A Couple of Holes Needed

Now I know why everyone and everything around here loves to dig. Chad loves to dig, our old lab used to love to dig, the chickens dig. They got it from Vince!

My  backyard!  Notice those two holes in the foreground?

Any time you ask Vince to do something, you can bet he’s going to do a fine job.  I thought he was going to dig to China.  He really does great work and my cherry trees will be so happy when he gets done with them.

The cherry trees will be here this week.  I sure hope they don’t come in as little twigs after he dug these huge holes.

Then he tells me he’s working so hard, he thinks he’s having a heart attack.  I said . . don’t die on me now because I’ll just roll you in that hole and cover you up!  No, I really didn’t say that but it didn’t matter because he was just joking about the heart attack.

Vince still has to build a fence (rebar, PVC pipe and chicken wire I’m sure) before we can plant the cherry trees.

Miller’s Nursery said my trees should make cherries in 3 – 4 years.  I can hardly wait!  But before they can make cherries, they have to arrive and get planted!   We’re ready!


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    Vince and his neatly dug holes look great! What about the rhubarb? I just saw it at our little farm market store for $3.99 per pound. I f cherries take 3-4 years, you could have fresh rhubarb in two. Only a thought……………

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    Dawn says

    so you live on holey ground do ya? LOL
    just another adventure in the Laquidara household.
    those will be happy cherry trees for sure. just remember the “heart attack” when someone in a green shirt wants you to make a cherry pie. LOL

    Dawn in MA

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    Get some “tree” soil to back-fill your hole after putting the trees in. It’s more dense and will help toughen the roots before they hit the hard dirt wall surrounding the hole. Otherwise, they’ll have a hard time going out into the yard. 🙂

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    Judy, I’ve only commented a couple of times but wanted you to know I read your blog every night before going to bed. IT MAKES MY DAY COMPLETE. Your problems and adventures around your home sounds alot like my family home when I was growing up never a dull moment. I sometimes miss those times but still have lots of memories. Just wished i had your energy these days like you seem to have. THANKS FOR MAKING EACH DAY COMPLETE i TRULY ENJOY YOUR BLOG.

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    I’m thinking I am calling Vince when I need more holes dug here! We put my cherry tree in this spring. I can hardly wait for a few years! Also, I bought red raspberry bushes too and I have to wait for those!

    One more thing… if you think you have problems with critters now, wait until you get cherries. The birds will gobble them up! You will have to get a net to go over the tree.

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    Penny says

    Couldn’t resist commenting on Vince’s hole digging. I’m with Amy above. I’ve never seen such nice holes. That man is good.

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    What is that saying about planting a $5 plant in a $10 hole? It will be good if the holes are a bit too large because you can give your new cherry trees some good soil and nutrients to help them get well established. Fresh cherries are so wonderful. Yum!

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    Vince does do a fine job on everything he does! I wish my DH was half as handy, but he does do the cooking, so I won’t complain!

    You are so lucky to be able to grow cherries. That will never happen here in AZ :-(.