Worms in the Kitchen

While putting up the cherries yesterday, I noticed Chad walking across the backyard.

He has a bucket of dirt, one of my gardening tools and . . his cell phone.  Chad is always finding a tree of some kind that’s spring up in a flower bed or a pot and he’s transplanting it, trying to save it.  I figured he’d found something and was planting it.

I went about my business in the kitchen and then .. this appeared in the middle of my kitchen floor!

Worms!  Chad had been out digging up worms.  I’m pretty tolerant of a lot of things but . . not worms in my kitchen.  He started downstairs with the bucket and I said “where are you taking those?”  To put in the downstairs fridge!  No! An argument ensued but the worms are not in the fridge . . not yet anyway.

Now let me see if I can figure out when school starts again!  🙂


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    It’s called BAIT!
    Have him put them in a tightly covered plastic container and then they do need to go in the fridge. The stay alive that way. I can’t tell you how many times I have found a container of worms in my fridge. Hey, they are expensive to buy if you go fishing a lot!

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      We often have worms in the downstairs fridge but they’re in a container with a lid . . not just an open bucket of dirty & worms. That was his complaint – they’re expensive when I buy them. Still, an open bucket of dirt is not staying in my fridge.

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    My grandma was an avid fisherwoman, and I learned early on to NEVER open the cottage cheese container in her fridge.

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    Oh yuckeroonie! You did right to draw the line! Just imagine having worms in the fridge – it doesn’t bear thinking about!!!! Why is it that men don’t get it about things like this?

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    Heh. Worms in the fridge were a fact of life in my early years. We would go to the cemetery after dark with flashlights and collect them for bait! =)

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    Hey Judy, I have worms in my basement 🙂 But they aren’t in the fridge. I have a worm bin with red wigglers. They eat our fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags and newspaper. They make lovely worm castings which are really good for your garden……maybe Vince would like a worm bin? He’d build a super duper one, I’m sure 😉

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    Sibyl says

    Reminded me of the time when my sister found loads of earth-worms after it rained. She gathered a big bucket full of them, then presented them to my mother who was diligently sewing with her back to the door. My sister put them right there in front of her on her machines cabinet—talk about someone that jumped out of her skin.

    Hope he gets a good mess of fish. Sure sounds like good eating to me.

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    Deb says

    As of now, I too have worms in the fridge. And Leaches. Luckily, it is the ‘beer” fridge with all the beverages. Which reminds me, I have to change out the water in the leaches. And those are $18 a pound (go figure!) so I want them to LIVE, since I cant get out to fish till tomorrow…Hopw he is catching some more of those crappies. Wish I was….!

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    Dee says

    You just make me laugh. I love your blog. My son is married now but I definitely had worms for fishing in my downstairs fridge and some other kind of tree worms that only showed up in the fall in my freezer. Know how you feel. I don’t touch those things.

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    trina says

    Found myself laughing. I enjoy reading your blog.

    I think now may be a good time to for him to buy a small compact refrigerator just for the worms. I think your summer is going to be plagued with worms. 🙂


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    oh oh…. Vince needs to go shopping…for a little dorm room size fridge for those worms. You know it will happen ALL summer…and vince can get online and check pricing and sales and whatever…and then SHOP!!! Yea for Vince…to be able to SHOP!!

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I can handle worms in the fridge; I too am an avid fisherman, love to catch and eat crappie –but I draw the line on leaches, UCK!! I once had one on my knee as a little girl swimming in a lake and thought I would bleed to death. They are slimey and ugly not to mention sticky.

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    ruth anne says

    Aw, Judy they don’t eat much and they are so useful for fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOl Love this story as I have 2 boys and 3 gsons and this goes on a lot.

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    My boys put them in a chinese food type container one time – did not make my day when I opened it to see what food it was UCK!!!