Chicken Wire Crawfish Traps

There’s nothing Chad and Vince can’t build with chicken wire, electrical ties and maybe throw in some PVC pipe.  Last week Chad discovered there are crawfish in one of the rivers where he hangs out.  He checked and he can catch 150 of them per day.  So, he began building traps.  Yes, chicken wire and electrical ties were all he needed.

So far, someone has stolen one of his traps from the river and he’s caught one crawfish.  But he’s not giving up.  He goes out several times a day and checks his traps.

From looking at that sidewalk, either I should get off the computer or Chad should stay off the river, but one of us needs to do some serious edging!  🙁


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    Boys and rivers…I don’t think he’ll be the one to do the edging!!!
    I say Vince should do it! You are busy quilting!

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    Diane says

    Edging is highly overrated (wink). There is so much more fun stuff to be done; quilting, crawfishing, cooking said crawfish, reading to chickens, etc.
    To tell the truth I am very fortunate. I have a neighbor who comes and edges my front yard each time we mow. He assures me it is because he loves playing with his tools (toys) but it could be that he thinks my unedged yard makes his yard look bad. Either way I sure appreciate it. I really should buy and edger and give him a break.

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    Tell Chad there’s money to be made with one crawfish. One of my trips to Paris, I was having dinner with some local friends. They took me to their favorite neighborhood restaurant and ordered for me a very special salad. Placed before me was a nice green salad with ONE crawfish on top. It was all done with grand florish — “Voila! C’est un cray-feesh!” I had to try really really hard not to laugh!

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    I think you should just have Chad stand in the GRASS for the next picture, (so no one sees the edges of your walkway) and then BOTH of you get back to the fun stuff, like quilting and playing on the river. My husband’s solution is Roundup… no edging required! Of course, you have no GRASS growing for 10″ around the sidewalk either. Have a great day!

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    lw says

    Not sure who made all the lawn rules, but if you can still use the sidewalk, it’s fine by me.

    But then, I don’t live in the town of the little red flags.

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    Cindy from CA says

    OK. You have me totally hooked!! I am used to you posting two or three blogs a day. I kept checking back all day for an update to Chad’s fishing or another chicken story (I have 9 hens) or a great recipe. What??? Only one blog today??? You better have done a lot of quilting today!! 🙂

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    Dawn says

    consider it the “border” of the grass quilt. LOL
    wouldnt have noticed if you hadnt mentioned.

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      ruth says

      what if you baited with can dog or cat food and used rabbit cage wire instead of chicken wire? it would be smaller where some might slip out of the chicken wire if they are smaller.