Fabric for Celebration of Freedom

Choosing fabric for Celebration of Freedom hasn’t been so easy!  Will you help me?  I know you will . . you think I’m being nice letting you have a say in my choices but really, all I’m doing is looking for someone to blame!  If the quilt turns out great, then I love my choices and I pat myself on the back.  If the quilt turns out . . so-so, then I blame my blog readers because I used the fabric they chose!  🙂

This is the design:

These are the fabric choices (and there’s hardly any difference in the two sets).  I will fussy cut the stars from the bunting fabric.  I’m pretty set on the red and blue fabrics, probably the light and medium background too.  The only thing I’m not sure about is the fabric to use for the sashing and first border (the kinda khaki looking solid in the above picture).

First Set:

The blue with the squares would be the sashing in place of the khaki in the picture.

Second Set:

The darker tan with the darker dots would be the sashing in this set.

I’m thinking the first set because the darker tan is really going to stand out and  you’d see the sashing before you saw anything else.  Or, do you think neither of these work and I should keep digging through the stash?



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    Nita Mazerac says

    On the first set the last two colors seem to blend together, will they be anywhere next to each other? The second set definitely has more contrast. I tend to like the second set better. Nita

    • 2.1


      I take that back, after reading Nita’s comment—-I am more partial to set #2 now. I agree with her that the three lights in set #1 are rather close without much contrast.

  2. 3


    Judy, my first was reaction was for the second set – for the same reasons as everyone else – the others are very similar. Then I read your reasoning to go for the first set – and I can see that too. I guess you are going to achieve two very different effects – and I have to say that you are the real expert here – so if I was you, I think I’d go with your gut reaction. It’s such a great pattern it’s going to look awesome whichever way you play it!
    Lol Helen

  3. 4

    Carol says

    I agree the tan with the blue squares in choice #1 is a little too close in value to the other tan. I think the tan with the red stars in choice #2 may be a little too dark.

  4. 5


    Tough call. I can see both working out well. Your EQ drawing has the sashing darker and so set #2 looks most accurate to the drawing. However, it also has the setting squares darker. Maybe swap that one out in set #2 with a slightly darker one?

  5. 6


    My first reaction was set 1 until I looked closer at the pattern…now I’m thinking set 2 would be the better choice. But as always your gut reaction is the best.

  6. 7

    pdudgeon says

    i like both of the choices, but i’l go with #2 because there’s a better contrast.

  7. 8

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    With two choices I would take #2. The contrast is better, but I think I would dig and find something between #1 and #2.

  8. 9

    Glenda in Florida says

    I like set two better. I do love the “rejected” fabric in set one, though. Have you considered using is as the setting traingles in place of the fabric on the far right?

  9. 16

    laceflower says

    Why aren’t you scanning and previewing in EQ? Take away the guess work and view the finished product.

  10. 17

    WiAmy says

    I like the second set the best. In the first set, the scale of the print and extra colors would make it stand out too much for a sashing. Although the sashing choice in the second set is a hint dark, it is tone on tone rather than a print so I think that it would blend better with the other fabrics. It is a very striking quilt!

  11. 18


    I prefer set #1. That sashing fabric isn’t going to be next to any of the other tans/beiges, so the fact that it doesn’t contrast a lot isn’t really an issue. I thing the darker sashing fabric in set #2 would be an eye catcher — detracting from the center of the quilt. JMHO. 😉

  12. 19


    It’s a tough choice — but I like both of them! I think that I would go with #1 – it’s a little softer and won’t overwhelm your design – which is lovely!!!

  13. 20

    Pam says

    I like the fabric choices in picture 2. I like the contrast and slight definition that the beige dot gives. I’m wondering about a different fabric for the lightest light fabric. Maybe one that has a little more beige to it so it’s not as stark? Just my opinion. I can’t wait to see what you decide. Thanks for letting me chime in!

  14. 21


    OK–the only reason I am getting into this is because you helped me out one time so I am returning the favor.
    Set #2 I am sure of that. LOL