Deer at Sunrise

Though these picture are kinda grainy, the view was so beautiful in real life!  These deer were in the back yard just as it was getting daylight.  As the sun was rising, it was shining right on the deer and they almost seemed to glow!

Once the sun starts to rise, it happens quickly!  Wish I could get up and get going so quickly.  🙂


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    VERY nice to see that upon getting out of bed. Thanks for sharing it with us…even though you say the photos don’t do it justice. I still enjoyed seeing it.

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    But you DO get going like the sun. The very first time you open your eyes is like the sun peeping over the horizon. Then you HOP out of bed – run to the bathroom – get the coffee going. You see?

    No one has ever said the sun is really awake yet when it first rises. *S* It doesn’t even start getting really warm until about 10AM.