Ouch — That Had to Hurt

Does one of these eggs look extra extra extra large?

The Red Stars (including Ruby) lay the brown eggs.  Two of my Easter Eggers lay aqua eggs that are almost as big as the brown eggs.  One Easter Egger lays an avocado colored egg (in the picture above) and her eggs are usually a good bit smaller that the other 8 hens lay.  But that one egg is HUGE!

When the chickens first started laying, we regularly got eggs with double yolks.  Someone told me it took their bodies a while to figure out what they were doing and the double yolk eggs would stop coming.  Sure enough, they did and it’s been months since I had one.  Mom told me this egg might have a double yolk because it was so huge but I didn’t think it would til this morning when I cracked it for breakfast.

It made a very nice omelette!


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    I never saw an egg with double yolks…and I’ve never had the chance to eat truly fresh eggs, either. I’m always fascinated by this!!!

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    Darlene S says

    WOW Judy, that is really neat. I’ve seen in some grocery stores you can buy a whole carton of double yoke eggs. Not sure how they get so many. Do you know which chicken layed that big egg? Another question, does the same chicken use the same nest EVERY time she lays? Dar

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    I love double yokes…as a matter of fact when I cook up eggs for breakfast I do two yokes and one white for my fried egg sandwich…

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    I’ve gotten a couple of triple yolk-ers! I think somewhere I have a picture of one of them. We get huge eggs too, and wrinkled eggs and ‘rubber’ eggs and mini eggs. I’m not very fond of eating eggs…