Chicken Treats

Funny how I think about food scraps differently now that we have chickens.  Most of the fresh veggie trimmings went into the compost bin before, but nowadays I give as much as I can to the chickens.  They’re so excited to get treats.  Earlier this week I made a strawberry cake and all the stems were saved for the girls.

For weeks, we had a bumper crop of dandelions and they loved the flowers.  Then there seemed like a never ending supply of mulberries and they loved those.  Seems our honeysuckle didn’t do so well this year but they love that too.  Heck, they’re a lot like us . . they like most anything.

When they see me coming with a bowl, or a bucket or a bag, they get so excited.

They run back and forth along the run, trying to figure out where I’m going to stop and give them their goodies.  Then there’s almost always a hen fight over who’s going to get the last piece of whatever I have to offer.  They’re very spoiled chickens but they surely do give me lots of good eggs!  I’m so happy to have them and they probably don’t think about it much, but they’d better be happy to have me too!  🙂


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    It might if I gave them tons of stuff but so far, nothing we’ve given them has changed the taste of the eggs. I know an older man in Louisiana who dumps crawfish heads in his chicken coop sometimes and it makes their yolks bright orange but my chickens never get enough of anything besides real chicken food to make a difference in what we see in their eggs.

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    I was going to ask the same thing. Heck, feed them a lot of strawberries, and you’d have a fruit omelet! 🙂

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    Linda H says

    Hens fed upon berries and flowers cannot help but lay gourmet eggs! Lucky girls! Just bring me flowers and berries and I would be happy, too.
    Years ago when we lived in Washington DC and knew nothing but supermarket eggs, my DH’s country auntie came to visit bearing farm fresh eggs. I had never tasted any eggs like those. Firm yolks standing a mile high (or thereabouts). No runny whites. She was rather amused at my amazement and said that it had to do with the way the hens were fed.

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      Eggs from chickens who get things besides hormone filled chicken feed taste so much better. They’re so fun to watch too.

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      The difference in freshness really helps those whites stay up close to the yolks too. Supermarket eggs are never less than a month old before you buy them, so farm fresh from there is generally a lie.

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    How wonderful! Just reminds me so much of when I was a kid and mom would send me out to the “chicken yard” with a bunch a scraps! Enjoy, Judy!

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    pdudgeon says

    ….not to mention all the free entertainment that you get from being around them! and your lawn will prosper too.

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      Tonight while eating dinner we were watching them out the window. One had “something” and the others kept chasing her trying to get it. We were cracking up at all of them running and going in circles.

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    Tricia says

    Just the other day I was making a stew and wishing that we still had our guinea pigs and rabbits because they sure did love a tasty potato peel or the end of a carrot or a bit of celery stalk! So thrifty!
    Thanks for the chicken pics!

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      Potato peels are one thing we’re not supposed to give chickens. Asparagus is another. I have a whole list and try to remember to check it before giving them treats.

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    When we have a fish fly hatch (big ugly things with wings that smell like fish), my chickens eat their weight in fish flies – and sometimes for a few days afterward, their eggs have a faint fishy aroma.

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    Amy says

    The geese that live near our lake love the yellow tops of the dandylions. Jacob & I watched them march from one to the next gobbling up those tops.

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    I got nervous when I started reading Tricia’s post and she was talking about Stew and then mentioned guinea pigs.

    It all worked out though.

    You waste an awful lot of strawberry top, girlfriend. You need a strawberry huller.

    But then, what would the girls eat?

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    Perry says

    Those are the fatest chickens I have ever seen! I am sure their eggs are wonderful from what you feed them. And they are lucky to have you!

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    Linda Arcaro says

    Just love reading all your storys. I had no idea that chickens ate strawberrys . I learn so much on your site. You have a little of everything. Thank You