The Same But Different

Have you ever thought about how similar quilters are?  When I’m with one or two or a whole room full of quilters, we always seem to have so much in common.  Almost always when I meet a quilter, it seems like we’ve known each other forever.

But, when you get right down to it, we have our differences.  Yesterday I spent most of the day with my good friend, Cindy.  I met her first when I was speaking at her guild over a year ago . . maybe two years ago.  She doesn’t live too far from me and we agreed that I would meet her at her house and we’d go to the guild meeting together.  The minute we met, it was like we had been best friends forever.  We talked and laughed and, we got along great.

Since then, we’ve traveled together, we’ve had lunches and dinners together, we talk often but . . we’re so different.  She likes dull, drab, boring fabrics.  (I’d hate to hear how she describes my stash!)  We laughed because if you put both of our stashes together, I doubt you’d find that we had one same piece of fabric in common.  She buys fat quarters and never uses the whole thing!

She likes to make tiny things!  Most of her whole quilts are smaller than one of my blocks!

I think these blocks are 2″ and they’re perfect!

She makes the coolest things.  This is a little pin cushion in  salt cellar.

This one is a little pin cushion in a tea candle cup.  She’s so creative!  When I’m with her, I always come home wanting to do something besides what I do.

She does beautiful applique.  I said . . I want to do that!  So, she probably felt like I felt when Vince said he wanted to sew but she set me all up to applique.

And, I did it!  I’m a long way from being good at it but one day I am going to be good at it!

Then we met another friend who’s been reading my blog for a few years, and we felt like we already knew each other but we’d never met.  Now we have!  I had a wonderful day in Kansas.  Thanks Cindy and Linda.


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    Mary Beth says

    Hey, remember the first time we met? I felt the same way, like I had known you all my life. That is why I shared my wedding dress story….that, and it’s a great story! I’m glad I have been able to meet you in person and not just worship from afar.

  2. 2


    Oh, that’s such a good story. Every time I’m talking to Vince about you, and he doesn’t remember which one you are . . I say “the wedding dress” and he knows exactly which one you are. Or, I say “GPS” and he remembers you that way too! 🙂

  3. 3


    Not surprising that we all get along so well (either in person or online) since we all share a common “thread”…..pardon the pun!!! I’m glad you had such a nice day and will look forward to seeing more applique from you. That is not MY strong-suit, either!!!

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    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins) says

    Judy, I think you will enjoy applique as you get older. I used to enjoy using the rotary cutter and cutting out a whole quilt in one day. Now that I have arthritis and other things that slow me down, I enjoy cutting out those little pieces and doing machine applique. Save even your tiniest pieces of fabric, some of my fabric pieces are as small as one inch. Little flowers, bows, etc. can be cut from those tiny pieces.

    And for our fellow quilter, Mr. Vince: save your selveges Vince, they make wonderful ties for tomatoes and other plants in the garden.

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    Lizzy Hentze says

    I feel like that lots of times with other quilters. Not always, but often enough that it seems like all the time! I love being a quilter!

  6. 6


    Jane and I are like that – totally different tastes in fabric and quilts. Opposites attract, you know! 🙂

  7. 7


    The difference makes all the spice that makes friendship so much fun! I enjoy applique too…maybe you will later on!

  8. 8


    Hand appliqué is definitely my Achilles’ heel. 🙁 I’d love to be good at it, but I’m not. I tell myself that it’s fine that I can do a bit of machine appliqué …. 😉

  9. 9


    I too feel like I found a friend when I came across your blog Judy. We will probably never meet, and have lots of differences, you drive on the right I drive on the correct side of the road! but quilting unites us.

    Happy Room Diana

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    Kris S says

    Your applique turned out beautifully. I tried to teach myself applique and started with hearts. They looked like mushrooms! What a disaster. I have since learned from a master and now I am off and running. Applique has become my favorite.

    Nobody appreciates quilting and the hard work that goes into it like another quilter. That’s why we get along so well.

  11. 11


    Cindy and I share the love of those “dull” fabrics. LOL and also a love of applique and small blocks. Isn’t it great how difference yet the same quilters are?

  12. 12


    Well, at least I don’t need SUNGLASSES when I look at my stash! When you get those cataracts removed you’ll see what I’m talking about. Hehehhehe.

    I just had the best day Monday. We’ll do it again soon.