Celebration of Freedom Border

Here’s a border possibility.  I’m not at all sure that is what I’ll use but for now, I’m leaning toward this border.  Here are a couple of options as far as fabric placement.  Like or dislike any one more than the other?  Other thoughts?

I’m thinking I like the bottom one better.  Too much very light fabric in the top one but . . I don’t know!  Tell me what you think.


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    I have to agree, I like the second one better. I think the darker setting triangles make the blocks “pop” and be much more dramatic. Gorgeous quilt!

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    I think the bottom one is better. Because the fabric is the same on either side of the dark border it reads like backround and your eye moves past it to the final border.
    The light border in the first quilt is lighter than the borders on either side and seems like an accent. But thats just my humble opinion. LOL

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    Barbara Arnelien says

    Gee,you make things hard..I think I love both ideas for both of these quilts..I love the way the center star pops in #1, but # 2 seems calmer..and for the second one..well I love both.You sure do have a wonderful way of finding just the right finish. love your work,barbara

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    I thought I really loved the quilt the first time you showed it last week with the large pieced border. So when I looked at these I thought, on no, she took off the border. But then I put them side by side and I do like this new version better. Which one? Probably the bottom one. The top one makes me notice the background fabric more. The bottom background kind of blends in and I notice the reds and blues more.

    Getting more beautiful by the minute. This is one of those quilts that could look very different just by changing the fabric. Can’t wait to make it.

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    pdudgeon says

    i like #2 better, but what would happen if you changed the border diamonds to be the same color as the sashing in the quilt?

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    Judy C in NC says

    I like the softer look of the second quilt. The “stars” of the quilt pop on that one. Love the borders. I see a “dimple” for that quilt.

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    Amy says

    I like them both… I kept going back & forth & for varying reasons I still like them both….

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    Judy, I love them both, but what if you switched the colors and had the triangles the same as the inner border. I think it would make a very interesting shape and move your colors out more. Just a thought. I love your designs!

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    I like the bottom one better. Judy, do you realize that your quilts have takenon a “signature” look? I think I could spot them in a room, and know that they are yours. Absolutely beautiful, again!

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    Personally, I like the bottom one better as I am a Civil War Reproduction fabric gal. It looks darker and richer. If a quilter is looking for more of a clean, crisp design, then the 1st one. Both are beautiful.

    Your blog is a treasure.

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    bettina wlia says

    i really like the top one because it makes the whole quilt pop but if you prefer the bottom one for block pop pick that one

    hope you are enjoying all those critters around your yard

    seems like fun to be catching them all

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    Diane says

    I like both.
    #1 I love because of the light background. It is exciting to look at, it makes the colors jump off…
    #2 I like because it is calm and comforting, less dramatic.

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    Pam says

    I like #2 better. The stars seem to be floating on this one. Stars seem “boxed in” on #1. Number 2 makes me think of freedom – think it’s the floating stars. Beautiful designs, Judy.

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    Hi Judy,

    Thought the first showing couldn’t be better, and then I saw the second one. The slightly lower level of contrast makes the quilt sparkle – just what I always look for – color, contrast and design= sparkle.

    Thanks for the look-see.


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    DebrafromMD says

    I like them both but I am leaning more towards the first one. You did some gorgeous feather quilting on the original quilt that doesn’t really show well. It would really pop on the lighter background of the top design. Love the new border design!

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    Julie H. says

    I’m usually a tan/taupe girl but I’m going to agree with the other Julie on response #11. I like the look of #1 best. Don’t get me wrong, both are great and if I hadn’t seen #1, I’d think #2 was the best.

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    At first I really liked the contrast in #1 but after looking at them both for a little while, I have decided that I like how #2 is more calming and subtle. pdudgeon asked how it would look with the diamonds the same color as the sashing – I personally think that would then make #2 too dark, but I would be open to seeing it and then deciding. Judy, again you have created an absolutely fabulous quilt that is telling me I have to make.

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    Sue says

    I like the bottom. I think the medium-toned triangles really focus the eye on the stars.

  19. 34


    Okay so I read all the responses and they all make a great argument, although I really like the look of #1! Either way it still a stunning quilt.

  20. 35

    Sarah says

    Definately # 2. I like the way the second border white tips (square on point) make your eyes go immediately to the center. I backed off about 6 foot from the computer and looked at both and # 2 is the most eye appealing though both are beauties.

  21. 36

    Liz says

    #2 – the slightly darker back makes the center star pop out for me. And I like the brighter white in the border diamonds. With the 1st, I see the sashing as the main design.

  22. 37

    Pam says

    I keep coming back for a look. I haven’t committed yet.

    #1– what would happen if the next to last border was not as light, a little darker, maybe the same as the sashing?
    #2–what if the setting triangles were the same color as the sashing? There would be more room for swirling feathers. The blocks would float.

    Hey, it’s your design and you have the flair for choosing the right thing. Thanks for the opportunity to discuss it.

  23. 38

    Deb says

    I like the first one because of the contrast-I love contrast. But I like the 2nd one because the center DOES pop, but I would change the last cream border to the light cream for the contrast again. but that is just me.
    Love them both.

  24. 39

    Freda says

    The problem with the top border my eyes were drawn to it
    and not the design of the quilt. IMHO I would use the bottom
    border that accents the quilt.

  25. 42

    gladys says

    Definitely #2. I’m not crazy about a quilt with a lot of white except when used with pastels. JMHO.

  26. 43

    carol c says

    sorry Judy, but I like the top one better cause it IS lighter

    the brightness of it would pull a soldier up out of the doldrums

  27. 44


    I like them both, but I’m always drawn to the “dark side.” I was amazed, for this year’s spring quilt retreat, we were supposed to bring strips of spring fabric. I found I’m a very “fall” girl. Dark earth tones (gold, brown, green, red, burgundy) are more my colors.

  28. 45

    Sandi B says

    Personally, I really like number 1 better. It’s more lively. But, what would it look like to use the darker beige fabric from number 2 (the plaid type) in the skinny outer border, and maybe the light in the pieced border? Just thinking…always a dangerous proposition in my case!

    • 45.1

      Sandi B says

      OK…so I can’t type and think at the same time! I was wondering if you could use the same plaid type fabric also where the light was in the pieced border, in addition to the outer skinny light border?

  29. 47


    UGH…I can’t decide…going back and forth and back and forth. I’m thinking it’s because my brain in nearly fried from working to learn EQ7 for so many hours today!!! Either one is very nice, though.

  30. 48

    Lydia says

    I’ll jump on the bandwagon and agree with most who like #2 better here. The first one, there’s just a bit TOO much of that light background. It feels a bit glare-y, almost. I like how the darker setting triangles set off the pieced elements in the center, and seem to focus your attention more on those awesome blocks.

  31. 49

    laceflower says

    Spectacular quilt, as so many have said, the bottom one appeals to me more.

  32. 50

    Carol says

    They’re both beautiful but I like #2 best. It’s calming and I find my eye drawn to the center star. With #1, I find my eye drawn to the borders.