Before He Takes The First Stitch

Men!  I don’t think I have any men readers.  I guess if I did, I won’t any more.  But, why do men act the way they do?

Our afternoon yesterday started out a little rocky.  If you know how may day goes, I have it all planned out almost down to the minute.  Laundry was on the line and I was headed up to the Amish by 8 a.m.  everything was going according to my plans til . . Vince called about 10:30 and said “Want to go look at some houses this afternoon?”  No, thanks!  I’m perfectly happy with the house I have! I didn’t say that . . I was just thinking it.  He’s so desperately trying to find a new house before we add the kitchen downstairs.  In the interest of keeping peace, I said “sure”.  We were going to have zucchini pizza on the grill for lunch so I put all that on hold.  We were going to have grilled tuna for dinner so I put that on hold, knowing that we’d eat something out since we were headed towards Collins or Stockton.

Vince got home and said “I haven’t been able to set up any houses to see.  Want to go to Joplin?”  Didn’t we just go to Kansas City yesterday?? I didn’t say that.  I was just thinking it.  I said “sure”.  So, we took the pickup and before we ever go to the main street in our little town, the air conditioner groaned and poof . . it was gone!  This was not a day to go running around without a/c.  Here’s what Accuweather said about our weather.

So, we decided to go back home and forget about looking at houses or going to Joplin.  Fine by me.

Vince then decided the cabinet for his new sewing machine needs to be refinished.  Can you believe it?  Just sew!!  No . . it has to be refinished.

Even if he’s determined to refinish it, why not just sew for now and wait til it’s cooler to do all this work?

But . . it got worse.  Here’s what the cabinet looks like now:

It may be a little while before you see anything on Vince’s design wall!  But, he’s a perfectionist and everything has to be just right!  You know what he would say to me . . does the condition of that cabinet make any difference in how you sew?  🙂


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    This is going to be so interesting – I have a feeling this quilt is going to be a long term project – lol!

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    Ah…. I have to laugh at this one, I’m just like Vince. My “space” and “tools” have to be just “so” before I use them.

    He’ll refinish the cabinet, so that every time he sits down to sew at it, it’s perfection will fill him with pleasure and make him want to sew! Otherwise, it would be a distraction!

    Oh yes, I resemble that. LOL

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    pdudgeon says

    somewhere in your future will be cabinets that need to be refinnished. you’ll both look back to this time and know that
    it can be done, and more importantly how much time and effort it will take…………………or maybe Vince will start a second career in wood refinnishing??? LOL

    He seems to be the kind of guy who will take on any challenge just to see if he can do it, which isn’t bad in the long run.

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    Be very scared….very, very scared…. LOL

    My darling started out to fix the crack in my kitchen ceiling…I now have a completely new kitchen…including a pass through.

    But, I am NOT complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE my new kitchen and everytime that I go in there to cook I am so happy with how it looks that I have actually cooked a lot more!!!!!!!!!

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    Karen says

    There are some things that are just ‘boy brain’ things – plus he’s an engineer. I’ve found they seem to be a little compulsive about how things should be done!

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    I don’t know what I’m giggling at MORE….
    the tale recanted with your unsaid thoughts…
    or that pic of Vince by the fan!
    I love that you keep us posted with the “Real Lives of Vince and Judy.”

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    Oh, yes…..there is definitely such a thing as “boy brain”….and I’ll be darned if I understand it half of the time!!!

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    Sandy K says

    Sounds like every thing has to line up before he can start a new project. If I were this way nothing would get done.

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    Even if he doesn’t HAVE Obsessive/Compulsion, he acts OCD a lot of the time. *L*

    I had that hot humid day yesterday; I just went back to bed with the fan on me and did a little sewing much later in the evening, after the big storms went thru.

    I guess that design wall is way in the future. Next thing he’ll need to take the machine apart and tool it up.

    I love that it’s happening in your life and not mine. 🙂

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    Pat says

    OMG! I cracked up when I looked down and saw the cabinet in pieces in the last photo… just too funny!

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    Greg says

    Hey be nice to us men quilters! I try to find time to sew a little bit every day. But I don’t care about the look of my plastic machine case. All that I care about is a perfect 1/4″ seam, no tucks and no jammed bobbins! It’s the finished project that matters. What if Vince decides to get his own longarm next?!

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    Aaagh! Judy—I’m feeling for you. First off as a antique collector, and having seen yesterdays’ pictures of the sewing machine cabinet, and yes– the cabinet looked nice, and most important, in good “original condition.” I regret to say, but Vince just devalued this vintage piece considerably by “refinishing” it. Unless there was serious damage to the veneer or wood surface of the wood a good scrubbing down with some type wood cleaner and sprucing up with wood wax should have restored the cabinet to it’s original beauty. The dings, scratches, etc are what adds to it’s “original” Singer cabinet appeal. I’m also wondering why since the Highlander was “up and charged” –why Vince took the truck instead? Sounds like it was not a good day. I thought of you yesterday as I polished and cleaned my old GE gas range. (I want a new gas range, but can’t find one as lovely as this one). I’m wondering if Judy is ever going to get that much deserved cooking range this canning season? I must say Judy–you are the most patient person I’ve met in awhile!

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      Something damp (maybe a flower pot) had been left on the top of the machine and the top was ruined. It had to be re-done. We were going to drive out by a couple of rivers and look at houses — lots of dirt and bumpy roads, or if we went to Joplin, we were bringing back fencing boards. Neither were trips the Highlander will make any time soon. The truck goes into the shop Monday to have the a/c fixed.

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    Sandy says

    Judy, I am with you on this one. Just sit down and sew, Vince. Leave the refinishing for later when it is cooler! If it was me, I would be too dang anxious to try that machine out and refinishing would be the last thing on my list to do. I do not think like men, however.

    My DH would go somewhere everyday if I said yes. Every morning, he asks me if I want to go somewhere, do something……shopping, road trips, sightseeing….never a dull moment at this house. I cherish times at home when I can just sew and do regular things!! Of course, this involves eating out (and I can actually cook) and wonder why I am not losing weight, lol.

    Judy, just wait till Vince retires. DH has been retired almost 8 years now. And after he starts making quilts on his own machine, he will probably want to share your longarm, lol.

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    Ha ha ha hilarious! I hope Vince remembers to buy himself a seam ripper that can be sharpened because if he is that perfectionistic he will be doing a lot of UNsewing. Too funny!

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    John Kubiniec says

    I know this was just an attempt to really see how many men you have reading your column!!!!! And I will continue to read it – can’t scare me off that easily.

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    I resemble that process. DH would also be making sure the machine was clean and running in tip top shape before re-installing it. I love refinishing- taking someone’s trash and making it into a treasure!

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    He looks very happy and pleased with himself and that is worth a lot! Furthermore, as long as he is refinishing / ruining his cabinet, he won’t steal / use any of your fabrics.