The Winner Is . .

First, my birthday isn’t til Sunday (June 6) so you still have time to get an expensive gift and drive to MO to deliver it!  🙂

The winner from 230 numbered comments is:

And the 141st comment happens to be:

So, KnittySue, if you will send me  your address, a full version of EQ7 will be heading your way.  Thanks to all who left comments.  I loved reading them and chuckled about so many of the.  It made Vince feel really good that so many of you think of him when you think of the blog.

I’ve always said I’d keep blogging even if there were no readers because it’s kinda like my diary but it’s so much fun having a few readers.  I appreciate all of you . . really!


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    Congrats to Knitty Sue and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Judy!!! (Now wouldn’t you just be surprised if some of your blog readers DID show up with gifts??? You know I’d be one of them if I lived even remotely near to you….I think I’d give you a duck call and a green shirt. How about THOSE gifts?? LOL)

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    Oh…meant to add…….. Please ask Vince if he is going to start a blog when he is done with making his first quilt. If not, then I surely hope YOU are going to show it to us here!!! 🙂

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    Happy Birthday, Judy!!! Quilting would be so boring without you! Thank you for your inspiration and your blog! Love it — and you!

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    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to JUDY………………………
    Happy Birthday to you…

    Hope today brings you all sewing, all family and no shopping!!

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    Jane says

    Congratulations KittySue…and a BIG Happy Birthday Judy!!!! Read your article (and saw Ruby) in Quilters Home last night!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!!!!! :o)

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    Glenda in Florida says

    Happy Birthday Judy! When I commented, I forgot to mention that Sunday’s are my favorite day, because I LOVE to read everbodies stash reports. I check back several times during the day, and then again later in the week in case anybody reported late. I read every report–seeking inspiration.

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    Norma says

    Judy, hope your day is great. I think you must be our birthday gift, every day. I turn to you often in the day to see the next interesting thing going on at the Laquidara’s.

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    OMG…THANK YOU…I was moving my computer into another room and someone called to tell me to check out your blog…OMG…I always check your blog 3-5 times a day and the one day I don’t have my computer up I actually WON something. I’m so excited…I’ll find your e-mail and get my addy out to you.
    Thanks again…OH and since today is the 6th..HAPPY BIRTHDAY again..and many many more.

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    Yeah, Happy Birthday. It popped up on my Blackberry this morning.

    So call me this week and we’ll go have birthday lunch.