You Won’t Believe This!

It’s me .. I corrupt everyone around me.  My dad just called . . he found himself a Singer 404 in a cabinet.  If you don’t want to start buying old sewing machines, stop reading my blog today!  🙂

Will write more later — I’m canning green beans right now.


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    OH, c’mon…are you JOKING???? If not, then this is so funny that I might pee my pants laughing about it!!!!!

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    LOL…..I just thought to myself this morning after seeing that machine I needed to start looking for a new – old one!!! It is a fever that we all caught on your blog!!!! But who cares…yeah for old machines making new things today!!

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    Yeah – I found a White sewing machine in a cabinet at a garage sale earlier this month. It’s probably not worth anything but it’s in a cool cabinet (that needs refinishing). $25 🙂

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    lw says

    It’s too late for me. I went from having my original treadle (which I used for children’s clothing, costumes and my first quilt) and my touch and sew to adding a Janome mid-arm, a Singer featherweight, a Singer 99 and another touch and sew which I’m getting refurbished for my granddaughter. And I’m still looking for a 301.

    If you don’t want to start collecting, don’t check out the Goodwill auction website.

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    Mary Beth says

    My WW leader said she helped her mother clean out her house because she is moving to a 1 bedroom apartment and they had a giant garage sale. They sold her mom’s “lightweight or featherweight sewing machine for $5”. Do you see the tears running down my face right now??? $5!!! I bet the person that bought that thing ran like the wind to their car.

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      Becky I says

      My Mother’s friend was throwing away this “toy” sewing machine she found in the closet of the house she just moved into. Mother salveged it for me. It wasn’t a toy, it was a featherweight! It sews like a dream.

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    How cool is that???! Judy you’re gonna be the discussion at every supper table or bedtime pillow talk across the USA …. quilters telling their husbands of an online quilter who got not only her husband to take up quilting but her dad too!

    I know I have often thought about how cool it would be to have my hubby join me in the sewing room – I think he would like it if he ever gave it a shot… and imagine at how much more I could finish up! 😉 but no, no, no… not in a million years…

    what’s next ? Vince’s own blog?? 😉 Design Wall Monday reports from him…? 🙂 I think he’d have at least 100 followers from the first day.

    Mmmm green beans sound fantastic! My aunt Nell in KY cans them from her garden and we are so lucky she shares many quarts with us each time we go home. I already have a box full of empty jars ready to take back to her in 2 weeks when we go home for the 4th…. I’m hoping to trade them for some full ones 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    MaryF says

    I’ll admit to looking on Craigs list after reading about your husband…but I just looked!!

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    laceflower says

    I guess if we do want to collect them we’d better get on it before your family has bought them all up!

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    I went to Goodwill last week to get a blanket to wrap around something I was moving and came home with a broken Featherweight. I told my husband it was art.