Cherries on My Mind

For those who have had fresh sour cherries all your life, you’re lucky!  They don’t grown in the deep south and I had never had fresh picked from the tree cherries.  I can’t stop thinking about them . . really!  At 4 a.m. I woke up and kept thinking about the toast and cherry jam.  I managed to stay in bed til 5 a.m. but then I had to have toast and jam.

Then I got online and ordered myself two cherry trees.  The stoner we had used was borrowed from the owner of the cherry tree so Vince went searching at the antique stores/flea markets in town and found this.

Fasten it down to the counter top or table or whatever . . something you don’t mind getting real messy.  The cherries go in this hole:

You turn the hand crank.

Put a bowl under the little chute at the end and under the middle.  The seeds come out the little chute.   Yes, I just picked it up and it’s cast iron and needs a little cleaning.

The cherries are a bit chopped up when they come out but that’s fine.  Saves me from having to chop them.  If I wanted more whole cherries, I’d use one of the little pitter things that doesn’t destroy the shape of the cherry . . but takes forever.

Using this big stoner took probably an hour to do 25 pounds of cherries.

I found more goodies at the antique store but I have a BIG job that has to be done tonight so . . you’ll have to wait to see what else I found.  Good stuff I tell ya!


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    My Grandma used one just like that. I don’t have cherry trees, but it sure would be good to have it if we ever got some to grow. I can just about taste the cherry pie filling I would make. 🙂

  2. 2

    Elaine says

    I have tasted fresh cherries from the tree, and had cherry jam on toast — just looking at your photo — I could taste them all over again. I am very jealous!!!!

  3. 3

    Pam says

    You are so right. In the South, we don’t have fresh cherries unless we buy them at the store. I just made a cherry pie from bought jarred cherries from Whole Foods.
    Enjoy your fresh cheries for me in the South.

  4. 4

    Carol says

    When my sisters and I were growing up, the neighbor across the street had a sour cherry tree. We would get ourselves organized, pick and pit the cherries and make pies. YUM. Sadly when the house was sold, the new neighbor had the tree cut down because they weren’t interested in it.

  5. 6

    Marie says

    I sure wish my folks would have had a stoner. We pitted the cherries by hand and there were alot of cherries. Mom would can them in quart jars so that pies could be made in the winter, but we also made cherry jelly/jam. How anything can be sweet and sour and taste so good at the same time is beyond me. Wish I could go back to those days!!!!

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    I planted a dwarf Amalden Duke Cherry tree last year. The Japanese beetles love cherry trees so beware of them. I’m in Maine and the beetles invade us in August.
    I won’t expect cherries for 3 years but I got some cherry blossoms this year.
    Oh yes, the deer loved it, too, and chomped off some branches and the top until I put out Irish Spring soap in net bags. They haven’t bothered my dwarf cherry and apples since and they are growing now just fine.
    I can’t wait to eat mine either. Enjoy.

  7. 8

    Michelle Cyr says

    I had choke cherries as a kid and I have no desire to eat any ever again…they make your teeth feel furry! Some one did make a jam from them that I tasted once…it tasted just like a cherry lolipop…not my favorite flavor…

    Never saw a cherry pitter before…always some thing to learn.

  8. 9

    Norma says

    Can’t wait to discover what your other find at the antique store is. Hmmm, is it sewing related?