Same Everything — Different Day

You’d think it was still Saturday but . . it was Sunday!

Same clothes?  Really . . it’s not the same clothes . . I don’t think.  They all look the same (have you noticed?) but there are just so many green shirts and navy shorts.  He never wears the same ones two days in a row . . that would smell really bad.

Truck is in the same position with the lid open but wait . . there’s a shop vac in the driveway!

What a difference!  Remember the mess from yesterday’s picture?  The pickup was going in the shop to get the a/c fixed and Vince has this crazy idea that it can’t be fixed.  I say . . everything can be fixed for a price.  So, he’s already picked out the new pickup he wants to buy and he has this one all cleaned up so he can trade it in.

But then I said:  Just a cottonpickin’ minute here.  YOU got the last new car.  Not my fault you never drive it.  The next new car to be had around here is for me and it could be a Toyota Sienna . . could be a Honda Ridgeline . . could be a . . . heck, I don’t even know what I’d buy if I were getting a new car.  But, I’m not because his response was:  I think I’m getting myself a new pickup!

Don’t matter to me.  I’d rather have my old Honda anyway.  I can spill drinks in it.  I can eat satsumas all the way back from Louisiana and leave the peelings in there til they petrify and turn to dust . . which takes about 5 months if you’re wondering!  🙂


  1. 1

    Missy says

    LOVE the purple Crocs!

    Honestly, I love all of your posts, but the ones about Vince and his wardrobe make me laugh!

    Oh, and what is a satsumas?

  2. 2


    When a man get “pickup fever” there is no talking them out of it. Last winter when my DH had the “fever”….I informed him that his last pickup is only 2 years old… he did what any self respecting husband with “pickup fever” does……bought his wife a pickup……see, he had the fever and I got the new (slightly used) pickup…..once the “fever” sets in the only way to get rid of it is buy!!

  3. 6


    This blog entry is hilarious reading. Thanks for the smile this morning. I love all the comments too! I’ll be checking during the day to check out Vince’s “new pickup”—should it arrive. I was reading this to my husband who is sitting across the room, and in typical male brain function, he says: “What kinda pick-up is Vince trading in?”—Like he is seriously interested in knowing all about Vinces red Chevy p/u. Like is it for sale?

  4. 7


    I want the old pickup, even without air conditioning, for my daughter. She really, really wants a red pickup so she can haul things. What things? I have no idea. But, she is turning 15 next month and says that when she can drive she wants a red pickup truck. HA!

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    Pam says

    Green, blue, purple–Vince has a color theme.
    Will those be the colors in his first quilt?

  6. 9


    Vince’s old pickup looks pretty nice to me…..but then who am I to judge….I drive a 19 yr. old Buick. But, he’s got new pickup fever and there probably isn’t much that will stop him……….unless he chokes on the prices of new pickups. Yikes!!

  7. 10

    Suzanne G says

    Oh I love satsumas!!! That is one of the top things I miss from an old job where my field area was South Louisiana. They were soooo good!

    Good luck trying to get him to resist pickup fever!! 🙂

  8. 12

    Darlene S says

    Yep, purple crocs are all the rage in my garden! But I’m a purple lover so there are MANY things purple around my life! Enjoyed your pickup post. Will wait to hear the end result when Vince checks out the trade in value vs. sticker price for new pickups.

  9. 13


    I just got caught up on blog reading today and came to your entry about satsuma’s. I knew I had heard of them before but I could not remember what they were. Just a few hours later I am reading my latest book from the library and the character talks about satsumas and defines them. How amazing is that? (it is a great book so far – Prayers for Sale by someone Dallas.)