The Apps I Love

For you Apple users, what’s your favorite App?

The app for my grocery list is Grocery Gadget by Flixoft.  The other is Meal Planner by 2010 InnovaDev.  Meal Planner has a grocery list included but I had already been using the Grocery Gadget list so I have continued with it.  I’m able to keep lists for Wal-Mart, the grocery store, the quilt shop (you know — I could need a black fabric or something to match something!)  🙂  I also have a list for when I go to Kansas City.  There’s always something Vince or I will say “we need to look for this or that when we go to Kansas City” and then when we get there, we say “what were we going to look for when we were here?” and we never can remember.  And, I can email the list to me to print or save in Word or whatever.  Or, I can email the grocery list to Vince and ask him to stop by the grocery store.  He loves to do that for me . . really!

For those who asked what size Touch, I got the 64 MB.  For not so much more $$, the 64 is double the space of the 32.  When I go to Louisiana, I’m always wanting to show mom or friends pictures and it’s so easy to share them with the Touch so I didn’t want to be limited in the space.  And I put all my music on it too so I can carry just this one when I go out of town.  It will plug in to my car radio and charges from there so I love that.

If we can just get Electric Quilt to come up with an app . . I’d never ask for anything else!  🙂

And for those who mentioned getting an iPhone and having one less gadget . . not for me.  Even with the Blackberry, I have to watch my usage when traveling because I want to make sure I have enough battery power for when I need the cell phone.  I don’t want to use my phone for all the things I use the iPod or digital camera for.  And, because I saw myself becoming one of those people who can’t get far from the cell phone, I think when my current contract is up, I’m going back to a plain phone . . no internet, may keep texting . . may not.  Next week AT&T will offer different data plans and I’m going to switch from the unlimited $30 plan to a 200 MB plan for $15.  I love gadgets, I love the BlackBerry, I love the iPhone but I also love the freedom of knowing I can leave home without a gadget in my hand and it’s time for me to prove to myself that I can still do that.


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    I love that Menu Planner app! I haven’t been using it lately because they are remodeling my grocery store and the aisles are all messed up, but I like it’s list feature and how it came empty and I could put all my own recipes and meals in instead of weeding thru 500 recipes my picky family won’t eat.

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    Deb says

    I dont have an iTouch, iPhone, or iPad. I have an OLD iPod. I was going to get a new one, almost bought one. Then I wanted a 32GB iPhone, but didnt want to go to AT&T (husband has it, and I have Verizon, no matter WHERE we are, ONE of us has coveage, we travel a lot) I almost bought a blackberry, and the rumor mill said in June Verizon was going to get iPhones, then I could have it all in one, as we do lots of music and audio books. So I am still hanging in there, waiting for something to break loose. I am sure if I buy a new iTouch now, the iPhone will be released. I wish they would DO IT already, so that I can get on with my updates! The iPad seems like a “bit” much for a “toy” right now, although I am SURE they are COOL.

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    Judy, I just this week renewed my Verizon plan and got a new phone. I got an LG Accolade to replace my Blackberry Curve. The salesclerk was a bit confused, or maybe even slightly distressed that I would give up the Blackberry, he kept steering me over to the smartphone—LOL! I said no thanks, I’m home just enough to check on email, and not gone very far without my laptop—I don’t need email when I go to the grocery store, the fabric store, a friends house or out to dinner or anyplace else. There is nothing that important in my life that I can’ live without email or texting for a whole day. And I just cut the cell phone bill down $30 dollars too! BTW: The LG Accolade has very good review, and is easy to carry and use. I did get a new bright blue cover for it at one of the phone cover places in the mall. To protect it, and make it easier to find when I lay it around on my desk or in my purse. I haven’t download any of the apps you mention to my iPod touch. Going over to take a look now. Thanks!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I just read about AT&T changing it’s data plans. I calculated how much data time I use and I thought it was a lot, but I only use 18mb a month, 20 on the outside and skip about half what I do. We’re both switching to the $15 a month plan too. I do love my blackberry, I don’t know what I did without it.

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    Pat Land says

    Because I love to go to garage sales, my favorite app for the iPhone right now is iGarageSale. You pick a date and a starting place and it finds all the garage sales from Craig’s list and puts pins on a map. If you tap a pin on the map the screen changes to show the actual ad so you know what they are selling. You can refine it by selecting favorites and only showing those on the map.

    I also like the Kindle app for reading a book, Listomni for lists, Word Warp is a fun word game if you need to amuse yourself for a few minutes, I use Gas Buddy to get the cheapest gas in the area. Shop Savvy is great for finding the lowest price on a product, you scan the barcode and it searches the internet and also local stores and tells you who else sells it and the price.

    Amazon’s app is great for reading reviews before I buy the used dvds at yard sales. (also good for reviews of other products)

    I also have a quilting app (Quilt Fab) that will figure out how much fabric you will need after you plug in the block sizes etc. I haven’t used it much though.

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    My favorites… I have one called Dictionary!, then Facebook, myLite (because I go to bed after Dale, and I can’t see in the dark), Fandango, Bejeweled 2, textPlus (so I can text all my friends without using my phone), B&N eReader, and IMDb (movie database, because I always want to know something about the show we’re watching).

    And then, because the girls like to play with my iPod, they have Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Colorful Aquarium Lite, Phineas&Ferb, iColoringBook Lite, iSplume, RotoDoodle Lite, and SuperPoke Pets.

    I also have some teaching apps. Monkey Lunchbox is one of them, then Flash Tables, ABC Animals, and Basic Math. The Dictionary! app is used for school as is the Thesaurs app, and the one called Rhyme Time. 😀

    I love my iPod. 😀

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    My daily go-to apps on my iPod are Facebook, Google (read blogs this way, but a little challenging to comment on them), Weatherbug, and TV Guide (all free!). I did pay 99 cents for a great ball bouncing game called bounce out…way too many house wasted playing that!

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    Oh, and one more you’ve got to try – Pandora – start your own radio station based on music you like, then give the music they play a thumbs up or thumbs down and they further customize your station. I have three stations for my different moods. This is on almost constantly when I am in my sewing room.

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    Deb says

    Oh, and my husband has YELP to find all of the resturants in whatever area he is in, and people who have rated it. It also does a bunch of other stuff, but that is mostly what he uses it for, and it works well, so far.

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    Grocery IQ is the shopping list app I use. I love the CNN news app. Yardage Calc is pretty awesome, there’s a little app called Postage that is a lot of fun if you like to snap and send photos from your phone, I also have QuiltFab.

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    Elaine says

    Are all of these apps free or do you have to pay for them. I know DH would love the one on garage sales, but first he would have to get that phone, but Fathers Day is coming.

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      Pat Land says

      I think I paid $1.99 or $.99 for iGarageSale. Well worth it because you can garage sale anyplace without having to know the area or plan in advance

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    Talked to EQ at Spring Market so don’t hold your breath on an app.

    the thing I like about my iPhone is that I can get my email and use my apps like the map and directions when I’m not at a WiFi hot spot. Since I have the Iphone for that I don’t need 3G on my iPAd.

    I can’t tell you how much more wonderful the iPad is than even the iPhone ( or iPod touch that Keith has) I know not everyone wants the same thing In their electronic devices but my ipPad beats everything else hands down.