Harvest Time

OK . . we’re not having a feast . . yet.  The lettuce is about finished.  The remaining radishes have gotten too bit to eat but we got tons of them and I have a new batch planted.  The basil is doing great.  There are zucchinis and cucumbers almost ready to pick but here’s the first “real” produce:

A bell pepper, an ancho pepper, a green chili pepper, 2 cherry tomatoes.  Vince had a tomato and I had a tomato . . and they tasted like real tomatoes!  These are actually really sweet . . almost like candy.  I love tomatoes!

And these guys are watching as I work in the garden . .

And they’re saying . . Please leave the gate open!  Please don’t lock the gate when you leave! Oh, how they would love to get in there.  So far, Vince’s fence is working!


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    Judy, I can’t get over how fast everything is growing over there – we are months behind!
    The deer are just beautiful – aren’t their faces just so elegant. What a meanie you are for tempting them with all sorts of goodies that they can’t get to. (Just joking). I actually thing you’re very lucky to be able to watch such beautiful creatures at close quarters. have a nice weekend, Lol, Helen

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      Helen, would you believe that less than 30 years ago, it was a real treat to see a deer in this area? I still enjoy looking at them, but they can really be a nuisance. We’ve lost many a car front end to their endearing habit of leaping out of nowhere into the roadway at night.

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    Denise says

    My lettuce is just tiny little specks that have finally shown themselves. 🙂 Glad to hear the fence is working because it would be those deer who are having a feast instead.

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    Dang it, Jude, I missed your birthday. Sorry. Happy Birthday a day late!

    Did you know they had Weiner Dog races over in Ft Scott yesterday as part of their Good Ole Days celebration?

    I bet Speck could have showed them a thing or 2 about racing.

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    Today at the Dallas Farmers’ Market, I noticed how often the word “sweet” was being used by the vendors to describe their locally grown produce, from tomatoes to watermelon to peaches to … wait for it … collard greens. It seems most of us forget just how sweet veggies and fruit can be when it’s ripened on the vine and eaten soon after it’s picked.

    Your veggies look great! I have no doubt those deer are hoping for an open gate.

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    Your picture of the deer could be a painting, it’s so beautiful — or a quilt! (you’re probably thinking, they could be dinner on the table!) Happy Birthday! Can’t wait to get my EQ7. It will be coming at a good time where I’ll have time to play!

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    The deer picture is beautiful! Yeah for Vince’s fence!

    I am so jealous, you already have fresh veggies and I am going to plant mine today. It has been so wet here. Today is the first sunny day in ages-or so it seems.

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    Kathy says

    Have you ever tried stuffed or fried zucchini blossoms?
    They are a REAL Italian delicacy.

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    LOL. I was laughing just yesterday as I picked the TWO cherry tomatoes. I get two every other day. So I make a big deal of putting them in our salads every other day! LOL.


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    It’s so exciting to see that you have homegrown veggies to eat. You’ve wanted a garden for so long. Keep that gate closed:) Have a great weekend!

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    Dawn says

    I heard that if you keep old carpeting and place it around the perimeter of the garden that deer dont like the feel of it underfoot.
    garden looks good! Ours is coming along too. no where near anything ready to pick but plants are nice and dark green.
    cant wait to pick my own tomatoes.

    Dawn in MA

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    We just picked our first tomato…..I love vine-ripened, fresh tomatoes!!! YUM…… That is a lovely photo of the deer…….and I’m glad they are not messing with your garden.

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    You should sell the picture of the deer. It is absolutely beautiful. The lighting is fantastic.

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    Judy, when we had a garden and the radishes would get away from us and get too big, I roasted them with meat in the oven. They were yummy!

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    carol c says

    our garden was a flop, due to my hospital stay, but we did try.

    i saw on tv today, new products out that keep out deer and
    rabbits. deer off and critter off.

    Ruby is a dear to have been published! I will definately have to look for the current issue out to see.