Design Wall – June 7, 2010

I’m a slacker.  There’s nothing on my design wall.  That at least means the purple and gold top is down.  It isn’t finished . . still waiting for me to add the borders but at least all the rows are sewn together.  That took about 1 hour and that’s all the sewing I got done the whole week.  One wimpy little hour!

So, what’s on your design wall?


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    Oh you have no idea how much better that makes me feel – you are human after all!! ! was a slacker too – that’s the trouble in the summer when you have a garden. I guess we both did plenty of other things that needed doing though – it wasn’t the lying down, eating chocolate and watching TV kind of slacking, now was it?

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    Roben says

    I hate those kind of weeks, Judy! I’ve heard of getting a little in each day, even 15 minutes – but I’ll be darned if I’ve figured out how to do that yet 🙂

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      Judy Laquidara says

      I actually didn’t have 15 minutes to spare, with making jelly and canning. Hoping for more free time this week.

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    I think you accomplished more than enough this week, Judy. I would have been shocked if you’d had more time to quilt! Here’s hoping there’s no more cherry picking or shopping with Vince this week to keep you away from your fabric!

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    Linda C says

    Slacker? Ookay…. Your problem is that you aren’t twins, so one of you could be sewing all the time while the other one dealt with life and cherries!

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    Susan Torrens says

    Some days you just have to go with the flow! Gardens wait for no one…. I’ve been trying to pack in a lot of sewing as next weekend is my family reunion, then we are off on a week-long trip to Indiana and Ohio.

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    Never a slacker, you shouldn’t feel bad about not getting something new on the wall. I feel bad that I have a repeat on my wall so often. Those border choices get me every time. Not just the doing, the choosing. I didn’t make the Memorial Day Challenge either. I really wanted to do a quilt to send to you. Maybe after the guild meeting. And the Mystery too. No pressure to sew here at all.

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    I wouldn’t feel bad at all. When canning and jelly making season is here everything else waits. Its only a few weeks a year of work and then you get to enjoy all the yummy goodness all winter. It makes me happy to open the cupboard in January and see all the brightly colored fruit jam and the tomatoes and pickles. Its like summer in a jar!

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    Susan Calitz says

    I have been very busy sewing this past week but will not do much machine sewing this week as I am supervising renovations and will be hand sewing either quilting or binding

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    Diane says

    Well you did better than me, I never even entered the doors to my sewing room! I think I am having withdrawals!
    This week doesn’t look any better as I am packing for vacation. Lucky for me I get to take a class with David Taylor while I am away. 🙂
    Hope you get to visit your stash this week!

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    Balinda says

    Yeah. i finally took a picture before I left for work so that I could post to Design wall Monday.

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    Wel, I guess blogger is not cooperating and I can’t post or add photos. It was the same issue yesterday and this morning. I’ll try again later…

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    Well poo! I hit enter after putting in my name and ended up in the stash report instead of the design wall area! I did that last time too!

    My design “floor” is up :). Working on a baby quilt this week.


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    Gee, I don’t think slackers pick cherries and mulberries and then make jam & jelly….Nor do they keep their husbands happy by shopping with them. And heck, I -know- slackers don’t post mystery quilt projects. Nope, you are -not- a slacker….just ask Ruby 😉

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    Interesting, blogger isn’t working at our house but is working other places evidently. I have my triangle madness up on the wall, ready for the borders and the picture taken but no way to post. So maybe next week. hey and there are other things than quilts that need doing and evidently you’ve been doing those things…

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    I feel so much better. Have really slacked off today – have a LOT of projects (WIPs sounds better than UFOs) to do. Including some I really don’t wanna do! (like things I don’t feel that good or comfortable about doing just yet – like machine quilting)