Stash Report – June 6, 2010

Pathetic stash report — nothing used!  The good news is nothing was added.  Too much time in the kitchen and garden this week.  Maybe I’ll have something to report next week.

How did everyone else do?  C’mon . . please tell me some of you are busting your stash and I’ll enjoy seeing your numbers since I have nothing of my own to get excited about (at least in the stashbusting department).


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    Three weeks being posted this week….still in the “RED,” but getting closer to the + side :0) SLow going here too—-gardening and other end-of-school-year tasks have kept me away from the machine….

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    My numbers are going the wrong way, but at least it’s not via my check book. If I didn’t count the fabric from Mom’s, gifts or prizes won, I’d only be 7 3/4 yards in the hole.

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    Ruth says

    Happy birthday, Judy.
    Is Vince going to start giving a stash report?
    Have a great day.

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    Happy Birthday Judy!!! After 3 months of nothing but sewing client backs together, I plan on using my sewing machine, I need to get a baby quilt done for a baby that was born 2 months ago…..its time to get to work!!!

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    How do you measure your original stash?! Although I need to go on a fabric diet, I can’t even imagine counting the yards! ekk!

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    Oh dear my stash busting is going far too far the other way since arriving in the USA! I actually won $140 at the casino yesterday and prompty spent $139.75 on fabric in Ben Franklins… I will need re-hab when I get home. I will come clean with the amount I have bought when I get back to England!
    Happy Room Diana

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    Happy Birthday! I didn’t have much to count this week for stashbusting, but I have one final border to sew on your memorial day quilt challenge and then I can count all that yardage for next week’s report. I’m going to drop it in the mail to you tomorrow (from NC) so you should get it Wed or Thurs. Have a wonderful day celebrating!

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    I’m not sure fabric won should count, but maybe I’m just looking for loopholes for everyone else?

    Anyway, a BIG lot of fabric out this week – selling it at my guild’s “garage sale” or on craigslist. Any way you slice it, it’s out. YAY!

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    JoanS says

    Happy, happy birthday, Judy!! Your blog continues to fascinate me. Wish you could pass on some of your energy to me!

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    Happy birthday! After several weeks of not purchasing anything, I finally fell off the wagon. I’m still pretty darn proud of myself for having used over 100 yards so far this year!

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    Happy Birthday! And I can’t believe you didn’t add any fabric for your birthday, wow, good for you! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to add a backing into the MDQ package to you – so there is stash busting on your end going to happen… I believe I have to revisit your MDQ pattern and do it all over again for another quilt and more stash busting. Thanks for hosting stash report once more!

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    Sarah says

    Wow Judy, You and my husband share the same birthday! D-Day. No wonder I like you if your personality is anything like my hubby’s. Any hoo, Happy Birthday. We had pecan ice cream and the cake was a Lemon Zest Bundt. What did you have?

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    Linda Kay says

    This has nothing to do with quilting. Just wanted to tell you I just made a batch of caramel apple jam and have it in the water bath right now. Can’t wait to make bisquits in the morning to try it out. Hopefully I did everything right. The recipe seems so easy. Keep your fingers crossed!
    Linda Kay

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    Darlene S says

    My stashhusting report this week is nil. Nothing in, nothing out! I don’t have a good excuse either. But I did deliver a finished quilt to a graduating young lady. Maybe this week will be better. I loved your pictures of your cherry jelly. That is something I’ve never tasted, but it was sure pretty. Dar

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    A little bit late, I added my may-report (I am doing monthly reports). Due to us moving house I do not have internet all the time, I hope this is allright.