Celebration Fabrics Changed

No matter how I looked at the two earlier sets of fabric, I wasn’t pleased with them.  I switched the setting triangle fabric and made it the sashing fabric and added this fabric for the setting triangles.

It’s one of those ugly fabrics . . why did I buy this? . . kind of fabric, but I think it may work here..  Here it is in the stack of fabrics:

Since I only work in tone on tone fabrics, I usually do not scan or photograph my fabrics and import them into Electric Quilt.  There are plenty similar fabrics in the EQ libraries that I can use and get a good enough idea of how my quilts will look.  For this project, with the subtle tone and value changes making a big difference, I did photograph my quilts and import them into EQ and then plug those fabrics into the sketch.  Here’s what I ended up with:

This is pretty much exactly the look I’m wanting.  Just a very little bit of change in the setting triangles and sashing, though I think in reality, there will be a bit more change that it appears in this sketch.  Now I can’t wait to get started.


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    pdudgeon says

    ok, i’ll be the exception. i like the wafflecone fabric, but the lighter triangles just don’t show up at all. do you have a red and white print (maybe a small check) that you could plug in there?

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      The fabric isn’t really waffled, it just tiled because the photo I used for the fabric was real small. I do have several red/white prints but everything else is ecru so I wouldn’t use white in there at all. I think the fabrics I have will achieve the look I want. I’m going to sew some of it together and see what I think before I start the borders.

      • pdudgeon says

        then i would dig thru your ecru stash rather than your gold/yellow stash if you want to follow your original design.

        In your original design both your background and sashings were from the ecru tones and within a couple shades of each other, so they complimented each other very well.
        but in your secondary choice you’ve switched to the butter/gold/yelow stash and the tones of each fabric are further apart on the shading scale than your first two choices were.

        so your fabric choices depend on whether you are seeking for a complimentary subliminal blending between the setting triangles and your background fabric, or whether you want to emphasize the setting triangles as another element of your central quilt design, separate from the backing.

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    gladys says

    WOW! Love it! I would really love to make this quilt. The center is the main attraction but looks difficult. Tell me it isn’t sew! Have a great stitching week-end!

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    Absolutely gorgeous Judy! I have to ask, are you going to paper piece the center? Yowza… way beyond my skill level!

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    Since I”m learning EQ7 now, I know a bit about how to get a nice quilt design on the computer screen, but…my problem is…the designs I like..and the borders I like….appear SO difficult to make that I’m a bit intimidated. I like what you are showing here but I get the “shakes” when I try to think about where to start to even MAKE something like that!!! LOL

  5. 7


    I really like that “ugly” fabric. I don’t think it is ugly at all! I would have gone with one of those prints, but I think this will be great too!

  6. 9


    It looks good! I haven’t ever used the exact fabric in an EQ design but I was working with a small quilt for Mom that had a print that I was able to find online and drop right in — they’ve made it easy to drop a photo of a fabric right the quilt haven’t they?

  7. 12

    Jan Verden says

    Hi Judy,

    I was reading Quilter’s Home and saw your article, and imagine my surprise when I saw that you live in my hometown of Nevada! I will be back there in September for my 50th class reunion at good ole’ NHS! Nevada is a great place to live, isn’t it?

    Jan Verden
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Judy Furman says

    Judy, I love it!!!! My favorite colors are reds & blues with alittle white or ecru thrown in….The center looks alittle complicated….

  9. 15

    Sharon says

    This is a beautiful design, and your fabric choices are great. I loved the original quilt with the original border, too.

  10. 18

    June Piper-Brandon says

    Judy, I love it and I am inspired. I really want to make this one, even Skip likes it (and he’s color blind).