Cherry Trees Are Planted

Over the weekend Vince planted the cherry trees and built the “hopefully deer proof” fence around them.

The trees were kinda small (bare root) for the big holes but Vince took care of everything!

They’re budding out and in 3 years . . someone will have cherries.Β  I’m betting the way things are looking . . it will not be me!Β  πŸ™

But, if someone had planted cherry trees here several years ago, I’d be having my own cherries now so if I’m here, I’ll have them when they start bearing fruit and if I’m not here, well, I’ll be somewhere . . suffering in the heat and humidity and remembering that someone in MO is reaping the benefit of our efforts.


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    lw says

    I love the idea of planting cherry trees even though you don’t know if you’ll benefit. In five years, someone will be standing in the sunlight harvesting cherries– and that’s a good thing.

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    I think it is wonderful that you planted those trees…I once read about a gentleman who planted a redwood, who when asked, said…mine or someone else grandchildren will enjoy it!

  3. 5


    Instead of Johnny Appleseed we can call you Judy Cherrytree.

    A permanent reminder to all that come after that someone who lived there cared.

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    sounds like Vince might of gotten a job transfer. I hope you do get to enjoy all your hard work this year, the garden, chickens, and now the trees.

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    Judy, every place Jim and I have bought, we’ve planted a small orchard (20 trees or less). We’ve yet to live at any of them long enough to see any fruit, but it always gives us pleasure to know that someone will enjoy it!

    We have apples this year! Technically we should have picked them all off for another year, but we left a handful so in case we move, we can finally say we got to taste our own fruit!~

    The deer fence looks great, but how will you keep it mowed under them?

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    pdudgeon says

    i was just thinking today about your cherry trees. Thought to myself “Well how about that, Vince and Judy are finally putting down roots!” My bet is that you stick around to see how the cherries do.

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    peggy says

    You are so lucky Vince is very clever and creative whether he’s building deer fences, rabbit protectors, or chicken coops! I’m guessing most DHs don’t get so into it. How’s his quilt?

    • 9.1


      Vince would say that most wives don’t complain so loudly so it’s easier for him to do my requested chores than to listen to me! He hasn’t started his quilt yet.

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    Darlene S says

    Love that you have your cherry trees. I have never had cherries growing up, so the only ones I’m partial to are in cherry pie or cherry turnovers! Hope you stay in MO long enough to enjoy them AND I’ll have an excuse to come pick some fresh to see what all the fuss is about. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ About you complaining — I don’t believe it ! Dar

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    maybe if/when you ever do sell the house you can put that into the contract that you can come back and pick cherries for at least 3 years until your new trees start baring πŸ˜‰ and of course you will supply a fresh baked cherry pie for the current home owners. πŸ™‚ ???

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    Evelyn says

    The English have a saying “Plant a pear for an heir”. Some trees do take longer than others, but it is so wonderful to have fruit trees on your property – no matter who planted them! Wherever we go I always plant periennals (well except our apartment, of course!). Last week I brought my son out to eat and we ate in the garden of the restaurant with HUGE grape vines. When I asked about them – I was told that they were 150 years old! In anycase – at least you have your trees planted – you just never do know how long you will live at a particular house. Cheers! Evelyn