Patience is a Virtue

And I’m not very virtuous!  🙁

Over the weekend Vince cleaned and oiled his new Singer 404 machine.  And then he came into the sewing room, carrying it under his arm and said “I’m ready now!”  And I said . . Go Away!  There’s no room in here for you!  I didn’t say that but really, there isn’t any spare space in my sewing room.  Seriously, he wants his own sewing room.  There’s trouble brewing at Chez Laquidara!  He decided his office would be a good place to set up for now.

But first, he remembered one little part he forgot to oil.  Vince’s machines will be the most well maintained sewing machines ever.  Too bad I can’t say the same about our yard.

All ready!  Now what?  It was a long weekend and now I remember why I didn’t get much done.

Sewing strips.  See that bottle of booze over there?  I needed that!  Not really.  Vince thinks just like every fence can be built with chicken wire and electrical ties, everything we own can be cleaned with alcohol.  Sew, Vince, sew!

Great job!  Now will you please go edge the sidewalk?

So proud of his creation.  And, I’m so glad today is Monday and he went back to work.   🙂


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    marge davies says

    To bad they don’t work Sat and Sun to. My husband likes my help. He is always hollering for me to come help him. By Sun I’m ready for him to go back to work. You have to love them or you would lose your sanity.

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    You two are a wonderful couple…I did have to laugh-you’re last photo had “2010 Judy Laquidara” printed across his arm like a tattoo…you’ve marked him! lol!

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    LOL… you’re a hoot Judy! Tell Vince we’re all waiting with baited breath for his first quilt!

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    quilterbee says

    Another quilter has been bitten by the quilt bug. Look at that smile and how proud Vince, is. Just think when he retires you can spend all your time together quilting. Maybe you can take up woodworking. Would he share all his tools or would you have to buy your own?


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    Sandy says

    Vince looks like a fun guy! He looks mighty pleased with making a headband from the first strip he sewed. Look at the bright side, Judy………..if Vince likes sewing as much as you do…..he might stay home and sew instead of shopping!! I can’t wait to see his first quilt. Does he know how to use the EQ7 program?

    P.S. Has Chad shown any interest in sewing? You might have to move to a bigger house soon, lol.

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    My goodness – I gotta hand it to Vince for enthusiasm!

    I’ve tried to encourage my own DH to help me, learn, etc., as he spends many hours cutting, trimming, edging, measuring teensy wood parts for his model boats, but he really doesn’t understand the concept of strip piecing. He makes his ladders one piece at a time, steps are one piece at a time, etc. Oh well, his way works for him.

    One of our Guild members, very talented, has a husband who helps her also. He does the dying, painting, and occasionally we see one of HIS quilts, as well as HERS in the quilt shows. Many of us are jealous! But some of us DON’T want our husbands involved. 8-)))

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    yea, just you wait until he retires and he’s home with you every day!

    Don has been retired and under foot, oops I mean home with me every day since 1995….

    Amazingly enough, he’s not dead yet 🙂

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    Robbie says

    It it so fun to hear about the escapades of Judy and Vince! You could probably have a sitcom!

  9. 13


    Ah…yes…sometimes it gets a bit “old” when they are around the house 24/7….so just wait! The worst part of it for me (and it’s been nearly 7 years now that he has been home fulltime) is that most nights at dinner, we have NOTHING to discuss since we have been with each other all day long. But…we manage!!! LOL I love the headband….is that ALL he sewed in an entire weekend??????

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    Linda Carhill says

    I love you guys! He made a headband! I’ve got a goofball husband too. Thankfully he hasn’t wanted to make his own quilt yet!

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    Mary says

    I remember when my husband and I were first married 6 years ago(2nd marriage for both of us just to let you know we are not young things!). I am a school teacher and just loved how he would declare all of my snow days a snow day for him also–fast forward 6 years and now I can’t wait for him to go to work on MY SNOW DAYS!!! To know men is to love them!!!lol!! Keep up the good work Vince–we are all waiting to see your first quilt!!!

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    It’s time for “The Vince and Judy Show. The Vince and Judy Show!”
    You two could take that on the road and entertain at all the quilt shows. Who knows, maybe even a tv show!!!

  13. 21


    Oh my, I think your “Vince’s Sewing” feature of your blog is my new favorite subject. All of your posts are great, but the posts about Vince and his new hobby are the best!

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    Dawn says

    go Vince go! you got it right. make some small projects to “perfect” your straight quarter inch seams.
    then watch out world! Vince will be on the loose in the Quilt world.
    I agree that I think Vince likes the attention from the ladies. watch out Judy! someone may snatch up that green tee shirt fence-making shopaholic hubby of yours! LOL

    too funny at the CHez Laquidara……….
    Dawn in MA