June Mystery – Clue #1

Time for the mystery to begin!

Using the 6-1/4” background squares (A) and the 3-3/8” colored squares (B), using the method described below, make 4 flying geese units per color. Use Patti Anderson’s method for making no waste flying geese. You can find those instructions here. Where she uses blue, you will use background. Where she uses yellow, you will use your colored squares.

Make 18 sets of 4 flying geese.

Using the 3-1/2″ background squares (C) and 3-1/2″ colored squares (D), make half square triangles. Square to 3″.

You will need sets of four of each color. You need a total of 18 sets of 4 (or 72 half square triangles).  The picture below shows the flying geese and half square triangles grouped together in the 18 sets.

Sew two half square triangles together. Make 2 per color. Make a total of 36 of these units.

Sew two units together to create a pinwheel type unit. Fan the center seam.  If you need help with fanning your seam, you can read about it here.

Make 18 of these units.  Label as Unit 1 and set aside.  Next clue will be posted on June 8.


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    Hi Judy – Before I make a big mistake……and I know this may sound dumb, but on the half square triangles – do I draw a line down the middle of the 3 1/2″ squares and sew a scant 1/4″ and cut in half. Thanks for the mystery quilt along – Kristi

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    Ok, I am behind in my prepping for this but plan to get caught up. Assembling fabric now and getting ready to cut! Looks good so far, Judy. Love the no waste method for the geese.