Small Town Post Office

EQ7 arrived last week.  Boxes and boxes of EQ filled my dining room. Since I was sending them out using padded envelopes and printing priority mail postage paid labels at home, I wanted to be sure the post office was happy with my system before I did them all so Friday I took the international packages and one U. S. package to the post office for their approval.  They were happy!

Vince helped me stuff the envelopes and we got them all ready.

We filled up the back of Vince’s pickup and left some of the boxes on the front porch.  The Postmaster himself came and got them all on Saturday mid-morning.  I was hoping the packages would start arriving at their destinations by Wednesday but . . many of them arrived on Monday, come in Connecticut, New Jersey, Arizona . . all over!  That’s amazing!  Great service from my local post office and fast delivery across the nation.  I’m impressed!


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    Thanks so much for doing this for us, Judy. It was great to receive mine on Monday — and I’ve installed it on my computer this morning!

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    pdudgeon says

    looks like when you two retire you’ll have a ready-made second career at the local post office! Job well done!

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    Jo says


    Arrived in NY yesterday – I’ve already installed it and started to play!



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    It’s not just small town post offices that can send really fast. I have a friend in Yuba City, CA, who sent me a regular First Class envelope on a Saturday afternoon about 3pm, and I had it here in Chicago on MONDAY in early afternoon.

    I really think people grumping about postal service should take a new look, don’t you?

    I get a lot of Media Mail too, and even that shows up way faster than the 3-4 weeks they promise.

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    Mine arrived in Washington state on Monday. Sometimes the USPS has the stuff together and I’m happy this is one of those times. 🙂 Thanks Judy and her cute helper Vince.

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    Hi Judy,

    Got mine in NJ yesterday. . . .holding off until I get a lap top to install it on (my desk top has alot of games on it & I’m looking for the lap top to be “quilt central” all by itself!

    Thank you for the fast service!

    Sherry V.

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    Lately I have found that if I mail first class on Saturday, it is really speedy. Not sure what makes the difference. One would think it would slow things down.

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    I can’t wait to get mine!!! 🙂

    Of course, with my laptop down, I will have to wait to install it until the laptop is fixed! But I can’t wait either way!!! 🙂

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    Great helper there…the green shirt really makes the man. How nice that you got such great service at your post office.

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    I received my copy Monday morning, installed it Monday afternoon, and have been playing ever since. LOL Of course, I live in Missouri too, so it didn’t have to go so far, but I was impressed anyway. Thank you, Judy and Vince for getting them all together to be mailed. I too, notice things move quicker if mailed on Saturday. Winona

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    Hi Judy,
    do you have any experience – or know anyone who has – of EQ on a mac? It seems to be possible, but I’m slightly worried that it may not run as well as on Windows or that I’ll have to get a whole lot of stuff for the mac that I don’t have t make it run at all. I have Windows for the mac but it isn’t the same as normal Windows.

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      Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

      Helen, Search Judy’s blog for the discussion I had with her and another blog reader a few months back about EQ and Macs. There were some techie terms thrown around (courtesy of my DH) that may give you starting places for looking into the situation.

      Viel Glück.

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      timelady says

      Helen in Switzerland…

      I run EQ6 on a Mac, using Parallels, which means installing windows as a virtual system. Virtualbox and VMware are cheaper to free alternatives to Parallels. I chose Parallels because it has something called coherence mode, where you boot into windows, but it just runs yours app (all this for EQ only, in my case), and that app alone,looking like a native mac app. Incredibly fast as a result, runs at normal speed, and the rest of my programs do too. So yes, it is possible, but not simple. (Parallels IS simple, but you will need to buy or obtain a copy of windows, which ISNT simple to me, i hate it).

      I am a programmer, and web developer – need any help setting it up, just drop me an email:)

      • timelady says

        the email would help : timelady [at] gmail dot com

        (Ha spammers, i am NOT going to just let you trawl my email out that easily;) )

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    Pam says

    My envelope (I noticed that it is a 3M) arrived around noon today in SC and EQ7 was installed without any problems. I took the User Manuel to FedEx/Kinkos to get it spiral bound. It wasn’t ready in the hour that I was promised so the manager did not charge me.
    Thank you so much for taking care of us with the new EQ. Now I’m off to play with my new friend!

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    Carol says

    Mine arrived here on Long Island, NY Monday. That’s great service! Thanks Judy and Vince. Thanks USPS.

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    timelady says

    Wow, and a kudos to small town post offices from South Australia!!! Here I am at the bottom of my very large continent gleefully holding my upgrade!!! Thanks Judy (and your mysterious super assistant in the green tshirt;) ) please convey my thanks also to your amazing postoffice:))

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    Cindy LeCamus says

    Recieved mine Tuesday in southern Louisiana. Thanks Judy and Vince!