Story Time for the Chickens

Any time we offer to read to the chickens, they request The Little Red Hen.  That’s the only book they ever want us to read.

I thought recently I should expose the girls to quilting . . maybe read a quilting magazine to them.

We started with Quilter’s Home.  Oh, Ruby was none too happy about that.  She wanted to read The Little Red Hen!  She wanted down!  She was not going to waste her time reading some quilting magazine!

Over about page 45, Ruby changed her mind!  What the heck?  Is that ME in the quilt magazine? Yep, Ruby, that’s you in Quilter’s Home.

Suddenly Ruby has taken an interest in quilting.  She wants to know when she can make her own quilt.  I’m thinking my sewing room may not be big enough if both Vince and Ruby want to quilt.

Now she wants to know . . What do I have to do to get on the cover of this magazine? Please!  Ruby . . don’t be so demanding.  Be happy you even made it on page 45.  How many chickens do you think get their photo in quilt magazines anyway?

Check out the current issue of Quilter’s Home if you want to read how Ruby was included in the quilting magazine.  There’s a little about me too but Ruby is the star of the blurb.  Thank you Quilter’s Home for making Ruby a very happy chicken!  🙂


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    Thanks for sharing…saw your article in QH…the closest I come to chickens/rooster is cloth now….we had some when kids were young…have a small farm with cows now…

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    Glenda says

    Oh Judy, you are too funny !!! I’ve got to run to Wally and see if I can find that issue. You know I can relate to all your chicken stories ! Chickens have a way of doing something unique every day, don’t they ? Enjoyed seeing you and Vince at MQS. Glenda

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    Gwynette says

    Ruby, I love your photo. Good luck with your first quilt!!! Will you finish before Vince does???

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    Carol says

    LOL. I just love your blog. The Little Red Hen is one of my favorites too. Now I need to get a copy of Quilter’s Home. Ruby must be so proud!

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    I don’t normally buy Quilter’s Home, but the other day I picked it up because I was surprised Mark and his pug was not on the cover. As I flipped through it to try and figure out why (and to see if it met my 3 quilt/article threshold) I saw Ruby’s picture — “I know that chicken!” (ok, know of that chicken) and tossed the magazine into my cart with out verifying that the magazine passed the test.

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    That…..was an adorable post! Loved the way you got some of those great expressions from Ruby and the dialog that fit so well.

    Saw the article in QH.

    : )

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    She photographs beautifully, Judy! And you are so nice to read to your chickens. She probably thinks she’s the star of that book too, now!

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    Judy in Michigan says

    What a cute post! You are so creative. I’m sure Vince or Chad enjoyed getting just the right pose for those pictures!

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      Sandy says

      Wow! Ruby is in a quilting magazine. I never knew chickens could be tame enough to sit on your lap. I have to look for the magazine now. Thanks for sharing, Judy.

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    Linda says

    Goooooo, Ruby!!! Sure hope her stardom doesn’t go to her head….I see by your post she’s an ambitious chicken. 🙂 Your chicken stories always make me smile. As do the Vince & Chad stories. And always love the quilts.

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    pdudgeon says

    tell Ruby that i ran right out and picked up a copy of her magazine. she’s very photogenic! (and you look great in red!)

  11. 17


    Not quite as good as seeing her picture in Quilter’s Home, but she might enjoy Chicken Little, or Big Chickens (my new favorite) Of course, you must do “The Chicken Dance.” Happy Day, Ruby! Love seeing you and Ruby reading your magazine:)

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    Cathy Stoddard says

    Happy birthday Judy!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Big congrats to Ruby!! She will probably start wearing sunglasses and expect to be asked for her autograph – LOL!!
    Thanks for all you do!

  13. 19


    What a cute post, Judy!

    I had heard you had something in this issue. I need to run over the Borders and check it out. Congrats!!