and they are really, really nice. There may even be a Formica brand solid surface. (But maybe that’s what you meant in the first place.)

    • 4.1


      I’ve never understood why it was better to pay 3 or 4 times as much for something that will do basically the same thing. I’m sure I’m in the minority but I prefer the look of laminate or formica — whatever it’s called. And, if I get tired of it after 8 or 10 years, I don’t mind changing it out for another color. I have laminate in my main kitchen so I’m not inclined to make a basement kitchen, as with every other kitchen I’ve ever had and I’ve had no complaints at all. As much as I cook and having had no problems with what I have, I’m perfectly happy to use the same thing again.

      • Sharon says

        I guess part of the reason I dislike laminate so much is because I had to live with a big round heat spot and black cuts for so many years. It helps if you don’t have company and/or family that abuse your counter tops. I love the Wilsonart solid surface counter tops I finally got three years ago.

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    Judy, you are a wise woman! A little give and take makes for a happy marriage – and it certainly sounds like you have that!
    My husband has finally decided that it’s better to go to DIY stores by himself, because then he can take as long as he likes. I know how he feels as I hate going to a fabric store and having someone tapping their foot waiting for me.
    On the dog front – you’d die in Switzerland. They are allowed everywhere except the grocery store and cinema. There are always dogs in our restaurants – often not terribly well-behaved ones. Strange really because most other things are forbidden or highly regulated!!
    Enjoy your day for you today!!
    Helen xx

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    I get very little sewing done on the weekend…I spend that time with the hubby…it’s a small thing to do for the chance at the whole weeks worth of sewing while he is at work…
    I do get tired of following him around Lowes, but I do look at things and see how they could work in the sewing room..LOL

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    I think all women dread, to some extent, the retirement years. The husband thinks oh, goody wifey is going to help him with all these projects he’s been dreaming of and they are going to go here, there and everywhere. While at the same time the wife is trying to figure out how she’s going to get all her work done, cook that extra full meal he now expects at noon, be his gofer and still find some time for the things she enjoys. I know of a couple women who dropped out of all their outside activities when their husbands retired just so they could be at his beck and call. Ain’t happening here, I tell you!!

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    Hi Judy, I need a week with Vince I love to shop ! Chris and I arrived in the USA Saturday night and hit the shops running Sunday morning, luckily he also likes to shop, but got a bit fed up being dragged around JoAnn fabrics. We are now in the middle of Wyoming and not a shop or person in sight, we have to go out today and find shops!
    Happy Room Diana

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    I have finally stopped going with Brian to the DIY stores. I would rather sit in the car and read or do a crossword puzzle. He drives me everywhere (this is called retirement) – I detest it when I go to the fabric store and I know he’s in the car waiting for me. I feel like I have to hurry up. This last weekend he drove me to JoAnn’s and Hancock Fabrics so I could do the 50% off notion wall and the 99 cent patterns. It was a hurry up trip on my part – no fabric shopping!! And, I’d check out Corian – I love mine, no chipping, no staining, no maintenance! Only a thought….

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    Rebecca says

    Curious minds want to know…what did you do in the 120* car? I know you couldn’t just sit and stare out the window!

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    Sally in St. Paul says

    As to the trip to HP- I always carry my applique or binding, or my current book, or my ipod with me when I know there is going to be “down time.” To me, it’s like bonus time when I know nothing is going to divert me from doing something I enjoy. I will volunteer to go with Vince next time he needs a Home Depot trip- I have two bindings that need to be completed.

    As to countertops – I have Silestone- cheaper than granite, wears well, no maintenance, and looks lovely.

    As to dogs- same situation in Czech Republic- although everyone seems to have very small dogs who go places with them.

    As to retirement- I work with many “retired” people. It seems that most of them have part-time jobs- and then they aren’t under each other’s feet all day long. Perhaps Vince could go to work at Home Depot or Big Lots after he retires-sounds like he enjoys both stores.

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    ROTFL – Judy – I use the same strategy or I’d be at Harbor Freight evey week! But Big Lots – I go in there – you never know what they have. One time, my mom went with my dad and they had a Singer Serger for $20 – a very basic model but she does alterations and her industrial was broken. She bought it and got years of use from it. I went another time with my DH and while he was looking around the garden area I discover this very pricey yarn that was cheap! Got some for a song for my neighbor – so you never know what they have.