iPod, iPad, I Don’t Know!

The iPad came out and it’s the second time in the past year or so that I’ve really wanted to want something but just couldn’t make myself want it enough to get it.  I’ve talked to several people who have them and love them and I know I would love one if I got it too but I just don’t love it enough to get it.  I kept thinking . . if I were going out of town for a week or so,  what would I leave at home if I got the iPad.

I wouldn’t leave behind my my camera.  Even though my cell phone has a camera, I still love having my Sony pocket size camera. I wouldn’t leave behind my cell phone.  I think that doesn’t even need an explanation.  I wouldn’t leave behind my GPS.  Lately it’s given such bad directions, I might have to re-think that but I feel very confident having the GPS.  I wouldn’t leave behind the iPod.  It plugs right into my car and charges while it plays through my radio.  The iPad might do that too but things in my car tend to get a Dr. Pepper bath every now and then.  They tend to get dropped sometimes . . the iPads are way more expensive than the iPod but I really should take better care of my iPod.  I wouldn’t leave behind the Kindle.  Yes, the iPad is also a reader but I’ve heard it’s a bit hard to read in the sunlight.  The Kindle isn’t and often I’m sitting outside reading when having down time while out of town.  I wouldn’t leave behind the laptop because it has EQ and Photoshop and . . well, it has everything!  Along with all those “things” comes cords!  Electric cords, USB cords . . way too many cords.

So, I came to the conclusion I didn’t need an iPad.  What I decided I needed was an iPod Touch.  I have a very old iPod . . remember the one that was lost for a year?  And I have a newer one that I got when I finally decided I was never going to find the old iPod . . which Vince found in some of his stuff.  There’s rarely a time when I don’t have an iPod either in my pocket with headphones or earbuds or playing in one of the docks.  I didn’t mind getting another iPod so I did.

I love this little thing!  I downloaded an app for making my grocery list.  I take it with me to the grocery store and just check off everything.  I have a list for the local grocery store, for Wal-Mart and for when we go to a city.

And, I downloaded a meal planner app.

This is so useful!  Yesterday when I made two meat loaves, I was able to schedule the second one for June 17.  That’s over 2 weeks away.  I made a note as to which freezer and what container the meat loaf is in.  I can move meals around.  If I’m watching a food show on TV and something looks good, I can just type it into my menu with a note as to the website where the recipe can be found.

Not saying I’ll never get an iPad, and I hear there are some really cool netbooks coming out soon too . . but for now, I’m so happy with my iPod Touch.


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    Thanks for your thought on the Itouch. I’m considering getting one of those also. DH has the Iphone, but I don’t want to pay the service fee each month. I’d rather use the $$$ for quilting:) I miss my old Palm Pilot. Thinking the Itouch would combine my Palm and Ipod. Hmmm…. my birthday is later this month. Maybe…..

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    Me: I want an Ipad
    Kids: MOM..it’s just a big Ipod touch
    Me: I think I want an Ipad
    Kids: MOM, don’t buy a first generation anything
    Me: I don’t think I need an Ipad
    Kids: Just get a touch ….
    Me: ok are you going to gift it to me?
    Kids: silence


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    You know Judy, I don’t get the fascination with the iPad… and I’m a gadget whore! It’s too big to stuff in your purse… it falls way short of being a laptop, to me it’s basically worthless.

    Now as for that iTouch… well I have an iPhone and that’s the same thing, plus a phone. I love those features, and I LOVE my grocery store app! There are also fabric calculating apps! If you love the iTouch, maybe you might want to consider swapping your BlackBerry for an iPhone, so you have one device instead of two.

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    beth says

    So what is the name of the Grocery App? I hate iTunes and looking for an app. Just too many to choose from and you have to open each one to see if it looks good and then hope it is!!!

    I have an iPhone, my second…. and they are ok (not nearly as good at information keeping as the Palm)… but they do everything… including movies – which no way the Palm did!!!

    Sure hope the thing will work in South Africa!

