Celebration of Freedom

This is one of my favorite quilts — mainly because of the money it raised for a very good cause.  I made it in 2004 or 2005 as part of the Moda Challenge and the quilt is no longer in my possession.  You can read about it in this post, and this one.

I’m not happy with the border and I wasn’t real happy with the border when I made it.  I’m going to make another one and, the good news is, quite a few of you requested directions for this quilt when I first showed is so I’m going to share directions with you, up to the border.  I still don’t have a border in mind but I’ll come up with something for my quilt.

This is going to be kind of a quilt along project and it will start Wednesday, June 30.  The instructions will stay on the blog, you can do it at your own speed.  More info will be posted later about this project but for now, if you want to participate, begin digging out whatever fabrics you want to use.  Here’s a very rough estimate of what you will need.  This is not counting any borders!

Fussy cut stars – 14 – 3-1/2″ squares
Cream – 1-3/4 yards
Tan – 1-1/4 yards
Red – 2 yards
Blue – 1/2 yard

Of course, you could use fussy cut flowers and spring colors or a 3-1/2″ embroidered square and anything that matches. It’s your quilt . . do what makes you happy!


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    Thank you, Judy for sharing your wonderful patterns. This is another lovely quilt! I so totally agree with the Groundhogs…pests to me!

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    I like this quilt well enough to put it on my list of quilts to make. I agree about the border, though. Can’t wait to see your new border.

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      Sandy says

      Judy, this is a gorgeous quilt and I even love the borders. Thank you for sharing your patterns.

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    Rita E says

    Oh my goodness – that is one of the prettiest quilts ever!
    I really will carefully follow your directions this time so I can make this beauty.
    Thank you for sharing your talent

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    LindaB says

    Hi Judy..found your blog via “Paint Creek”….what a beautiful quilt..thank you for sharing your patterns….your blog is a wealth of wonderful information…so if you do not mind you are now one of my favorites…LindaB (Victoria,Australia)

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    Ok, this is the 3rd attempt to post a comment…
    Wow, what a beautiful quilt – and holy cow, did it ever raise a good sum of money! Had to read all the old posts since it all happened before I ‘found’ your blog…
    How difficult would you say it is to sew? It looks paper pieced in the middle – and that intimidates me.
    Thank you so much for sharing yet another pattern & instructions! I may be skipping your mystery quilt ( or am just lurking until I get a feel for it), but this one is on my sew list!

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      Paper piecing is the easiest thing. It’s no fun for me because I hate removing the paper but it gives perfect points and matches so on some occasions I do it. Once we start, I’ll post lots of pics. You can do it.

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    Your groundhog story is hilarious! I know, it’s not funny though when they eat all your hard work!!!
    The quilt is so beautiful! I love the center especially-looks like a Mariner’s Compass. I probably won’t make it right away, but I’m going to print the directions.

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    This quilt is one of my favorites that you’ve made. I would love to make it one of these days!

    Oh, EQ7 is installed, and I’ve been watching the videos! Thank you, Judy, for talking me into it! 🙂

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    Is it the outer blue border you don’t like (maybe because it’s plain in comparison to what you usually do)? I can’t see anything else you’d not like about it. (And I…plain person that I am…even like the blue outer border, too!)

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      No, it’s the pieced section I didn’t like. I had a vision of what it would look like and when I drew it out, it wasn’t what I wanted but it was for a challenge and I had a deadline so I did what I had and always wished for a different border.

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    Love love love that quilt! Thanks for being such a great person and sharing this with us all. Hope to create one for myself at some point in life. Hope you are well Judy.

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    Linda in MI says

    I love this quilt….definetly a keeper…been wanting something like this quilt…can always make crazy patch stars instead of the fussy cut ones….

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    veronica says

    Love that quilt, Judy!!! So glad that you’re posting directions for it. Hooray for Trapper Vince!!! Wonder what the final tally will be for groundhog relocation? Didn’t know they liked mulberries. Thanks for your generosity.

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    Donna says

    That is a beautiful quilt! I think your border is perfect for the quilt and frames it well.
    I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog and enjoy reading about your family life as well as your creativity with your quilting designs. Thanks for sharing your patterns as well.

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    Judy this is a fab quilt, and now when i get back to England I have to catch up with the mystery and start this quilt.. guess I better go hit the quilt shop for more fabric while I am here, is it OK to blame it on you??
    Happy Room Diana

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    Rose says

    Oh my, this is too gorgeous for words. I really have to make it.
    Thanks so much!!!

  15. 17

    Pam says

    Now I know why we keep getting more and more of those miserable groundhogs out here in the country. lolol