Memorial Day Tops Received

In order to stay somewhat organized, I’m going to acknowledge receipt of the tops here.  I’m not going to open the packages til I’m ready to quilt each top and that way, I can get the label and picture right  . . with the correct name of the top maker.

The packages I’ve received yesterday and today:

Kathy C. – Oregon
Mary F. – California
Kathy R. (but could be a P.) – Florida
Becky H. – North Carolina
Barbara S. – Michigan
Diana – England

I know there are more coming but even if there weren’t, I’m thrilled with the number I’ve received so far.  I know it wasn’t easy to get them done and in the mail this quickly and I so appreciate your willingness to do this.  One is on the longarm and I’ll try to get these done as quickly as possible.  I’ll keep you posted!


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    That is great participation, I wondered how many would get them done in time to send them to you to quilt. I need to quilt my Rail Fence – hopefully before I leave for GA on the 19th since we’ll be gone 2 weeks.

  2. 2

    Mary Lea says

    That’s great. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Thank you Judy for doing that for the soldiers.

  3. 3

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    I finished my top on the 3rd but I’m going to quilt it myself and send it Alycia when I send in others. I absolutely love this quilt and I love the fabrics I chose. I don’t have a website, but when it is quilted I’ll post it on my flickr page and everyone will be able to see it. Once again Judy, thanks for sharing all your wonderful designs.

  4. 5

    Evelyn says

    Wow, that is going to be one BIG box being shipped to Alicia! Such a beautiful pattern and what a wonderful response you got! Cheers! Evelyn

  5. 6

    Kathy in FL says

    Thanks for letting us know you received the quilts. I can’t wait to see them quilted.

    Kathy R in Florida

  6. 7


    Judy, you are an amazing, wonderful woman! I have not been able to sew the Mem. Challenge yet; life got too busy—but how gracious of you to quilt them up and support QOV!

  7. 8

    Robin says

    Wish I could have participated but thanks and wahat a great job to those who could! And a big thanks to you also for doing this Judy! I’m sure they will be much appreciated. Can’t wit to see the pictures! If you do this again I hope to be able to participate.

  8. 10

    Mary F says

    Glad to know that many sent quilts! I am anxious to see the quilts when they ae quilted!

  9. 11


    Glad to know that you received mine! Me and the post office have had our moments in the past… And thanks again for everything from pattern/ instructions to your offer to quilt them!
    This is my very 1st QoV – and especially as an immigrant to the US I hope I could make a bit of a difference – with your huge help! If it wasn’t for your call to the sewing machine, this quilt would have never been made…

  10. 12

    Sherry says

    Judy, glad so many participated! I was going to, but I could only get three of the fabrics I needed. Plus, I’m a newbie and didn’t think that I could get it done by the deadline. If you do a charity quilt again, maybe you could give us a little more time, say maybe
    a month. I’ll bet then you’d get a mountain of quilts! LOL Thanks
    for all you do for us.

  11. 13

    Jean says

    hey girl- great response – I have a top done – please send me your snail mail address so I can get it in the mail to you
    Jean from Canada