Weekend Progress

My Weekend Sewing Plans have had a few interruptions.  Knowing how things go around here, who’d thunk that would’ve happened?  🙂  Saturday morning I was up early and came downstairs and started cutting fabric.  Didn’t want to make too much noise and awaken any grumpy men!  🙁  Vince got up and as you might imagine, he wanted to hit the road.  Someone had told him about a house and some land for sale about 15 miles out of town so we headed out there.  It was on a horrible bumpy dirt road and we gave up before ever getting to the house.  Vince’s limit on a dirt road is about 1/4 mile and after almost 2 miles, he said . . no way!  Didn’t care what the house looked like.  So we went to a realtor in the next town up and Vince talked to them.  They told him about a house they had just listed . . 40 acres, some fruit trees.  Vince forgot to ask how far down a dirt road.  We did find the place, it was very nice but it was probably 4 miles down a very bumpy dirt road.

You may be wondering if this land/house search will have any effect on my new kitchen plans.  I’m wondering the same thing but have been afraid to ask.

The perfect land with the terribly not perfect house is still for sale. If the price gets right . . and it is getting there, we’ll get it and use the current house/cabin for a sewing room and build a house.  The price is getting lower and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Before we do buy anything, we’ll probably go to these people and make our horribly low offer just to see what happens. You never know.  They just put way too much $$ into this place and it really has a one room type cabin on it.  They did way too much expensive stuff for a one bedroom . . one room type building.

To make a long story shorter, we got lost twice . . on curvy, bumpy dirt roads.  Note to self:  stick GPS in the truck when looking for a house.  A couple of times we didn’t even know what direction we were heading.  We would not have made good pioneers!

But I did get some sewing done.

My goals were:

1.  Finish quilting Kathy R.’s Memorial Day top.  Done.

2.  Load another Memorial Day top.  Done!  And, I quilted it too.  This is Diana’s top.  I’ll tell you more about this top later.  And I have Kathy C.’s top loaded to quilt tomorrow.

3.  Pull fabrics for Celebration of Freedom and make the center.  Done.

4.  Cut pieces for borders for Celebration of Freedom.  Did not do!  Still re-thinking some of the border pieces.  You may notice I changed one of the fabrics in the center.  I’m going to make some blocks and sashing and see how I feel about the border then.

5.  Pull fabrics for Field of Clover top.  Done.

6.  Make borders for Field of Clover top.  Didn’t do this.  Decided to wait til I get Celebration of Freedom top done before starting another top.

How did you all do with your sewing this weekend?


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    bettina wlia says

    still working on a top that is 1 year old..it takes me a sweet long time to finish projects… i think i have developed add since my attention is easily diverted between projects

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    Hi Judy, I assume the different fabric in the centre piece is the spotty one? If so – it’s great. Love it!
    Don’t know how on earth you manage to achieve everything you do every day. Your days must have way more hours than mine! Either that or your energy levels are amazing!

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    Hi Judy,
    Just wanted to let you know that Jerry and I are at the UMCOR Sager Brown mission in Baldwin for the next 4 months. We went to New Iberia last week and drove through the historic district – beautiful! I know this area is your home and I can see why you love it so. The people are friendly and welcoming everywhere we go. I haven’t been to Lafayette to the two quilt shops yet, but I plan to go to Slidell next Saturday for the quilt show and I expect they will both be there. I understand there’s a shop in Houma too, and that’s not too far. If there’s anything you need from this are I’d be happy to send it to you. 🙂 blessings, marlene

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    Wow that would be great if the land/house deal works out! I think hubby and I have decided to just stay put. I’m pretty sure that if we’re honest with ourselves, we’re not up to do all that work again.

    Love that center block, it’s gorgeous!

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    Be careful even with the GPS — mine tries to send me down gated logging roads! But at least it lets me see where the real roads are. And without it, I’d get even more lost.

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    My sister and brother-in-law took the kids to dinner and a movie yesterday, they left about three. So at 3:01 I finally settled in quilting. Finished my quilting on a project. I am finding that I really enjoy machine quilting. Then, I started to cut out another quilt.

    Today was church, made strawberry jam, strawberry bundt cake, meatloaf, and now finally I am going to finish cutting my quilt. Hopefully I will be sewing in another hour or so!

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    I am caught up on my Thimbleberries andthen got distracted. My friend told me about an ironing borad at WalMart that is wider than average. I had just purchased a really nice new cover for my old board but decided to go get the wider board before opening up the new cover. I really like the wider board but I think I will have to make a new cover for it right away as the one that comes on it is pretty flimsy. Gonna get back to it and see what I can still get done today.

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    Apart from looking at wolves,deer, bear, moose and elk, [Yellowstone & Teton’s] I have managed to trace some of the American Icon [cowboy] pattern onto steam a seam, that’s about all the “sewing” I’ve done in the last two weeks.. but I’m fired up to make things when I get home.
    Nice to see my quilt on your frame.. pity 3 days [all the time I had to make this quilt] did not give me time to make the fancy border.

    Happy Room Diana

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    I think moving or building a house is more like childbirth than we realize. Once we do it, we say “never again.” And then after awhile, it doesn’t seem so bad – maybe even fun. *L* (at least looking for a house and creating the baby.)

    I began my first really mod quilt – it’s very different cutting the pieces strange sizes and then attempting to get them to fit in a whole.

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    I did not get nearly as much done as you did – but I LOVE those quilts!!! and the colors you chose for your new quilt.

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    Pam says

    I love both Memorial Day quilt tops that Kathie R. and Diana sent! Beautiful.

    Also love the center (fabrics are great!) block for Celebration of Freedom quilt. The patriotic multi-colored dot fabric is perfect!

    Yesterday stopped at L&M (Bemidji, MN). They had large tin type containers set up with heat lamps. Guess what they had inside those tin-type nurseries! Yup! Baby chicks and ducklings. Guess they’ve had this type of setup all spring with a couple of weeks to go!. We’re vacationing up here yet for another week. The clerk said if we bought 100 chicks, he’d throw one free one in! Right! It did bring back memories of my youth tho. I also thought of you and your hens.

    Happy and fruitful Monday!