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    I was going to say the same thing as CJ. I have the iphone and it does all the same things as the touch and gets rid of the phone as well. If I can find something that combines two of the things I have to carry around all the time anyway, I’m a happy camper

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    I have an Ipod and a Iphone and I keep saying I don’t want the Ipad but it’s getting harder and harder to resist. When using the 3G part you can pull up google maps and use as a gps…but I still can’t see buying one just to play with google maps…

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    Fitzy says

    I AM getting a touch, BUT can’t decide which of the 3 to choose. I am thinking to go with the middle ram size…any recommendations?

    Heard the smaller one only has enough storage for 2 movies, and that just isn’t going to cut it.

    I don’t want to over-buy…because I’m a gadget freak too.

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      In reply to Fitzy, I have the middle size and I love it. The thing is, you can store your movies on your iTunes, and then when you sync your iPod, you can rotate your movies out. 🙂

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    Karen says

    I seem to have become an Apple junkie as well as a gadget geek. I bought the iPad and I have to say I love it. I took it on a trip instead of my laptop – much easier to manage and it fit in my purse. My Kindle took an inadvertant bath – so sad – and it died an untimely death. I was able to download a Kindle app as well as an Amazon app for books – allowed me to move the books from the Kindle to the iPad. Reading from the iBooks app is great – lighted screen and color illustrations.

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    I’ve resisted too Judy – I suspect it may well just be one big expensive gimmick.
    On the ipod touch front – you are getting way scary….you were super organized before….but now….I can’t get over that you are meal scheduling 2 weeks ahead and even know where in the freezer the meal is…..woooooah…..

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    Okay Judy, what was the name of the meal planning app? Cause I think I would like that one. FYI – There is a Facebook app, as well as one for Pandora radio. And Barnes & Noble has an e-reader app, and it’s not just for their “nook” (their answer to the Kindle).

    I love my iPod touch. Enough that I’ve considered getting the iPhone, so I CAN leave my cell phone and camera behind. The iPhone has it all. *Insert sarcastic laughter here*

    And I agree with the never buy a first generation anything. Plus, I’ve been talking with Dale about this. They actually have touch screen tablet PCs out there already. They aren’t “apple” and maybe don’t look as cool as the iPad, but they are able to run more than one application at a time. So, if you are really interested in something like that, you don’t have to be confined to the iPad in your choices.

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    Judy I just bought an IPod Touch yesterday – certainly haven’t learned much yet and haven’t downloaded any apps. The two you mentioned sound great. I don’t even know where to go to download apps. 🙂 But my daughter is coming over to give me a hands-on lesson so I’ll find them maybe. The only other IPod I’ve had was the Shuffle and heaven knows it doesn’t do anything but play music. She swears it’s easy to use and it better be! blessings, marlene

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    I just figured out why I can’t get anything done……I don’t have any technology to help me stay organized, my scraps of paper are just not working anymore!! My DD does have the Touch and she loves it, might just have to put it on my wish list!!!

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    You already know that I love my Touch. So much so that it made me hate my BB because I kept touching the screen and nothing happened.

    If something happened to my Touch, I’d replace it the same day.

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    Cindy B says

    I can wait for the newer versions of IPad to come out, I read it will have a projected keyboard and cell dock and will make laptops obsolete overnight. I have the ITouch. I really like it. I’m always finding an app to use. It’s true, There’s an App for that!

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    I have an iphone and an ipad – but i am a web and iphone/ipad developer, so i have an excuse (and a macbook pro, yes, i have a problem;) ).

    check out the quilting apps for the ipod…some are better than others (as a developer, oh i would love to do something with what you do…). the free ones are oddly so far the best – just know we could come up with some amazing ones, especially with a wish list of features…(a woman can dream!)

    oh, if only equilter did an ipad app…*drool*

    i also use a great shopping list one, called shopshop. set up your regular items, add on the fly, make multiple lists, email them to someone. wonderful.

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    I love, love, love my iPod Touch – hope you do too. I tried out an iPad for 24 hours and it cured me of really, really wanting one. Like you, I won’t say never, but I can say “not right now.”

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    I’ll just tell you from my experience there’s no comparison between a netbook and the iPad. The iPad is SO much easier to use and to SEE. And if something isn’t big enough, you just touch the screen and it is. I was VERY unhappy overall with the netbook. Just my experience.