Fruit & Veggies

Saturday we drove up to the Amish vegetable market.  I wanted strawberries but they were all gone.  Most of the vegetables aren’t ready yet but they did have beets and I got a half bushel, which is 30 pounds once the tails and stems are trimmed. 

This box made 14 quarts of pickled beets.  Aren’t they pretty?

Saturday evening a friend called and asked me to pick blueberries with her on Sunday morning.  Even though it was my birthday, I figured since we had no plans, I’d go.  Then she said “I’ll be there at 6:45.”  And I said “a.m. or p.m.?”  Yep, you guessed it . . a.m.  Then Vince said he’d go too.  Such a good helper!

(If you look carefully, you’ll see he’s eating the blueberries!)

The blueberries were gorgeous and they were pretty tasty right off the vine.

We picked 18 pounds . . that’s a lot of blueberries though my friend had picked 25 pounds by herself on Saturday and picked more on Sunday.

From the blueberry patch, Vince and I drove to the other side of town and picked strawberries.  Those rascals are not easy to pick . . so low to the ground.

It’s getting late to get strawberries and we were lucky to get 12 pounds of those.

I made 12 half pints of blueberry jam and the rest of the blueberries, along with the strawberries were frozen for pies or smoothies.  That’s how I spent my birthday!  🙂


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    I am so envious, all fruit here even the tropicals grown on the island are so expensive and the mainland ones do not travel that well.

    Many happy returns of the day!

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    you remind me of myself, 30 or so years ago. Isn’t it fun to have such fresh food! But I don’t do it any more, so I’m happy to see you enjoying something that most people do not do anymore. Glad you are keeping this tradition alive!

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    Strawberries & blueberries….yummmm!! The beets, not so much, though my DH likes pickled beets. If he suddenly mentions them I’ll send him to MO. Vince just keeps popping up on the blog…we see more of him than the quilts. His fame among quilters is growing.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, You beets are ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! Now you are talking — you can keep the cherry stuff, I’ll take pickled beets and strawberry jam any day. I envy you your energy. Mine is starting to slow down — not stop, mind you, just a bit slower paced. I love seeing your pics each day. Dar

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    I don’t know how you ever get any quilting done! You are one ambitious lady, and those berries (and beets) look yummy! Our berries aren’t ready yet, but I’m sure ready for them!

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    I love berries, and would love to come picking with you! The strawberries are just starting here in the UK, so I am looking forward to the luscious English varieties which taste so good. (In the winter you can get foreign ones, but they never seem to have much flavour to me.)

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    I absolutely love beets! We keep planting them and get only 1 or 2 and they are so expensive in the store so I am extremely envious of your 30 pounds!

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    Carol says

    Wow, this brings back memories of canning (tomatoes, pickles), picking fruit and making jam (strawberry, peach) and making sour cherry pies. Yum!