Mom Needs Fabric

Update:  Becky found it and sent two links.  Mom has already ordered 2 yards.  Thanks so much for all your help . . mom thanks you too!  🙂

Mom thinks she bought this fabric when we were in Baton Rouge or Lafayette, Louisiana earlier this year.  She’s cut the selvages off and doesn’t have a clue about the manufacturer or designer.  She needs a fat quarter but if someone has up to a couple of yards so she can use it in the borders, she would be happy but just a fat quarter will be enough to finish her project.

I’ve left the photo pretty big so hopefully you can see it clearly.  It’s kind of an olive green with a pinky/peach and cream dot.  If you have this and would be able to spare a little, please let me know and we’ll work out the details.



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    Becky R says

    Moda does a lot of dots as well. Dots are pretty popular again or still so surely we can find it. I know I don’t have anything like that. Hope you can find it.

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    For your sake I hope it wasn’t Baton Rouge. We were so lucky to have had three, yes, three quilt shops that were filled to the roof with totally different lines of fabrics. But as of this month one is closing, that would be The Quilt Corner on Coursey. Then at the last River City Guild meeting Amelia announced that her hubby was being transferred to Washington State, and that her shop was up for sale. If there were no buyers then by late fall she would close.

    That leaves only one shop left, Fabric Krazy which is a lot of modern and bright and batik stuff. I love the fabric there., but then I loved the others as well.



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    I went through my dots, and I don’t see it. However, it could be in a bundle – wish I knew the mfr. If it’s Moda, it might be here. Sorry.

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    I thought it was similar to one I had…I looked and it’s not AND it is super-tiny….not even a fat quarter anyway. I hope you find it. I didn’t know about that website Jen mentioned…”missing fabrics”…will have to check that out…maybe I have something another person needs.